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gamerisms has created specialized advertising opportunities, not found elsewhere on the internet, that will effectively promote your brand and attract passionate game players to your site.

The 3 components you need for successful online advertising are:

  1. Targeted Placement
  2. Exclusivity
  3. Reliable Traffic

At gamerisms, we offer all of this.

Your casino gambling or sports-related website will benefit from some of the most powerful and targeted advertising in the industry at one of the Internet’s most established websites.
Space is limited so reserve your ad space today and start the smartest advertising program you will ever use.

The 4 Ad Options

  • Exclusive Contextual Ads
  • Your Hosted Content - Existing Page
  • Your Hosted Content - New Page
  • Non-Exclusive Ad Contracts

* All Rates=US funds.

Description Of Ad Options

Exclusive Ad Contracts

1 year = $ 270
includes 10% discount

Exclusive Ad Contracts reserves contextual space for your distinctive campaigns/promotions and is our most popular option. The benefits of these specialized exclusive ad contracts are:

  • Your exclusive casino or sports contextual/in-text ad placed in existing text. Text can be up to 10 words to include outside click.
  • Those advertisers who lock in for 1 year will benefit from rising traffic, and no increase in rates upon renewal.
  • Exclusive ad page urls are 'dofollow' and we are available to assist with your ad text and make suggestions.
  • 3 Ad Multiple buy will be discounted by 15% from rates below. Multiple buy can be any combination of ad options detailed below.
  • Note: Home Page is currently sold out.

Guarantee: Once your ad is prepaid, no other ad or outside click will appear on the selected page as guaranteed by All exclusive ad options/pages have been indexed and rated by the 3 major search engines. All ads are prepaid in US funds., online since 2010, is a mobile-friendly site and hosted in Canada.


Exclusive Ads: Spaces Available. Reserve Now!


Your Exclusive Content Hosted at gamerisms

Note: all content must be orignal and provided by client.

Option 1

1 year = $ 300

Submit your 300 word original content/article to be published exclusively at an existing casino or sports page at gamerisms that has been indexed and rated. Experienced writers will assist with ediing and suggestions.

There is limited space, however site pages ideal for additional hosted content are:

Option 2

1 year = $ 320

Your Hosted-sponsored content - new page at site

Submit your 800+ word original content/article to be published exclusively at gamerisms at a separate, new page to include 1 outside 'dofollow' click.Experienced writers at gamerisms will edit content, add meta tags and general seo.

This new page, placed in the appropriate section of the site, will be linked internally to at least 2 other pages at site plus the sitemap.Shortly after placement, a tweet and facebook page post will follow plus page will be indexed by all 3 SE's.All content submitted to gamerisms becomes the property of the site.

For details, check this option at request form below

Non Exclusive Contextual or In-text ad

1 year = $ 200
6 months = $150

For those advertisers with limited budgets, this option is ideal for your promotions. Note: gamerisms reserves the right to place other advertising at non-exclusive pages.

For suggested pages/games, check Non-Exclusive option at request form below.

Limited to 3 ads/page maximum

Summary of Ad Options

Ad OptionDescriptionRate/Year
Exclusive Contextual/in-text Adexisting site page text: up to 10 words$270.
Your Exclusive Content hosted-sponsoredat existing site page: up to 300 words$300.
Your Exclusive Content hosted at new pageat separate site page: at least 800 words$320.
Non Exclusive Contextual/in-text Adshare with other ads at existing site page only.$200./year $150./6mos

* All Rates = US funds prepaid

Professional Advertising

gamerisms is an authoritative, glossary-quiz-trivia site created for sports, casino, skill and video game players. Our demographics support ad campaigns worldwide.

We offer a professional, valuable advertising service since 2007 and we make every effort to earn your business and trust to create effective ad campaigns.

We are aggressive about promoting the site and traffic is increasing continuously. Let us handle your ad campaign to promote your brand.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to being a huge part of your success!

Privacy Policy: We do not sell, exchange or otherwise disclose your contact information.

Ads Contract Restrictions If your site is blacklisted or considered a rogue site, we will not accept your Ad. If you redirect your original ad, the contract will be canceled and no monies refunded. advertising
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