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The world of games is both fun and exciting. One of the things game players seldom get the chance to test and explore is their knowledge of the language, terms and strategies for a wide variety of games and sports. With that in mind, the 40 Quiz Ebook  for Casino, Sports, Skill & Video Game Players. Bonus of 10 Extra Casino Quiz offers more than 400 questions and answers.
This Ebook is a gift to passionate game players and fans seeking a challenge, an education and entertainment. The first 5 chapters of this ebook include a collection of 30 quiz created for players who want to connect and explore the language and strategies for casino games, sports, skill plus video games in an engaging way
Chapter 6 offers bonus content with 10 extra casino quiz Q&A’s for the games of Blackjack, Slots + Video Poker, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps and Keno. The Poker bonus section will test your knowledge of Baccarat, Omaha, Holdem and Let It Ride.
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40 Quiz Ebook for Casino, Sports, Skill & 40 quiz ebook for game players
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Bonus of 10 Extra Casino Quiz by gamerisms.com

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In this fascinating trivia guide by gamerisms, you will be presented with the opportunity to become educated about the game players’ language heard and spoken worldwide. As the reader, you will be tested by this quiz series about the terms, phrases, lingo, slang, facts, trivia and strategies related to casino games, sports, skill and video games. There is a total of 30 different quiz with at least 10 questions in each one for Chapters 1-5. That's well over 300 questions with another 10 bonus casino quiz in Chapter 6 waiting in the wings when you crave more entertainment and knowledge.

Each section begins with an introduction of the game or sport. They are divided into a series of popular and relevant topics such as blackjack, poker and slots under casino games, basketball, soccer and football under sports, backgammon and darts under skill games, and video game genres under video games. The bonus section of 10 extra quiz is devoted to more interesting trivia plus Q&A’s about poker versions, slots and other casino games.

An added feature of this entertaining ebook is that you will encounter a few surprises along the way, one of which is the interesting images. While the author, gamerisms attempts to challenge and engage the readers, there is an effort to make the quiz series entertaining and full of laughter at the same time. So don't be surprised if a few of the questions give your brain cause for pause before bringing a grin to your face.

The primary goal of this 40 Quiz Ebook is to engage and entertain game players and fans around the globe. The opportunity is yours to become educated about the specific language, terms and strategies connected to the most popular sports and games being played today. Along the way, you will likely pick up some playing and betting strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

40 Quiz Ebook for Casino, Sports, Skill & Video Game Players. Bonus of 10 Extra Casino Quiz is the first of its kind. You might never again get the chance to find all of these wonderful trivia questions related to such a diversified group of topics in one place for one affordable price. Based on the learning opportunity and entertainment value, this is a must have ebook for your collection.

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ISBN: 978-0-9709446-8-9
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Author: gamerisms.com
Pages: 157
Format: pdf
Publication Date: November, 2015
Language: English

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