Soccer Players Terms Part 2

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Soccer Terms, part 2 continues for soccer players and fans who dream about Hat Tricks.

Soccer Players Terms: E

  • Encroachment: during a goal, penalty, corner or free kick, the other team must be at least 10 yards away or as stated by the rules.
  • End Line:  the line or boundary at either end of the field where the goals reside
Soccer Players Terms: F
  • Far Post: refers to the goalpost that is furthest from the players terms at gamerisms
  • Field: this is where the action takes place.
  • Flick Header: lingo for a player who deflects the ball with his/her head.
  • Foot Trap: player who uses his/her foot to manage the ball.
  • Football: recognized name for soccer worldwide not to be confused with American football where different rules and playing methods apply.
  • Formation: term for players assigned field positions.
  • Forward Pass: made towards the challenger's goal.
  • Forwards or Forward Line: also known as strikers or wingers, these players are in charge of scoring for the team.
  • Foul: rule violation resulting in a free kick.
  • Free Kick: given to a player when a foul penalty is called against the other team.
  • Front Header or Header: jargon for a player who uses his/her head to control the ball
  • Front Tackle: defender who tries to move the ball away from a challenger by a head-on approach.
Soccer Players Terms: G
  • Give-and-go or Wall pass: strategic 3-step move where a player passes to a teammate then runs to the open awaiting the return of the ball.
  • Goal:  a double meaning in soccer.  It can refer to the apparatus consisting of one bar going across with two supporting poles and a net attached where each team attempts to put the ball to score.  It can also mean the act of kicking the ball into the goal.
  • Goal Area: measuring 20 X 6 ft deep located in front of each goal at either end of the field.
  • Goalkeeper or Goalie: one of the most important players of the team, he/she can use the hands when the ball is in play and wears a distinctive jersey or shirt.
  • Goal Kick: occurs when the ball is kicked away from the goal.
  • Goal Line: area of the goal where the ball is required to completely cross to score.
  • Goalmouth: refers to the front area of the goal.
  • Goal Posts: support the crossbar and each measure 24 ft across and 8 ft high.
  • Golden Goal: lingo for the goal that wins and completes the soccer game.
Soccer Players Terms: H
  • Hacking: lingo for the kicking a challenger's legs—could be foul worthy.
  • Halftime: intermission slotted between 2 periods/halves of the game.
  • Halfway Line:  the line dividing the field in half.
  • Handball or Handling:  the act of touching the ball in play with your hands.  This infraction results in loss of possession and is a foul.
  • Hat Trick: jargon for 3+ goals by a single player in a single game—tip of the hat for this admirable achievement.
  • Holding:  the act of restraining an opponent during play.
Soccer Players Terms: I
  • Impeding or Obstructing:  physically blocking or obstructing and opponent during play.
  • Indirect Free Kick:  kick requiring the touch of another player for a goal to be scored.
  • In play: occurs when ball is within field boundaries and not stopped by a referee call.
  • Injury Time: amount of time added to a period of play because of injuries/stalling by a team as determined by the referee.
  • Instep Drive: refers to a precise and strong shot made from the instep of a soccer player's foot.
Soccer Players Terms: J - K
  • Jockey: action to play for time when an opposing ball carrier is near the goal in order to allow teammates to assist with the tackle.
  • Juggling: lingo for controlling the ball in the air using a player's body parts other than the hands/arms. When done skillfully, it's an entertaining sight to see.
  • Kickoff: occurs at the game start or re-start where a player passes to a teammate from the center.
  • Kicks from the Mark:  another name for a shootout at the end of a tied game where a winner must be determined.  These are a series of penalty kicks taken by each team. The suspense mounts for both players and fans.
Soccer Players Terms: L
  • Lead Pass: strategic calculation whereby a forward pass reaches a teammate correctly, so that he/she can continue the drive.
  • Linesmen: game officials who monitor the side and goal lines, signal with a flag and assist the referee.
  • Loft or Lob: refers to a high-flying kick.
Soccer Players Terms: M
  • Man-to-Man or Marking: refers to a strategy whereby a defense player marks or covers an opposing forward player.
  • Match: refers to a soccer game and the action is on to the delight of both players and fans.
  • Midfield: field area close to the midfield line.
  • Midfield Line or Centerline: refers to line that halves the field area by width.
  • Midfielders: term for players who play behind the forwards of a team and connect the offensive/defensive units.
  • Misconduct:  behavior deemed by an official to be inappropriate, unsportsmanlike or detrimental to the game.  Typically results in a yellow or red card and possible ejection from the contest.
  • Mismatch: a very skillful player versus an average player is not a good match.
Soccer Players Terms: N
  • National Team: speaking of skillful players, this is such a group who play for their country at international matches like the World Cup.
  • Near Post: refers to the post closest to the ball.
  • Net: refers to either the goal or the material covering the frame of the goal.
  • Nutmeg: jargon for action of threading or moving the ball through the space between a player's legs.
Soccer Players Terms: O
  • Obstruction: action used by a defender to curtail the play of an offensivesoccer players terms, jargon, gamerisms player.
  • Offense: team unit whose objective is to score goals.
  • Official Game Clock: used by the referee to monitor when each period ends. It should be noted that the clock does not stop during game play.
  • Officials: includes 2 linesman and referee who monitor the score/time and call fouls according to the rules of the game.
  • Offside Line:  the limit to which a defender can proceed without the ball while not being penalized.
  • Offside Position: refers to an attacker in position in order that fewer than 2 opposing defensive players are between him/her and the goal being attacked.
  • On Defense: refers to the team players who do not have the ball.
  • On Offense: alternatively, refers to the team players who do have the ball.
  • Open: term for attacker who is not covered or marked by an opposing player. There is an advantage here—go fer it!
  • Out of Bounds or Out of Play: refers to soccer ball that has moved outside the official boundaries of the playing field.
  • Outlet Passes: this action that begins a counterattack, occurs when the ball is moved towards the opposing team's goal.
  • Overlap: occurs when a forward moves from the sideline to center field in order to allow a teammate to advance the ball undefended along the side of the field.
  • Overtime: term for additional periods played after a regular game has been completed in order to break a tie score.
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