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gamerisms is the defining games glossary quiz and facts-trivia site for game players worldwide.

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Talking About Social Gaming

gamerisms talks about the wide-ranging category of social, skill and/or casual games available online.
You will find lists of Social Gaming network sites, types/genres of games plus ways to play whether via browsing gaming sites, mobile devices, apps or purchasing your own version to play on your PC.
Additionally, Virtual Currency, Pay to Play, Bonus Rewards & Promotions are reported.
Social Games Online is reported extensively in our ebook.
Free Preview: Download or view the Online Gaming Ebook: 14 Ways to Win Guides for Casino Games, Bingo, Sportsbetting, Video Games,Fantasy Sports & Mobile Gaming.

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All About the Game of Craps

gamerisms presents the All About Craps unit that includes a glossary, trivia-facts, strategy and quiz for this popular dice game.
Learn the basics before moving on to a 3-part glossary that defines the terms, lingo and strategy for casinos online and off.
Examples are End of the Line, Hi-Lo, Long and Strong. Also find a Betting Summary Chart at Glossary: Part 2 for Multiple Roll Bets and Proposition/Single Roll Bets.
The Craps Quiz with 10 Q&A plus bonus questions will challenge your craps IQ.
Example Question: When can you make an Odds Bet at a craps game?
Completing this craps section, there is the Craps Facts-Trivia report detailing craps history, winners on a roll and superstitions.
Stay at the table for an amusing article titled: the Language of Craps.

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Exclusive Ad Options at gamerisms

exclusive casino ads, hosted/sponsored contentThere are now 4 ad options at gamerisms to include your hosted/sponsored content.
The options in limited reserve are:
1) Exclusive Casino & Sports Contextual Ads
2) Your Exclusive Hosted/Sponsored Content at existing site pages
3) Your Exclusive Content hosted at new/separate page at site.
4)Non-Exclusive Ad Contracts
The 3 components you need for successful online advertising are:
1. Targeted Placement
2. Exclusivity
3. Reliable Traffic
At gamerisms, we offer all of this.
Since 2007, gamerisms has offered specialized, exclusive advertising opportunities, not found elsewhere on the internet.
Reserve Your Ad Now! Limited Space.

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Total Golf Package

gamerisms offers the total golf package beginning with a 4 part glossary plus a learning games section.
There are golf terms, lingo, jargon and phrases like Dogleg, Dormy, Closed Face, Quail High, Skill and Waggle.
Jump to the golf facts trivia report with plenty of history, champion golfers and unique oddities of the game like this example:
1618 saw the creation of the Featherie golf ball. These balls were made by stuffing wet feathers into a leather sphere and then the sphere was sewn shut.
You are ready to tee up the Golf Quiz that will challenge your Golf IQ with 10 Q&A.

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Poker Quiz X 2

gamerisms offers a general poker quiz about poker terms and strategy with 12 Q&A along with a separate Holdem Poker Quiz.
An example is:In Omaha, what does the term Brick refer to?
A. The term for a card between 9 and a King as it is unlikely to qualify for an 8 low.
B. The term for when a player has four of the same card, such as four Kings, in their hand without using any of the community cards.
C. Landing a boat on the final card.
Next, line up Quiz 2: Holdem Em Quiz with 10 Q&A like this one:
Which of these 3 online poker game groups is proprietary and available exclusively online only?
A. Poker Pursuit, Cyberstud and Pineapple Poker
B. Razz, Irish Poker and SitNGo Poker
C. Badugi, Pusoy and Red Dog

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Total Football

football facts trivia, glossary, quizgamerisms provides a Total Football section consisting of terms-glossary, learning game section, quiz and facts-trivia report.
One of the 10 quiz questions is:
What is a Buttonhook in reference to football players?
A. Route run by a receiver who runs down the field and abruptly turns back toward the quarterback.
B. The required way a player has to wear their helmet.
C. Another term for a touchdown.
There is plenty of football trivia to view, like:
Three pro football players have won the Triple Crown awarded to those who have attained three individual statistical championships in one year: Sammy Baugh in 1943, Steve Van Buren in 1945 and Bill Dudley in 1946.
The ebook Fantasy Sports & Sportsbetting: Two Guides. Tips, Terms, Trivia, Tops Online, Tested Strategies and Triple Quiz
Bonus: Sportsbetting Systems Trio. covers Football extensively.
View or download your Free Preview or Purchase for only $9.98.

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Attention! Roulette Players

gamerisms presents the excitement of the wheel with a 3-part roulette glossary, quiz and trivia for passionate roulette players.
The glossary introduction includes a table layout graphic, a listing of all bets-payouts and roulette wheel strategies that are followed by terms in 2 parts.
Roulette Trivia-Facts includes this listing of seven other online roulette versions:
Roulette Professional, Roulette Royale, Roulette with Neighbors, Double Bonus Spin,Card Roulette and Hot Streak.
Take up the Roulette Quiz challenge with 10 questions like: Which is the correct payout for a Split Roulette bet? Wagering on two numbers at once. An inside bet.
Later, take a peek at the Roulette Gaming Guide for online play options and you are ready to spin that wheel!

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Tennis Talk & Trivia

gamerisms talks the game of Tennis with a 3-part glossary and tosses in some trivia.
Along with a learning game section, find these terms and lingo of the game: Dink, Flat, Frame, Hacker, Over Wrap and Hit on the Rise.
Take the Tennis Quiz challenge with 10 Q&A. For example: What is a Bagel during tennis games?
For more tennis, go to Tennis Trivia where you will learn that the US attained a remarkable position in Tennis when Arthur Ashe won the men’s singles and Virginia Wade won the title for Women’s singles in 1968.

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Online Roulette + Craps Guide

online roulette, crapsThe Online Roulette + Craps Guide at gamerisms details the playing options, tips and strategy for 2 popular casino games.
Some unique roulette versions available online are Multi-Ball Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette.
Also find craps tips and strategies like:
Always repeat a winning parley bet.
Don’t advance in your betting progression until you win two parlays in a row or win with odds.
Don’t Pass/Don’t Come are excellent bets at a ‘cold’ craps table.
Also find links to other Roulette and Craps resources at the site.
Be wary about making field or proposition bets considering the long odds.
Free Preview of Ebook Casino Games: The Total Take
Tips, Terms, Trivia, Tops Online, Tested Strategies & Tales of Winners Revealed.
Bonus: Strategy Package of 50+ pages of tips, strategies and tactical methods of play for profit written by experts.

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Poker News

For your poker news, go to The site details the extensive and varied poker versions/variations offered online plus poker players’ Top 10 Benefits, playing tips and strategy.
The poker guide focuses on unique poker versions, some of which can only be found online.
Additionally, gamerisms provides ample poker info about multiplayer games, an extensive glossary, poker software reviews, facts trivia, a poker quiz and online poker tips.
Move on over to the Poker Strategy + Holdem Position Report for poker glossary and Holdem Position Strategy.
Play On!

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Click for Preview: 40 Quiz Ebook

40 Quiz Ebook, fantasy sports40 Quiz Ebook for Casino, Sports, Skill & Video Game Players
Bonus of 10 Extra Casino Quiz. This is the 5th ebook by
This Game Players Ebook offers more than 400 questions and answers.
The publication is a gift to passionate game players and fans seeking a challenge, an education and entertainment.
The first 5 chapters include a collection of 30 quiz created for players who want to connect and explore the language and strategies for casino games, sports, skill plus video games in an engaging way.
Chapter 6 offers bonus content with 10 extra casino quiz Q&A’s for the games of Blackjack, Slots + Video Poker, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps and Keno.
The Poker bonus section will test your knowledge of Baccarat, Omaha, Holdem and Let It Ride.
Click this post link for a Free Preview in pdf.
Order your copy now and test your IQ!

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Slots Review Group

gamerisms presents a group of slots reviews.
2015 Slots Machines details the newer versions from 7 slot machine makers: Aristocrat, Bally, IGT, GTech, Konami WMS Gaming and Scientific Games.
For example, IGT's, Wheel of Fortune games: the world's most popular slot theme sets sail for the tropics with Wheel of Fortune Jackpot Paradise featuring a touch-screen interface and interactive bonus rounds.
The five-reel game introduces a playful symbol set including kiwis, coconuts, beaches, bananas along with the Wide Area Progressive top award, aptly titled Jackpot Pick Bonus.
2015 slot games, upgrades, info about online connections and industry news is included for passionate slot players.
Slots 2016 provides a bunch of 2016 slots.
Margaritaville, featuring the music of Jimmy Buffett, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Caddyshack. Additionally, five slot machines follow-up titles: Michael Jackson Icon, Wizard of Oz Not in Kansas Anymore, Elvis Lives, Friends I’ll Be There For You, and Titanic Heart of the Ocean.

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And Then There's Hockey

And Then There's Hockey at gamerisms where fans and players will find the language of Hockey with the terms, lingo and jargon from the Hockey World.
Examples from the 4-part glossary are: Biscuit, Chippy, Dive, Enforcer, Face Wash, Goon and Sleeper.
Skate on over and take the challenging Hockey Quiz to test your game IQ.
Lastly, there is the final hockey word found at the Hockey Facts Trivia Report that includes history plus players and game records like:
Wayne Gretzky, one of the most famous NHL players, holds 60 records.They include: most regular-season goals with 894, most regular season assists with 1963 and most goals in one season with 92.

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All About Fantasy Sports

At gamerisms, it's all about Fantasy Sports.
The terms, lingo and jargon are up first for you to experience the fun and profit of FS.
Examples are: ADP, Blind Bidding, Donk, Fade and Grinders.
Part 2, Fantasy Sports Terms includes these terms and phrases: Keeper, Overlay, Punk, Snake Draft, Mock Draft and Tilt.
Additionally, there are 2 lists of Baseball abbreviations and Football position short forms.
Jump in and increase your knowledge of fantasy sports.

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Penny vs Dollar Slots Talk

gamerisms talks penny vs dollar slots to include a comparison report.
There is penny, dollar and online slots features, betting and payouts.
The report concludes with Penny Slot Winners. Here is an example of a big payday playing penny slots:
Alberto Lopez, a 51-year-old construction worker decided to head over to Jackson Rancherio. He put $100 in the penny machine when his luck came through and he hit the jackpot for $1,129,009.20. Lopez plans to use some of the money to pay off his loans and "do something for mom."
Jump over to Wheel of Fortune Winners for more jackpot wins.
gamerisms is the place to be with 10+ slot articles or reports.

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Video Poker = Royalty

gamerisms presents Video Poker = Royalty to include the language of the game and video poker strategy.
Unpack the VP unit and find a glossary, strategy tips, VP versions defined, facts and trivia report along with a challenging quiz.
Also, there are descriptions of newer Video Poker versions plus Bonus Quiz questions like this:
For Bonus Video Poker, what are the payouts for 2 pair and 4 Aces with max coin in play?
VP Facts Trivia details strategy for 12 versions plus winners stories.
Lastly, Video Poker Online Report provides a sample of VP versions, online plus tips and strategy for 3 of the most popular versions: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker.
Come on over and Talk Video Poker = Royalty!

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What U Need to Know about Online Gaming

online games ebook, online gamingFree Preview: Online Gaming Ebook at gamerisms.
This online games report details 14 game types to include casino, fantasy sports, social and video gaming.
An introduction merges an online gaming glossary with 10 Benefits of Playing Online.
Later, you can easy click to casino guides for the games of blackjack, slots, progressive slots, poker, craps, video poker, roulette, bingo and sportsbetting=10.
4 more guides report about mobile gaming, fantasy sports, video games and social gaming to complete the 14 game guides.
Free Preview: Download or view the Online Gaming Ebook: 14 Ways to Win Guides for Casino Games, Bingo, Sportsbetting, Social Games, Video Games, Fantasy Sports & Mobile Gaming.

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Volleyball Team

The gamerisms team offers a glossary, quiz and facts trivia report.
This entertaining resource begins with a 2-part glossary covering the terms, lingo and phrases of the game.
Some examples of the unique language of the game are Back Set, Beach Dig, Cut Shot, Facial and Lip.
Volleyball facts-trivia details the history, records and winners of the game including Olympic glory.
Test your Volleyball Speak with the Volleyball Quiz by taking the 10 questions about the language of the game like this one:What is a Fish or Tuna at volleyball games?
A. Two or more players running into each other going after the ball.
B. Player who is entangled in the volleyball net.
C. The player that frequently uses the net to save the ball.

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Batter Up for Cricket

gamerisms talks the game of cricket with a glossary, quiz and facts-trivia for passionate players and fans.
Begin with a 2-part glossary of terms, lingo and jargon.
The Facts-Trivia Report includes this bit of info:
First set of rules came in 1774 with 22-yard pitches, 4 ball overs, stumping, no-balls and stopping wicket-keepers from blocking movements of the batsmen.
Even then, Australians were different and an Australian over had 8 balls.
Lastly, take the Cricket Quiz where you will find this question:
What does the term Beamer mean in cricket games?
A. Lingo for a very dangerous ball that does not bounce after leaving the bowler’s hand and reaches the batsman above the waist.
B. Term for a ball that is hit directly over the boundary without bouncing on the field.
C. Lingo for the umpire who carries a flashlight.

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Testing your Chess IQ

gamerisms invites passionate players to test your Chess IQ with a quiz of 10 Q&A.
Example: What does the term Advanced Pawn reference in chess?
A. An advanced pawn is a pawn on the bishop's file.
B. On the opposing player's side of the chessboard, an advanced pawn may be fragile if it is overextended or difficult to defend.
C. An advanced pawn is behind the pawn of the same color on a neighboring file.
Jump over to the 3-part chess + checkers glossary and rules with tourney playing tips.
There are 2 Strategy articles: Chess Attack and Chess Game Balance
Wrap it up with Chess Facts-Trivia that is certain to add to your knowledge of the game.
It's your Move, Mate!

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Here's the Word

Here's the word at gamerisms for word games starting with a 2-part glossary.
Part 1 focuses on pencil word game types and classic games.
Part 2 reports other word games plus a glossary of 5 popular word games globally.
An example is Chicktionary that involves the use of anagrams. Players are presented with a rack of eggs containing three, four, five, six, and seven letter egg sequences. Chickens are at the bottom of the rack with seven letters.
The chosen chicken drops into a box. Clicking on several chickens allows the player to create words. The aim of the player is to fill up the egg racks with words by creating words within a specific amount of numbers and points are earned for doing so.

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Talking Bingo

gamerisms talks bingo to include Bingo Lingo, a quiz and Online Bingo Guide.
UK bingo lingo details the unique language of the 90-ball bingo version.
Follow this post link to the Intro Bingo Glossary that defines the terms, lingo, jargon of bingo.
Bingo Quiz example from 10 Q&A is: What is a ‘Square’ Bingo win?
A. Square using B and O rows plus top and bottom rows.
B. Square around the free space using I, N and G rows.
C. Both A and B.
Remember to check out the Online Bingo Report, that describes bingo games and versions matched with images plus a Top 10 Features List for online play.
Did you know that there are 1,474,200 bingo card possibilities?

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Casino Quiz: Doubling Up

40 Quiz Ebook, casino quizgamerisms doubles up with a Quiz Challenge that includes two quiz presenting questions and answers about general casino gambling knowledge.
There are 10 Q&A for each quiz referring to terms, lingo or casino speak used in the casino gambling world.
From the casino terms quiz: What is the Barber Pole when playing casino games?
The second quiz is the Gambling Terms Quiz, where you can use your knowledge of the game to tackle this question: Firing is gambling lingo for?
A. Gambling lingo for betting large amounts at money games.
B. Poker player exploding after an unexpected big loss.
C. Casino employee 'going off' on a player at the craps table.
This link 40 Quiz Ebook for Casino, Sports, Skill & Video Game Players opens up the free pdf preview with more exciting fun for game players.

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Soccer Speak

gamerisms speaks the language of soccer starting with a Soccer Quiz of 10 Q&A to challenge your knowledge of the game.
An example is: What does the term Toe Poke mean?
A. A tactic used by a player using a toe-touch to tackle a challenger.
B. The opening move of a match.
C. Action of securing the ball during a face off.
Soccer Facts-trivia reports World Cup Info, Pele and more.
Explore the language of the game and learn the terms, lingo and rules of the game at the learning games section.
Examples are: Flick Header, Hacking, Instep Drive, Juggling, Nutmeg and Wall.

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A Rugby Rundown

gamerisms presents the game of Rugby with a 3 part glossary and learning section for passionate players and fans.
The glossary includes a detailed listing of Union and League player position numbers and names and further noted as Forwards and Backs.
Click on over to the Rugby Facts-Trivia report to explore the unique features, records and history of the sport like the International Rugby Union game with the Highest Rugby Score in history was played in October 1994, with Hong Kong beating Singapore 164-13.
Also, there is the Rugby Games Quiz to include 10 questions and answers to challenge players and fans of the sport.
Example: What does Dummy refer to in Rugby Games?

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Top 10 Sports Ebook: Free Preview

Top 10 Sports Ebook, fantasy sportsTop 10 Sports Ebook: Terms, Trivia & Ten Quiz is the fourth publication in the game players ebook series.
Bonus: Sportsbetting Tips & Strategies by gaming experts.
This ebook is an essential resource created to engage all players and fans who support their teams and seek to expand their knowledge of all sports.
The Top 10 Sports include soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, hockey, football, rugby, cricket and tennis.
The ebook features an additional chapter on 4 More Sports that include Olympics, Boxing, Badminton and Table Tennis.
Each individual sport is divided into separate chapters that are designed to give a comprehensive look from different perspectives.
Click on this post link to viewthe Free Preview
Move to Fantasy Sports Guide with a 6-part series to include glossary, tips & strategies, facts-trivia and quiz.

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Mobile Gaming Guide

The Mobile Gaming Guide at gamerisms reports and describes the games, features, stats and options of touch and play excitement.
The game selection for mobile gaming includes slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, progressive slots, 3-card poker, baccarat, keno, scratch cards plus other arcade-style games provided by Asian mobile casinos.
Mobile gaming revenue worldwide is about $10.5 billion while estimates are that mobile gaming share of total gaming revenue is expected to rise from 10% in 2008 to 17% in 2017.
Also, check out the Online Sports Betting Guide that includes features and benefits followed by tips and strategies to become a winning handicapper.

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Billiards is on the Table

Billiards is on the table at gamerisms with 3 resources--a glossary, quiz and facts-trivia report.
The games of 8 and 9 Ball, Snooker and Carom are described with a detailed glossary in 2 parts.
Examples of Billiards Speak are:Blood Test, Cross Corner, Clean Bank, Gully Table, Kiss, Pyramid and Frozen.
The Billiards Facts-Trivia reports the history of the game, billiards equipment plus championships and famous players.
For more about the game, click on this link for the Billiards Quiz with 10 Q&A to take you best shot.
An example is: What does the billiards term Burst refer to?

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Seeing Double Puzzles: Classic + Video Games

gamerisms presents double puzzles: classic + video games.
The puzzle video game genre includes games such as Bejeweled 3 to Nightsky, World of Goo, Peggle, Osmos, Toki Tory, Puzzle Dimension, Bookworm Adventures, Puzzle Quest or Armadillo Run.
For the video game page, Angry Birds 3DS and Puzzle Quest are 2 of the most popular reviewed.
For the other part of double puzzle, there is classic or paper puzzle games here:
Puzzle Games Glossary, your guide to details about Sudoku, Rubiks Cube, Crosswords, and Chuggles skill games.

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Its About Sportsbetting

sportsbetting glossary, quiz, factsIts all about Sportsbetting at gamerisms that offers these unique resources.
First up is the 3-part glossary detailing terms and lingo along with handicap betting types and types of sport betting terms for specific games.
Move on to explore Sportsbetting Facts-Trivia about the global interest for sportsbetting.
Check out SportsBetting Quiz challenge with 10 Q&A like this one:
What is a Bridge-Jumper in sportsbetting?
A. A bettor who tries to combine one game with another.
B. A bettor who only makes wagers on card games.
C. A specialized handicapper for large show bets on favorites.
Click for Free Preview of Fantasy Sports & Sportsbetting: Two Guides
Tips, Terms, Trivia, Tops Online, Tested Strategies and Triple Quiz.
Bonus: Sportsbetting Systems Trio. covers Football extensively.
View or download your Free Preview or Purchase for only $9.98.

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Rummy + Poker Report

gamerisms reports about Gin Rummy along with 5 Poker Tips.
An example of Poker Tips is:
Play Tight. Use your acquired knowledge and skills by learning the rules, acknowledging the odds and betting like a shark, not a fish.
Additionally, a wise strategy is to be on the lookout for quality poker tournaments, specifically with low entry fees.
5 More Poker Tips are available at the Canasta page of the site.
The Rummy Glossary offers 6 parts, one of which is a glossary that details several versions of rummy played worldwide.
There is also a quiz and Rummy Facts Trivia Report.
Be sure to explore both of these card games of rummy and poker. Play On!

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Get Your Tile + Dice Games Info Here

gamerisms begins this info with 3 Tile Games of Mahjong, Dominoes and Paigow.
Each of the 3 games includes a glossary along with history, rules and strategies.
Some examples of the language of the game are Mahjong: Flower and Kong.
Dominoes: Double Value Tiles.
Paigow The dealing is referred to as Paigow Cuts. The game can have up to eight players, one being the banker.
Dice Games info is here to explore with a list of 10 popular dice games played worldwide.
Poker Dice and Yahtzee are at the top of this skill games list followed by Boggle, Bunco, Farkel, Kismet, Stack and Shut the Box. Sicbo and Craps, likely the most recognized true gambling games complete the list of 10.

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The Darts Speak

gamerisms aims for darts speak, defining the unique and amusing language of the game.
You will find darts facts-trivia, a quiz with 10 Q&A while exploring the 2-part glossary of this skill game.
Examples of the unique language are Bones, Convertibles, Dust, Chucker, Chalk, Happy Meal and Oche.
Jump over to view the Darts Facts Trivia Report where you will learn thatthe fewest number of darts to throw a perfect game of 501 is nine.
Try this Dart Quiz with questions like: What does Bag O’ Nuts refer to in a darts game?

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Blackjack + VideoPoker Guides

gamerisms merges Blackjack and Video Poker into an online guide that details online playing options, tips and strategy for 2 casino games.
There are about 100 versions for each game of blackjack and video poker online.
Examples for Blackjack are: Spanish 21, BJ Switch, Double Exposure BJ andBlackjack FaceUp 21.
Examples for Video Poker are: All American Video Poker, Deuces and Joker VP,Double Joker VP, Jacks or Better, Pick 'Em Poker, Sevens Wild, Tens or Better and SupaJax Poker.
For something different, visit the Video Game Online Play Guide that details the phenomenon of online video gaming for passionate gamers.
The guide includes an introduction, general online info, playing choices, types of games plus tips and strategy.

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Baseball: Round the Bases

gamerisms takes you round all the bases for the game of baseball with a glossary, facts, trivia and a quiz.
Step up for a triple hit with the 3-part glossary that defines baseball and includes a learning games section.
Learn the meaning of Shoestring Catch, Tag, Whiff, Baltimore Chop and Submariner.
Additionally, there is Baseball Trivia with unique facts, records, players and memories of the game.
Whats your final score after taking the Baseball Quiz with 10 Q&A like this:
What is the baseball lingo used to describe a fielder who scoops the ball and runs with it?
A. Scoop and Throw
B. Grass Getter
C. Shoestring Catch

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