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Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies begins with 2 trusted websites: FanDuel & DraftKings where the Money Trail Is Real.
In the ever growing world of Daily Fantasy Sports, you only need to consider two sites that have predominantly cornered the market and separated themselves from the rest of their competitors. 
There is real money to be made for gamers who take in the knowledge plus Fantasy Sports tips strategies offered at gamerisms and legally turn it into money in the bank.  Let’s take a look at these two industry changing sites.

FanDuel: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies has essentially cornered the market when it comes to daily fantasy sports. For those gamers that can’t get enough, daily fantasy baseball is the clearly the way to go, but new players to must first be aware of the framework provided by this site so that they can maximize their earning potential.   
If you are serious about baseball, fantasy baseball and earning money as you follow both, a new gamer must familiarize themselves with the positional starting requirements, scoring and pricing.  Otherwise, a gamer will get eaten alive without a core competency in the understanding of these three areas.

FanDuel Position & Points: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
At FanDuel, the position and point scoring system is broken down below, but there are some guidelines that set this daily fantasy baseball sites apart from traditional leagues.  The player group you select must have at least three major league teams represented and your team is only going to have one pitcher.  You will also notice no space for a utility spot, meaning every pick you make has to be intentional. 
The breakdown for the other positions is listed here.





1B=1 point

W= 5 points


2B=2 points

ER= -1 point


3B=3 points

IP= 1 point


HR=4 points

K= 1 point


RBI=1 point



RUN=1 point



BB=1 points



SB=2 points



OUT= -1 point


Take note that there is no penalty for choosing players who commit errors or strike out often.  The current FanDuel point system as it stands slightly rewards power by way of the HR, meaning that extra money in your budget should be allocated towards earning points in that category. Other sites may reward extra points for singles, which would force the gamer to adjust their buying strategy; FanDuel however puts a premium on power.
Consequently on the Pitching side, obtaining a win is mission critical to your team’s success and your ultimate ability to get paid. 

Playing Match Ups at FanDuel: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
Playing match ups is the name of the game in that even if pitcher A is a stud who pitches lights out, then if the opposing pitcher has a similar performance and a no decision is the result then it would be extremely difficult for your team to recover. 
You are strongly encouraged to check on opposing pitchers, opposing offenses, the pitchers own offense and how they are doing, ballpark, and weather conditions. 
A rain delay in the middle of the game could shelf your pitcher before he gets going, and since you can only draft one, then not making him count is not an option. 
On nights where there are multiple ace pitchers starting, you have the liberty to decide which one you are going to roll the dice with.  However, the more research you do, the more likely you are to make an educated selection that will increase your chances of finishing in the money. 
On nights where there is only one bona fide ace, it should be assumed that everyone is going to select that pitcher, but once again, you have the option, to save your money, stack up on offense and select another pitcher that no one else has. As long as that pitcher gets the win also, the pitching stats for the most part should cancel out, and that extra money spent on offense should result in a nice payout.

To Diversify or To Not Diversify: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
As mentioned earlier, FanDuel to some extent prohibits the gamers’ ability to load up on one single team’s entire batting roster. This would otherwise be a great strategy if you land a team that goes off thus netting you several points for Hers, RBIs and RUNs with one swing of the bat.  Though you must have 3 different major league teams represented, selecting 2-3 players from one team is strongly suggested versus outright diversifying your player portfolio.  If your goal is to maximize value while minimizing risk, then loading up on a teams roster should at least be considered for optimal return.

Finding the Right Fit for You at FanDuel: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
Getting acclimated to the site may take a few games, but that’s the great thing about FanDuel.  The site allows gamers to easily enter their drafted team in games or tournaments with buy-ins that are as low as $1.
Remember FanDuel assigns the player values before you draft, so there is no auction involved.  It’s literally like cashing in coupons to redeem the prizes you want, except in this case you decide on whether the assigned value of a player is worth having on your team.  Once you select your team, you can enter it in as many games as you would like as long as you’ve deposited enough money into your account. is user-friendly and easy to navigate with full visibility to the players you select to the leagues you play in. 

FanDuel’s Mission Statement: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
Our mission is to transform sports with one-day fantasy sports games. We're passionate about the huge advantages the daily format has for players, with unbeatable game selection, fast game play, huge prizes and turbo-charged excitement.
FanDuel has grown to be the market leader in the one-day fantasy sports industry. It now pays out over $10 million in prize money every week.

DraftKings: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies has been gaining momentum in the fantasy sports industry for the better part of two years, and a lot can be said for their growth in this time.  The site offers gamers the opportunity to play a wide range of daily sports, and game settings are varied just enough from other sites to make unique in its own right. 
It’s no wonder that they’ve achieved so much success in such a short amount of time, and for those of you who can’t get enough of daily fantasy sports, their baseball offering is worth your full attention.

Your Research, Your Account at DraftKings: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
Like any other FS sites, a new gamer must familiarize themselves with both the fixed and variable features of the site including positions to drafted, points awarded, and which games are available to enter and at what price point. will give the gamer that has their own user account a budget of $50K to fill up a roster of major league baseball players that they choose.  Each player already has an assigned price and it’s up to the user to roster a full squad while staying within the budget. 
In order to gain a competitive advantage before all of this takes place, the new participant should have a full understanding of what positions they need to fill, and what points are awarded for each counting statistic.  Their scoring system, which is different than most sites, is listed below.





1B=3 point

W= 4 points


2B=5 points

L= -2 points


3B=8 points

ER= -2 points


HR=10 points

IP= 2.25 points


HBP=2 points

K= 2 points


RBI=2 point

HITS= -0.6 points


RUN=2 point

WALKS= -0.6 points


BB=2 points

HBP= -0.6


SB=5 points

CG= 2.5 points


SC= -2 points

CG/SO =2.5 points



NO HITTER= 5 points

DraftKings Scoring System: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
On the offensive side, put slightly more value on singles than its top competitors, which really forces the user to implement a legitimate strategy, especially when the budget is dwindling down.  With an incremental up tick in the value of singles over doubles, and HRs, a singles hitter with no power could prove to be the difference between getting paid or not. 
The premium placed on speed by DraftKings adds further excitement to the player selection process as aggression on the base paths is heavily rewarded, while players on teams known more for their ability to manufacture runs have a greater value.  This emphasis is even more evident on colder days, or days with high winds, when baseballs won’t be leaving the park as often.

Picking Pitchers: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
On the pitching side, workhorse pitchers that log a lot of innings are almost as much of a premium as a pitcher with a high K rate.  With the point system employed by DraftKings for pitching a pitcher with 9 innings, 4 Ks; the win has greater value than a pitcher who goes 7 innings with 8 Ks and the win. 
The points earned for a completed game in this scenario are astronomical, while the low K total is not crippling.
On top of all of that, DraftKings gamers are required to choose 2 pitchers.  This definitely makes the pitching side of things far more interesting as the high K pitchers are hard to stay away from, and the consistency of the strikeout statistic still needs to be valued. 
It should be noted that although levies a good sized penalty for Walks, Hits, Hit Batsmen and ERs, they reward heavily for successful performances.  This puts a premium on your sure fire aces and top ranked fantasy pitchers, as a plus performance will payout better than any plus performance on the offensive side.

Load Em’ Up! is the Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies here like many sites requires you to have players on at least three different teams, which from a distance appears as though you couldn’t draft an entire roster of players from the same team. 
As you move in closer however, you can see that it’s totally possible to roster an entire offense from the same team because there are two pitching positions to fill.  If it works out that you can reasonably select pitchers on two different teams, which isn’t that difficult, essentially your entire offense could be one major league team.  The 7-9 hitters in any line up are less than desirable, but that strategy as a whole holds some weight in the daily fantasy league circles.  Implement at your own risk, but there are going to be days where an offense goes off.  The question is--are you buying your daily fantasy lottery ticket that day?

DraftKings Mission Statement: Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies
DraftKings’ mission is to make fantasy sports easier to play and convert the millions of fantasy sports players to participate in social online fantasy sports leagues.
DraftKings will continue to prioritize customer experience, leveraging both online and mobile platforms.
The site launched six different sports leagues in 2013 and has paid out more than $50 Million to Winners. The company focuses on daily fantasy sports contests and same-day settlement for winners. That makes playing fantasy sports simpler and faster.

Fantasy Sports Tips Strategies is part of the FS Guide and there is an attempt to equally balance both FanDuel and DraftKings offerings for sports gamers. There is no reason to choose one over the other but rather try both sites and make future decisions on your Fantasy Sports experience. 
gamerisms is pleased to partner with both of these trusted sites and expect that passionate sports gamers will find the excitement results in a profitable play.

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