Hockey Players Terms Part 2

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Hockey, part 2 continues for hockey players and fans who dream of being a dangler. 

Hockey Players Terms: D

  • Dangler: an expert stick handler that moves through the defense with ease.
  • Dead Puck: jargon for a puck that has left the rink or caught by a player.
  • Defenseman or Defensive Line: usually 2 on the ice for each team, stationed close to their goalie andhockey players terrms at gamerisms whose main duty is to prevent the opposition from scoring.
  • Defensive Zone:   the zone marked by the blue line on either end of the ice.
  • Deflection: puck movement where it changes direction upon hitting a player or object. 
  • Deke or Decoy: player movement designed to trick a challenger, a fake motion using the puck or body. Gotcha!
  • Delayed Offside: game official who delays blowing the whistle because a defender has obtained control of the puck near the blue line. Should the player lose that possession, the offside is called.
  • Delayed Penalty: game official who delays blowing the whistle because the penalized team has 2 players in the box, therefore, the delay will be called when 1 of those players is back on the ice. Also occurs when a non-penalized player has possession of the puck in a possible scoring position, thus is called when the penalized team regains possession.
  • Delay of Game: several events can occur that will incur a penalty. Examples are deliberately freezing the puck, moving the goal posts out of position, subbing delays or shooting the puck out of the playing area.
  • Dive:  a player who fakes or embellishes contact or a player's actions in order to get a penalty called on their opponent.
  • Double Minor: refers to a 4-minute penalty when an injury occurs or two violations occur for the same play action.
  • Drop Pass: hockey players terms for a pass left directly behind for a teammate to advance play.
  • Drop the Gloves: fighting between players in course of a game.
Hockey Players Terms: E
  • Elbowing: hitting an opponent using the elbow—penalty worth.
  • Empty Net: term for a goalie-less net, usually a strategic play to sub another player for the goalie.
  • Empty Net Goal: possible result of an empty net.
  • Enforcer: send out the enforcer when an opposing player is practicing over-the-top roughness.
  • Extra Attacker:   the act of putting an extra player on the ice, achieved by pulling the goalie.
  • Extra Skater: is employed to either replace the goalie or offer support during a delayed penalty.
Hockey Players Terms: F
  • Face Mask: protective equipment used by the goalie. Mandatory for this contact sport.
  • Face-off:   how play begins, two players in the center of the ice meet and the puck is dropped.  The players then proceed to try to knock the puck to a teammate.
  • Face-off Circles: 30 ft. in diameter, located at center rink and two at each end of the rink for a total of five.
  • Face Wash: jargon for when a player is rubbed across the face with the opponent's glove.
  • Falling on the Puck: player, other than the goalie who intentionally falls, traps or handles the puck—penalty worthy.
  • Fan: a shot where the player misses the puck with his stick and hits nothing but air.
  • Feed: refers to feeding a teammate with a pass.
  • Fisticuffs:   a confrontation during the game in which fists are used=a fight.
  • Five Hole: jargon for the opening between a goalie's leg pads.
  • Five on Three:   a situation where one team has two players with penalties who are currently in the penalty box.
  • Five on Five: hockey players terms for both teams at full strength.
  • Flat Pass: term for a sliding pass.
  • Flip Pass: movement of a wrist snap by a player that lifts the puck off the ice.
  • Flip Shot: same as above, however, the goal is the target.
  • Forecheck: term for checking challengers in their defensive zone in order to gain possession of the puck.
  • Forehand: shot/pass attempted from the stick hand part of the body.
  • Forward: player who is part of the forward line that also includes right and left wing players.
  • Foul: penalty worthy.
  • Freeze the Puck: stoppage of play by holding the puck against the boards or the back of the net with player's skate or stick.
  • Full Strength: highest level of play with 6 six players on the ice.
Hockey Players Terms: G
  • Game: consists of 3-20 minute periods.
  • Game Misconduct: penalty that generally results in a rejection for the balance of game time, however offending team does not play short-handed.
  • Game Timekeeper: game official who monitors and calls any portion of the game that involves measuring time.
  • Gate:  another term for penalty box.
  • Garbage Goal:  a goal scored 1)  when the goal player is caught out of position or 2)  a goal scored that doesn’t matter, typically against the opponents lesser players when the game is out of hand.
  • Get the Jump: jargon for rapid skate movement ahead of the challengers. A speed skater in action!
  • Give-and-go: passing in this sequence, player 1 passes to player 2; at which time player 1 moves forward to receive rapid return pass.
  • Glass: protective material located on top of the boards for the benefit of both fans and players.
  • Glove Hand: hockey players terms for equipment used by players terms, define your game
  • Glove Save: refers to a save using this equipment.
  • Goal: the act of putting the puck entirely in the net. Team that scores the most goals wins.
  • Goal Cage: measuring 6 X 4 ft to include a net, crossbar and 2 goal posts stationed on the goal line.
  • Goal Crease: located in front of the net and the regulations prohibit other players from interfering with the goal tending.
  • Goal Judge: game official who monitors and calls a valid goal when the entire puck has crossed and landed between the goal posts. Goal is signaled by a red light.
  • Goal Line: term for red line marking between the goal posts.
  • Goals Against: refers to number of goals that got past the goalie and/or team.
  • Goaltender: duties are to stop the puck and be sufficiently protected to avoid injury. While penalties are assessed, that are designed to shield the goalie, should he/she receive a penalty, another team player will serve the time.
  • Goon: hockey players terms for a rough and tough player.
  • Gordie Howe Hat Trick: scoring a goal, getting an assist and getting into a fight, normally all in the same period or during the course of a single game qualifies.Tip of the hat to this player!
  • Green Light: signal that a playing period is over.
  • Gross Misconduct: most definitely penalty worthy to the tune of ejection for the balance of the game plus an automatic fine for players and/or other team members.
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