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Game Players Ebooks Series: Exclusive add-on
Las Vegas, Nevada is proud to announce the Game Players Ebook Series. Building on an established brand and reputation as being the trusted resource hotspot for passionate sports, casino, skill and video game players worldwide, the site now offers an exclusive series of guides.
The gamerisms ebooks series is like no other and sets the gold standard for gaming and strategy ebook guides.
All Ebooks include bonus content, tips, basic to advanced strategies, online gaming choices plus benefits and reports written by gaming experts designed to increase the readers’ skills, knowledge and enhance the ability to churn out real profits.
Merged with terms, the language of games, facts-trivia reports and tales of winners, all are exclusive features of these stand-alone ebooks. These Game Players ebooks are an essential and valuable tool for all serious players worldwide who want an edge in any of these games.

This series of Casino, Sportsbetting, Online Gaming, Quiz and Top 10 Sports guides are
The five titles are: 1) Total Online Gaming: 14 Ways to Win, 2) Casino Games: The Total Take, 3) Fantasy Sports & Sportsbetting: Two Guides, 4) Top 10 Sports Terms, Trivia & Ten Quiz and 5) 40 Quiz for Casino, Sports, Skill & Video Game Players.

The gamerisms ebooks are available in multiple formats. Simple to buy, download and bundled with bonus content, tips, strategies and tactical methods of play for profit not found in other gaming ebooks.
Game Players Ebook titles are each priced at $10. or less.
gamerisms believes that there is no cheaper or faster way to profits than this exclusive Winning Ebook Series that are destined to become the most popular tools currently available on the igaming market.

Game Players Ebook Series is published for exclusively by Casino Players Workshop & Seminars online since 1999.

Ebooks Series Clicks:
Order Game Players Ebooks Series - all titles
Online Gaming: 14 Ways to Win
Casino Games: The Total Take
Fantasy Sports & Sportsbetting: Two Guides
Top 10 Sports: Terms, Trivia & Ten Quiz
40 Quiz for Casino, Sports, Skill & Video Game Players

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Not Your Typical Games Glossary Site
Toronto, Ont. Canada

In news, that is certain to catch the interest of game players everywhere,, the games glossary site with a twist, has arrived.
The site puts the specialized lingo, jargon, terms and catch phrases for a vast array of different games into perspective in an entertaining, fresh way. Whether you are trying to learn more about sports, casino, skill or video games or just want to immerse yourself in the culture of one that you already enjoy, is the premier place to do so.

With more than 5,000 definitions already on the books, is comprehensive and authoritative - but never intimidating.
The site covers gamerisms for 4 different types of games: sports, casino, skill and video games. The games glossary units are presented in a friendly, approachable and organized way.
Users are encouraged to browse through their favorite games of interest using interactive menu options built into the unique structure and navigation of the site.
More than likely, you will arrive at gamerisms looking for specific data, however; you will return again and again, just to enjoy the language of sports and games!

What's in a Word?
Gamers know that every game in the world has its own particular slang, jargon, phrases and terms or simply put--gamerisms that help to define it.
Dinger, Charity Stripe, Bagel, Carpet, Dangler and Biscuit are just a few examples of sport gamerisms that you can learn more about at the site.
Do you know what the term castling means in the game of chess or beaver in the skill game of backgammon? does, and the information is presented in a fun, informative way.
Many times, these terms will put a smile on your face; you might even get a case of the gamerisms giggles!

Before hitting the blackjack or poker tables, you can peruse the casino category to learn about five card Charlie or Big Stick along with a huge range of other priceless gaming lingo.
If you are new to the world of video games, it's easy to get confused: What is a retrogamer, and what are you supposed to do with a clan tag? Digging up the answers online used to be a chore, but offers a centralized and authoritative place to find out exactly what you need to know.

gamerisms press release: Not Your Typical Glossary
There are plenty of glossaries on the Internet, but gamerismsgamerisms press is the only one that covers the lingo and language of every popular game across four different categories. The exclusive format, bold colors and cool graphics of the site are laid out in a clean, uncluttered way, which makes spending time there a true pleasure.
You won't find another site online that offers such a treasure trove of information and large selection of games in a more useful and engaging way.
From the site's mascot, the Gaming Gecko to quiz and facts-trivia series, gamerisms is so much more than a run-of-the-mill glossary site.

"As a passionate player, has been a real breath of fresh air for me," says one frequent visitor. "There's no place else on the Internet where I can truly immerse myself in all of the jargon that goes along with the games that I love. There are even entries for ultra-obscure words; I've learned a lot already!"

"I visited the site to get a refresher on basketball and ended up with a greater knowledge of soccer, cricket, poker and rummy too. I'll be back because I have become a true gamerist!"

Another regular visitor notes, "I felt like a fish out of water when I first started playing a popular online game. People kept referring to it as an 'MMORPG,' and I finally learned what that meant on I visit the site to brush up on terms related to the game, and to look up things as I stumble upon them. It's been a truly invaluable resource for me!"

Unique Advertising Opportunities: Exclusive Ad Contracts
Do you own a games-related website? Would you like to reach out to your core audience in a direct and innovative way? Since is the go-to resource for passionate gamers worldwide, it's the perfect place to submit exclusive advertisements. When your ad appears on the site, you will be appealing to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. makes sense, from a marketing standpoint.

Return Again and Again for gamerisms press release Updates and New Features
The creators understand that things can change and evolve in a flash in the world of games. Updates are par for the course and announced via the gamerisms sports and games blog/rss feed.

Update #1 gamerisms press release:  Games Quiz Series of 30 quiz units for sports, casino, skill and video games players and fans has been introduced as a gamerisms add-on.
Update #2 gamerisms press release:
25 Game Facts Trivia Series is a gamerisms add-on for sports, casino, skill and video game players who want to know more than the language of the game.

Update #3 gamerisms press release
Game Guides Series has been added to gamerisms site. Game Guides Series details playing options, benefits and features for online play. Examples of game types, tips and strategies for online casino, sports, social gaming and video games.12 Guides including Intro for online poker, slots, progressive slots, roulette-craps, blackjack-video,bingo, sportsbetting, fantasy sports, social games, mobile gaming and video games.

Update #4 gamerisms press release
Ebook series by gamerisms  We are proud to announce our Game Players Ebooks Series of 5 titles. See gamerisms press release above.

The mission at gamerisms is to present the intriguing world of games in an engaging way by offering valuable, quality content that encourages participation and feedback from passionate players, gamerists and fans worldwide.

Dedicated gamers everywhere are flocking to and you can find out what all the fuss is about by visiting today!

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