Billiards Games Terms Part 2

Billiards Games Terms, part 2 includes the unique terms Feather Shot, Gather Shot, Gully Table, Jawed Ball, Pills and Stop Shot. This concludes the Billiards Games Glossary.

Billiards Games Terms: Dbilliards games terms, snooker, carom

  • Dead Ball: term for cue ball that loses speed after contact with object ball.  Also Kill Shot.
  • Drop Pockets: term for ball returns that do not drop to end of pocket table.
  • Double Elimination: term for player eliminated after 2 match losses.
  • Double Hit: when the billiard cue tip strikes the cue ball twice on the same shot.
  • Double Round Robin: each participant in these tournaments plays all their opponents twice.
Billiards Games Terms: F
  • Feather Shot: jargon for cue ball that only brushes the object ball.
  • Follow Shot: occurs when cue ball moves forward after touching object ball.
  • Foot of Table: located at the end of a table where the balls are racked.
  • Force Draw: shot aimed directly at the intended ball with vigor.
  • Force: the power applied on the cue ball that affects the movement of the ball.
  • Foul: a violation of the rules that results in a penalty.
  • Foul Stroke: shot that results in a foul. 
  • Frame: term for a snooker game.
  • Free Ball: occurs after a foul when a free ball is called. An opposing player that did not receive the foul may select a ball as on and receive the value.
  • Frozen: refers to one ball touching another and/or cushion.
  • Full Ball: jargon for cue ball touching an intended ball at a line split.
Billiards Games Terms: G
  • Game Ball: last ball if completed concludes the game and names a winner.
  • Gather Shot:  term for strategic shot that when completed will allow for an easy score on the follow-up shot.
  • Grip: manner in which the thicker end of the cue is held.
  • Gully Table: term for design that provides return of pocketed balls to the end of the table.
Billiards Games Terms: H - J
  • Handicapping: variations of scoring or rules given to less experienced players thus allowing an even game for all participants.
  • Head of Table: position where the opening break of the game occurs.
  • Inning: an undetermined amount of time that a player takes his/her turn.
  • Hickey: refers to any foul committed by a player.
  • Jaw: term for angled portion of the table just before the pocket.
  • Jawed Ball: lingo for ball that does not drop but remains just outside the pocket.
  • Joint: term for device in the middle of the cue in order to allow for separation into 2 sections.
  • Jump Shot: shot that causes the cue or object ball to rise off the table.
  • Jumped Ball: jargon for hit ball that has 'jumped off' the table or another ball.
Billiards Games Terms: K - O
  • Kick Shot: refers to shot where the ball hits a cushion before touching the object ball.
  • Kiss: refers to the contact between balls.
  • Lag: refers to hit ball that contact 3 cushions before the object ball.
  • Lag for Break: system where each participant shoots a returning ball and the closest to the head cushion is the starting player.
  • Leave: position of the balls after a strike has been made by a player.
  • Losing Hazard: occurs when the cue ball is pocketed after contact with an object ball.
  • Lot: methods employed (drawing cards, peas or pills and a flip of a coin) to establish a starting player.
  • Masse: action that changes the cue ball direction and pockets two balls on a single shot.
  • Match: established by the lag start and conclusion within no set time limit.
  • Miscue: flawed contact between cue tip and ball.
  • Miss: occurs when a player fails to execute a proper shot.
  • Natural: a shot in carom games that is easy and completed as expected.
  • Object Ball: specific shot at a ball outside the cue ball.
  • Open Break: rule that a player needs to strike 4 object balls towards the cushions.
  • Opening Break Shot: the first shot made by a player in a game.
Billiards Games Terms: P
  • Peas or Pills:  small plastic or wooden balls numbered 1 through 15/16.
  • Position: strategy to place the cue ball in order to be advantageous for the follow-up shot.
  • Pot: when the object ball is pocketed.
  • Power Draw Shot: term for excessive draw applied to cue ball.
  • Push Shot: shot where the contact between the cue and the cue ball is longer than the time allowed in a legal shot.
  • Pyramid: the triangular positioning of the object balls in a rack before a game starts.
Billiards Games Terms: R
  • Race: term for established amount of games required to win a match or game sets.
  • Rails: term for area of the table not covered by cloth. Due to the shape of the table, there are short and long rails.
  • Red Ball: term for red object ball.
  • Rest: jargon for mechanical bridge in snooker.
  • Round Robin: each participant in these tournaments plays all their opponents once.
  • Run: term for total of points/counts and consecutive scores by a player for 1 inning.
Billiards Games Terms: Sbilliards games terms
  • Safety: strategic positioning by a skillful player to reduce the opportunities for an opponent to score.
  • Scratch: occurs when a point is scored by an unplanned shot or when the cue ball is pocketed on a stroke.
  • Seeding: occurs during tournaments when pairing and positioning is established.
  • Set: term for established number of games required to win a match.
  • Shot: term for contact between cue and ball concluding when all action on the table has stopped.
  • Shot Clock: timer used to monitor game action.
  • Short-rack: pocket games using less than 15 object balls.
  • Single Elimination: term for a tournament where one loss will result in elimination.
  • Snookered: following a safety shot, the next shot becomes an unfavorable position for the next player or opponent. This opponent is said  'to be snookered.'
  • Split Double Elimination: occurs when 2 winning section players vie for the championship.
  • Split Hit: jargon for a shot that cannot be established because the object ball is in a group of other balls.
  • Spot: another term for a handicap wherein a player is given points based on level of play.
  • Spot Ball: white ball that has markings.
  • Spot Shot: a ball shot on foot spot.
  • Spotting Balls: term for subbing specific balls according to the game rules.
  • Stance: body position during shooting.
  • Stop Shot: jargon for a shot at the intended ball where the cue ball stops abruptly.
  • Striker: player who is about to make a shot.
  • Successive Fouls: term for pocket game fouls, one after another.
Billiards Games Terms: T - Z
  • Table in Position: occurs when the expected ball does not move after a shot taken.
  • Time Shot: term for sequence where a cue ball moves others, yet drives to score from one of the moved balls.
  • Top Cushion: located at the foot of a snooker table.
  • Triangle: term for piece of equipment used to position the ball to begin a game.
  • Yellow Ball: replaces the spot ball in international games.
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