Golf Players Terms Part 2

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Golf Players Terms, part 2 continues for golf players and fans who dream of birdies at every swing of the club. 

Golf Players Terms: C

  • Caddie: someone who carries clubs for a player and in some cases advises ongolf games glossary at gamerisms which club to use.
  • Cap: upper part of the club grip/shaft.
  • Card: refers to the ever present and important golf player's scorecard.
  • Carpet: expansive area of green grass on the golf course.
  • Carry: distance of a soaring golf ball before landing on the ground.
  • Cart:  can refer to a golf cart, which is a small vehicle driven around a course or can also refer to a manual cart that players place their clubs in to pull or push around the course as they walk it.
  • Casual Water: water that is not always present on a course, typically formed by rain run offs.
  • Charge: refers to a come-from-behind tournament winner.
  • Check:  the amount of backspin on a ball, causing the ball to stop where hit.
  • Chili-dip or Fat shot: jargon for a missed golf shot where the club head hits the ground before it strikes the golf ball. The result is a feeble, lofted shot.
  • Chip:  golf players' term for a short-range shot normally hit close to the green.
  • Chip-and-run: a chip shot that travels a long distance after landing on its way to the hole.
  • Chip in: term for chip shot hit into hole.
  • Choke: occurs when the club is gripped further down the handle.
  • Chop: term for hitting the ball sharply to get up some spin.
  • Cleat: refers to a golf shoe spike.
  • Closed Face:  refers to the clubface turned left for right-handed golfers, or right for left-handed golfers.
  • Closed Stance:  refers to a golfer's stance=turned left for right-handed golfers, or right for left-handed golfers.
  • Club: equipment consisting of a head, shaft and grip used to hit that dimpled ball.
  • Clubface:  the flat part of the head of the golf club that hits the ball.
  • Collar: describes the sand trap edge or area near the putting surface.
  • Condor: triple eagle, four strokes under par. It's a miracle—congrats!
  • Control Shot: more exact, less power is the key to this golf shot.
  • Course:  refers to an established 18 holes and the area where they are located.
  • Course Rating: comparison of golf course difficulty and the basis for calculating handicaps.
  • Cross Bunker: term for a long, narrow bunker that crosses the fairway.
  • Cross-handed:  a grip in which the left hand if placed below the right or vice versa for left handed golfers.
  • Cup: golf players terms for plastic piece in the hole where the ball ends up.
  • Cut: refers to the designated score that permits a player to continue a tournament. Example: if a player's score is lower than the designated score, he/she moves on whereas if higher, he/she misses the cut.
  • Cut In: term for an accurate approach golf shot.
  • Cut Shot:  shot that travels left to right for right-handed players.
Golf Players Terms: D
  • Dead: refers to a hit that comes to an abrupt stop upon landing.
  • Dead Ball: jargon for a ball that is certain to be in the hole on the next turn.
  • Deuce: it's in the hole in 2 strokes.
  • Dimples:  the indentions on a golf ball that provide stability during flight.
  • Divot: a chunk of the grass/turf taken out by the club after a shot.
  • Dogleg:  a hole that turns left or right from the tee in which the green is not visible from the tee box.
  • Dormie: occurs during match play when a player is ahead by the number of holes left to play.
  • Double Bogey:  two strokes above set par.gaming gecko, golf terms, lingo and jargon
  • Double Eagle: golf players terms for three strokes under par.
  • Down: term for the number of holes that a player remains behind his/her challenger.
  • Downswing:  motion from the height of the backswing to the contact with the ball.
  • Draw: refers to the process of matching challengers for a tournament.
  • Draw Shot: refers to the flight path of the ball where it curves skillfully right-to-left for a right-handed player, or left-to-right for a left-handed player.
  • Drive:  first shot on each hole, made from the tee box, typically hit as far as possible.
  • Driver: if you are looking for distance, this is the club, #1 wood to use.
  • Driving Range: place that golf players go to practice.
  • Drop: term for placing the ball back into play after a previous shot ball has been lost or determined to be unplayable.
  • Dub: golf players terms for a weak or missed golf shot.
  • Duck Hook:  a sharp hook, normally at a low trajectory.
  • Duffer: a weak golfer, also known as a hacker.
  • Dunk: lingo for a ball 'taking a bath' or landing into a water hazard.
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