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Casino Games Ebook The Total Take can be purchased here exclusively. The ebook is one of the Game Players ebooks series available in 3 formats and authored by gamerisms.com. Free Preview click below.
Casino Games: The Total Take will help you take your strategies and tactics to the next level. Written by experts, you will join the less than 3% of casino players that know these insider secrets and strategies. The ebook includes 50+ pages of tips and strategies written by experts to help you play for profit. 7 Casino Games are covered with game changing information in every chapter.
All Game Player Ebooks include bonus content, additional tips, strategies and reports written by gaming experts that add value to the purchase price. Start your profit-building machine by Ordering Your Copy Today!

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Casino Games Ebook: The Total TakeCasino Games ebook by gamerisms

Tips, Terms, Trivia, Tops Online, Tested Strategies
& Tales of Winners Revealed

Bonus: Strategy Package
50+ pages of tips, strategies and tactical methods of play for profit
written by recognized gambling experts
by gamerisms.com
Games: Poker, Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps plus Casino Basics.

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The Deal from the Publisher
The publishers of this ebook present a unique deal that begins with this factual statement:
Less than 3% of casino players know the best, tested strategies, basic rules and terms for playing casino games both online and off.
It is the intent of this ebook to increase that 3% for 7 Casino Games: poker, blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette and craps. Casino Games basics completes the list.
In order to present a stand-alone, unique ebook, Casino Games Ebook: The Total Take has enhanced your education to premium multi-level status.
Each game or chapter includes a first level that covers the basics, rules and a terms-glossary. For entertainment value and motivation, there are facts-trivia reports and Tales of Winners and Legends.
Moving forward to mid level there are profitable tips, basic tested strategies plus online playing choices to include benefits and options for each game. Lastly, reach for the top with advanced strategies and increased winnings.
To seal the deal, there is a Bonus! Strategy Package: 50+ pages of tips, strategies and tactical methods of play for profit written by recognized gambling experts.

Here is this publishers Deal for Casino Players:
As the reader, you receive Casino Games ebook: The Total Take
Tips, Terms, Trivia, Tops Online, Tested Strategies & Tales of Winners Revealed
with Bonus! Strategy Package that returns your Total Take of winnings well beyond the price of this ebook.
Do We Have a Deal?

© Copyright – gamerisms.com - All Rights Reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-9709446-0-3
Casino Players Workshop & Seminars – Publishers, online since 1999
Author: gamerisms.com
Pages: 242 - pdf
Format: pdf, epub, mobi
Language: English

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