Hockey Trivia

Hockey has been played for over 100 years, giving us plenty of trivia for the passionate sports players and fans.

General Hockey Trivia

  1. The National Hockey League was formed when the National Hockey Association suspended operations in 1917.
  2. The first NHL games were played on December 19 of that year. The season was broken into two halves, with the first half played from December 19 - February 4, and the second half from February 6 - March 6.
  3. Hockey Facts Trivia reports that the Montreal Canadiens was founded in 1909, and is the only current team that has existed longer than the NHL.

Hockey Facts Trivia

  1. Hockey was introduced in Sweden in 1920 by American film director and hockey coach Raoul Le Mat.
  2. The first Swedish ice hockey championship was awarded two years later to IK Gota.
  3. The longest NHL game was played between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons on March 24, 1936. The teams played 116 minutes and 30 seconds of overtime before Detroit’s Mud Bruneteau scored to win the game 1-0.
  4. In professional hockey, you usually don’t see more than a handful of goals scored per game. However, on January 10, 1920, a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto St. Patricks ended with a score that looked more like an American football game score. Montreal won 14-7.
  5. Wayne Gretzky, one of the most famous NHL players, holds 60 records.They include: most regular-season goals with 894, most regular season assists with 1963 and most goals in one season with 92.
  6. No player has served as captain of a team longer than Steve Yzerman, who was captain of the Detroit Red Wings for 1,303 games.
  7. Teemu Selanne holds the record for the most points scored during the men’s Olympic ice hockey tournament, with 37 points.
  8. The Soviet National ice hockey team is most successful international team of all time. Between 1954 and 1991, they won 39 World Championship and Olympic medals, 26 of them gold (19 from the World Championships and 7 from the Olympics).

Hockey Facts Trivia

  1. Probably the most well known bit of hockey facts trivia for those who live in the United States is that the US Men’s hockey team beat the heavily favored Soviet Union and went on to win the gold medal in 1980.
  2. Canada holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals, with 19 for the men, and 3 for the women.
  3. Almost 1.7% of Canada's population is a registered hockey player, giving them 572,411 players, which is over a third of the world's registered hockey players.
  4. Sidney Crosby is the youngest player to record 200 career points and 100 points two seasons in a row, and to be voted as an All-Star Game starter.
  5. No list of hockey facts trivia would be complete without mention of the Detroit Red Wings’ playoff streak. They have made the playoffs for the past 21 seasons in a row, which is the longest active streak of playoff appearances in professional North American sports.