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The videogame online play guide details the phenomenon of online video gaming for passionate gamers.

Online video gaming is at the top of the list for leisure activity with gamers either playing to relax or meeting new friends or both. There"s no wonder the online video gaming world has become so popular. It manages to unite people from all over the world and provide countless hours of entertainment with a wide variety of gaming choices - no reason to be bored.

General Info
Videogame Online Play Guide

  1. Online video gaming has become a landmark for the gaming community and according to numerous statistics; this is an industry that racks up billions.
  2. The industry has experienced major growth towards the end of 2010 when about $24 billion was spent on video games in the US alone. By 2016, the worldwide market is expected to reach $86.1 billion.
  3. Online video gaming takes up 75% of the gaming industry as a whole.
  4. In 2010, Microsoft managed to gain more than $1 billion over Xbox Live subscriptions alone, showing the true power of online video gaming as a whole.
  5. More than 52% of the gamer base is comprised of women, so even though most game-makers tend to create games for males, it"s the female base that dominates videogame online play.
  6. The countries with the largest video gamer base are Japan, USA, China, India, UK and Germany.
  7. While most professional gamers tend to get $10,000 or even less per year, the ones with impressive track records and results in the tournaments can rack up more than $300,000 or sometimes close to $1 million.
  8. Most of these cyber athletes are from China. This clearly shows that professional gaming and the simple idea of being a cyber-athlete has become a business that can bring in the big bucks.
  9. Some of the gamer expressions include l33t which is a powerful, elite player, w00t which is an expression of enjoyment or XP, a term that pertains to experience points.

Online Playing Choices
Videogame Online Play Guide

The acceptable standard of playing choices online is the MMORPG=Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game format, mainly because gamers can create their own character and go on astounding adventures for hundreds or even thousands of hours.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) consists of games played via internet or over a Local Area Network (LAN). Playing against gamers around the globe is activated.

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Type: Age of Empires, Sins of a Solar Empire and, StarCraft played in real time allowing multiple participants.

A wide-ranging variety of apps are available for download at Apple and Google Apps. Suggested apps are Moondo App offers hundreds of games in 3D or Whirled App that allows connection to other gamers and over a 1000 game types.

While there are many tournaments offered online, the trend appears to be with the tournaments and prize money that include League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Dota 2 where gamers are organized in groups. Smite Teams & Groups competition.

Players spend 3 billion hours a week at online games as there are millions of free games and a vast array of titles up for selection.

There are more than 4 million clans in the world, with the number increasing every day. Clans are a group of gamers who play together on a regular basis, or who are at the same skill level. This group usually plays team games or games where being familiar with each other"s playing style, will be beneficial to the outcome of the game. Clan tags are the means to connect and cooperate with each other at all times.

Types of Games & Genres
Videogame Online Play Guide

While the most popular games played online are MMORPGs, there are lots of other genres that appeal to gamers.

Tera Online, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Everquest 2, Guild Wars 2
League of Legends, DOTA 2, Strife and Awesomenauts.
Action Genre
Enter the Matrix, Star Wars and Jedi Knight (Not recommended for children due to violence.)
Starfox Adventures, Billy Hatcher and Final Fantasy - tops the list of most interesting and addictive games based on narrative fantasy themes.
Arcade Games
Pacman, Street Fighter and Frogger available in 3D.
Board Genre
Chutes and ladders, Cariboo and Sequence for Kids.
Fighting Games
Smite, Archeblade, Altitude, Blade Hunter, Dungeonland
Puzzle Genre
Doodle God, Super Stacker 2, Perfect Balance, Cog Factory, The Right Mix, Ricochet Kills 2
Racing Games
Need for Speed World, Heat Online, Drift City, Auto Club Revolution, Trackmania Nations Forever
Shooters Genre
Warframe, War Thunder, Ace Online, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Counter-Strike, Battlefield Heroes and Unreal Tournament where players are given a chance to display their abilities either individually or in a team.
Strategy Genre
Battle Nations, Battleline Steel Warfare, Dogs of War and Frontline Tactics
Zombie Games
H1Z1, Day Z, Escape Dead Island, Hazard Ops

Playing Tips & Strategy
Videogame Online Play Guide

Study your opponent the best way you can, and then create a strategy based on your findings.

If you are playing an RTS or Real Time Strategy video game, consider creating your base first before scouting.

For combatgames, work on your timing and attack only when the opportunity presents itself.

With the Shooters Genre, use covers and move forward slowly towards the enemy base. Be certain that you have properly aimed before shooting or bombing.

When it comes to Racing games, you need to lower speed in the corners to get the desired advantage. Handling of arrow keys is important in order to maintain balance and reduce speed. Ensure your computing device is clean and secured with updated anti-virus software.

In the end, it all comes down to the genre you want to play. Once you find your best playing format and genre, the Cyber Athlete status will be within reach.

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