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This play poker quiz B at gamerisms will test your knowledge of Texas Holdem Poker. There are 10 questions and answers to increase your poker lingo level and knowledge of online poker.
Deal the cards and let’s play some Holdem Poker. There is the second Quiz A, a general poker quiz with 12 Q&A about terms, strategy and online poker.

Play Poker Quiz: Questions 1-5

1) When playing Mixed Online Poker Games, which of these abbreviated selections includes a Pot Limit Holdem Poker Game?
A. H.O.R.S.E
B. H.A
C. H.E.R.O.S.

2) Which of these 3 online poker game groups is proprietary and available exclusively online only?
A. Poker Pursuit, Cyberstud and Pineapple Poker
B. Razz, Irish Poker and SitNGo Poker
C. Badugi, Pusoy and Red Dog

3) What does Big Stick mean in the game of Holdem Poker?
A. A previous large winner or well-known player at the table.
B. Ace or King in the hole.
C. Player whose style of play is betting heavy or all-in.

4) What does Drawn Out refer to with Holdem?
A. A come from behind move that makes a winning hand.
B. Poker player who takes up a lot of time to make decisions.
C. Poker game that is played on for more than 8 hours.

5) What do poker players mean when they use the word Rainbow?
A. The first 2 cards dealt are a red and black suit.
B. Flop that displays three different suits.
C. A 5-card straight that contains 4 different suits.

Play Poker Quiz Questions 6-10  
6) What is the type of poker player called who raises the pot with nothing and bets no matter what card he/she has?
A. Loose Player
B. Aggressive Tight Player
C. Aggressive Loose Player
play poker quiz at gamerisms
7) What does the poker term Snap Off mean in Texas Holdem?
A. Player drops out of play for this round.
B. Player calls the bluffer and wins with a second-rate hand.    
C. Dealer leaves the game to be replaced.

8) Choosing to play a starting hand in Texas Holdem is the most important decision poker players will make. The most important factor to consider is?
A. Your two starting cards only.
B. Your position.
C. If you can bluff your opponents.

9) What is the Best Holdem Starting 2-card Hand of the 3 listed below?
A. Pair of Kings
B. Pair of Queens
C. Ace and King: of the same suit.

10) What is the Worst Holdem Starting 2-card Hand of the 3 listed below:
A. 2-7 Unsuited
B. 2-9 Unsuited
C. 3-9 Unsuited

Play Poker Quiz Answers. So, how did you meet the holdem play poker quiz challenge?

1) B. H.A includes Pot Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha.
H.O.R.S.E includes Holdem, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, 7-card Stud and 7-Card Stud Eight-or-better. Arguably, the favorite mixed game online and H.E.R.O.S includes Holdem Stud Hi-Lo Razz Omaha Hi-Lo Stud Hi=All Limit Games

2) A. Poker Pursuit, Cyberstud and Pineapple Poker are exclusive or proprietary online poker games.

3) B. Big Stick: Ace or King in the hole—great starting hand. There are several possibilities from this hand: high pair and/or high straight.

4) A. Drawn Out: a come from behind move that makes a winning hand.

5) B. Rainbow: flop that displays three different suits; therefore, a flush cannot be made.

Play Poker Quiz Answers 6 - 10
6) C. An Aggressive Loose Player raises the pot with nothing and bets no matter what card he has.

7) B. Snap Off: Player calls the bluffer and beat him/her with a second-rate hand—'tis a beautiful thing!

8) B. Holdem is a positional game. Not all hands are playable from every position. You need a much stronger hand to play from early position than you do from late position. If you play a weak hand in early position, you may be raised or re-raised by the players acting after you.
9) A. Pair of Kings among the 3 listed, however Pair of Aces is the ultimate starting 2-card hand.
10) C. 3-9 Unsuited: The worst of the worst here. Whereas Answer B. 2-9 Unsuited: Toss ‘em. Enough said and Answer A. 2-7 Unsuited: If you think 2-6 unsuited is useless, this hand can easily be beaten by a pair of eights

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