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Genre VideoGame Reviews expands the genre section at gamerisms with the following 6 genres: Simulation or SIMS, Sports, Racing, Puzzle, Educational Video Games and Poker Software.
There are 2 video game reviews for each that are either current titles or are known as classic titles with established history and popularity..
gamerisms suggests other game titles within each genre for passionate gamers to discover.

Genre VideoGame Reviews begins with Simulation or SIMS genre reviews.
1) Star Wars Tiny Death Star: SIMS genre videogame reviews
There have been more than a few simulation video games that have been set in the Star Wars universe. Entering the field, iOS released Tiny Death Star. This title is a SIMS game that walks the fine line of being entertaining for kids to mess about with, but also presents some meat on its bones for advanced gamers.
What is the agenda for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star? The game is a take on the very popular SIMS game, Tiny Tower. The gamer’s goal is to build the best Death Star possible and what makes this one of the better simulation video games is that it appears that you are building a death machine as in the Star Wars movies. In fact, gamers are trying to build a Death Star that will encourage miniature virtual people from the Star Wars universe to come on over and run a business in your Death Star. While, this idea seems odd, it works well for this video game.
This video game provides a stunning 8-bit style of graphics with a touch of humor you can expect from your favorite Star Wars characters. The game is one that is sure to get some play on your iPad or iPhone.
While unusual in the simulation video games playground, this SIMS game provides hours of fun play while taking on the Star Wars Universe,

2) Animal Crossing New Leaf: Genre VideoGame Reviews
Into the crowded simulation video games genre, comes the unique Animal Crossing New Leaf designed for the Nintendo 3DS.  This title proves that Simulation or SIMS games do not have to be about building an empire or an army. Rather, it can be entertaining to play a game that lets you live a regular a town populated by animals.
Trying to explain to a new gamer about Animal Crossing is…well let me try.
You play as a new resident in a town populated by animal folk. You need to buy a home, make money and of course help people in the community. In the end, once experienced, this entry into the simulation video games world will become part of your real world in a new way.
You will find yourself in the situation of finding ways to pay off your mortgage by doing odd jobs for the people around town. Or perhaps digging up fossils to place into the museum.
Animal Crossing is one of those games that do not have an end goal, but at the same time you feel to need to return.
Animal Crossing may not be a game for everyone looking for video game action, but if you prefer the excitement that the simulation video games genre offers, then this SIMS title can bring home the bacon. Oops, sorry Mr. Pig.

3) Genre VideoGame Reviews:

Simulating real life action is appealing, with games such as SIMS 4, F1 2014, The Crew, Deer Hunter 2014, Hospital Tycoon and Farming Simulator 2015 that also manage to bring you the astounding gaming experience.
sports genre videogame reviews
Sports Video Games: Genre VideoGame Reviews
1) NBA Live 14
The NBA Live series was once the king of basketball sports video games and was subsequently shelved. However, thanks to the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, the creator, EA, has decided to resurrect their once dominate basketball franchise.
NBA Live 14 presents stunning images plus amazing animation, specifically of basketball players, that creates an authentic setting of an NBA game as seen on TV. While showcasing the power of the new consoles, this title of sports video games utilizes the Ignite Engine thus created a visual as realistic as possible. Additionally, NBA Live 14 features bang up to date stat tracking.
On the plus side, the result is an entertaining game of basketball, however there is a requirement of a learning curve to get acquainted with the advanced play moves.
NBA Live 14 is a welcome return to a once great series.

2) FIFA 14: Genre VideoGame Reviews
FIFA or Fédération Internationale de Football Association has been one of the leading sports video games franchises ever long before the release of FIFA 14.
With FIFA 14, Electronic Arts or EA brought the game of soccer to the new Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well as the usual systems and mobile devices that gamers have come to expect upon release of popular titles.
Thanks to EA's new Ignite Engine, the players in FIFA 14 behave and move more realistically than before resulting in increased thrills for soccer fans. EA has managed to overcome the constant pressure of releasing yearly sports video games absent more playing options, more graphics and more entertainment value that gamers crave.  Present instead are features like creative multiplayer modes and the very addictive Ultimate Team Mode. It is the career/manager mode that is the most fun during game play. Gamerz can experience the highs and lows of managing a soccer team.
But rather than reinventing the wheel. What EA have done is fine tune the already spectacular game engine that was in FIFA 13 and as a result FIFA 14 is actually the best soccer game than money can buy right now. FIFA 14 offers some neat multi player modes and the very addictive Ultimate Team Mode also returns. But it is the career/manager mode that is the most fun in this game. It has been tweaked and offers a few new features so that it really does make you feel like you are the manager for a soccer team.
I am not taking away from previous versions of these sports video games, but FIFA 14 is the shiny new object now.

3) Genre VideoGame Reviews:

Sport inspired games are fast-paced and they allow gamers to simulate the experience in their own way. The best rated sports games are FIFA 15, Out of the Park Baseball 16, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, NBA 2K15, Football Manager 2015, Virtual Tennis 4 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

Racing Video Games: Genre VideoGame Reviewsracing genre videogame reviews
1) Need for Speed: Shift
When the racing video games  genre is mentioned, many gamerz immediately think of the Need for Speed franchise. Shift is one of the video games for this super popular franchise and takes it into unfamiliar territory. This racer takes place on a track, and is more of a racing simulation, rather than a street racing SIM that is a long time Need for Speed staple.

2) Mario Kart 8: Genre VideoGame Reviews
Mario Kart 8 is by far one of the biggest racing games of 2014. This game is sure to encourage many gamers to invest in the Wii U. Mario Kart 8 is taking a few of the cool features from Mario Kart Wii and version 7  for the motor bikes, large racers, under water sections and hang gliders. One of the WOW factors is that your kart can now turn its wheels and drive on the walls!
Rich graphics, way fast at 60 frames per second, the Mario Kart 8 is easily a top title release in the racing video games  genre.  Nintendo packs in the features and maintains their reputation of presenting consistent excitement in this genre, one release after another. Mario Kart 8 features the super Mario Kart GP events that allow gamers to unlock various new players easily. You can then take up the challenge of jumping online to take on players in races or turn on the awesome battle mode.

3) Genre VideoGame Reviews:

Some of the best racing games include Project Cars, Dirt 3, Grid Autosport, Trials Fusion, Need for Speed Rivals, Trackmania 2 Valley and Burnout Paradise.

Puzzle Video Games: Genre VideoGame Reviews
1) Angry Birds 3DS: Puzzle Video Games
When it comes to physics based puzzle games, there are few mammoth hits that come close to Angry Birds. This series has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. This 3 DS version of the series makes for a super entry into the puzzle video games genre.  The real attraction of course is the amazing 3D graphics. The Angry Birds look the same as ever, however a dramatic feature is the 3D addition. This innovative effect creates a video game that really pops.
While the 3DS version of Angry Birds is an impressive deal stacked up against the original version, gamerz also receive three puzzle games in one package. This video game title boasts all levels to include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. Want More? Additional features consist of 18 exclusive new levels for this version of the video game.  If you are an Angry Birds fan, you are in for some flying fun featuring feathers.
puzzle genre video game reviews
2) Puzzle Quest 2: Genre VideoGame Reviews
This unique concept game franchise is the next iteration of the Puzzle Quest series. In this puzzle video games setting, the gamer is actually playing both an RPG=role-playing game and a puzzle game. This title takes the frenetic action of a game series such as Bejeweled and mixes in a dungeon crawling scenario. All of the combat in this video game is controlled through the vehicle of puzzle mechanics. The character levels up, creates or finds better equipment, and uses increasingly epic spells to fight and defeat monsters.
Speaking of characters there are four types. These types are the Barbarian, Assassin, Sorcerer, and Templar. Each of them has unique equipment, spells, and play strategy. The Barbarian, for instance is a hale and hearty character, while the assassin is easier to defeat physically. However, the assassin makes up for this in other ways by becoming quite a bit more deadly in their attacks. If you pick only one of these puzzle video games type hybrid video game, make it this one.

3) Genre VideoGame Reviews:

Most of us play puzzle games for relaxation, and thankfully there is a wide and varied selection. Choose from games such as Bejeweled 3 to Nightsky, World of Goo, Peggle, Osmos, Toki Tory, Puzzle Dimension, Bookworm Adventures, Puzzle Quest or Armadillo Run. There are plenty of cool titles that come down to you and your preferences.

Educational VideoGame Reviews
: At gamerisms, we have listed several examples for this genre that includes geography, child-reading tools, word games, quizzes, math and logic games plus language learning for passionate gamers.

Poker Game Software Reviews, one of the 10 genres reviewed at gamerisms
This genre article lists individual poker games and tournament software in that order.
To give you a more in-depth look of tools available in the market and their good/bad features, 12 poker game software reviews follow.

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