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Ice Hockey has been played since about 1900, with origins dating back to Europe and the field versions of the game. Modern day ice hockey is likely a combination of an Irish or Scottish folk game, combined with a Mi'kmaq game as well. Ice Hockey is a game played on a frozen pond outdoors or an indoor ice pad.

The players wear skates and use sticks to try to knock the puck into the opponents' goal. Five players take to the ice for each team as well as one goalie. As hockey is closely monitored for penalty infractions, the termpenalty worthy will be found often in this glossary.

Hockey Glossary

Hockey Games Glossary A

term for pass with the intention of scoring a goal. 1-2 teammates may receive credit for an assist if a goal is scored.
Attack Zone
the opponents side of the ice, determined by the blue line.

Hockey Games Glossary B

Back Check
occurs when opposing player is checked while moving to the defensive zone.
term for pass made from the body side that is not the stick hand.
Backhand Shot
a shot in which the backside of the blade is used.
Back Line
term for total number of defensemen for a team.
otherwise known as the goalie.
Bar Down
a goal that is scored by hitting the cross bar of the goal, prior to going into the net.
Beat the Defense
player who moves past the other team's defensemen.
Beat the Goalie
player who scores a goal against the opposing team by skillful play.
Behind the Net
refers to the area behind the goal cage.
Bench Minor Penalty
2 minutes to the player in a team's bench area and not a player on the ice.
hockey games glossary term for a terrible skater.
lingo for a hockey puck.
Biscuit in the Basket
nickname for scoring a goal. Refers to the puck looking like a biscuit and the goal with mesh looking like a basket.
refers to the end or flat portion of the stick that comes into contact with the puck.
Blind Pass
act of shooting a quick pass while not eyeing the intended target. Or a shot in the dark!
Blocker or Blocking Glove
goalie's glove and attached padding worn on the stick hand.
Blue Lines
two markings, located 60 feet from each goal, thereby dividing the ice into 3 zones
attacking, defensive and neutral.
Blue Liner
jargon for either team's defensemen.
the act of checking a player into the boards from behind.
Board Checking
an aggressive motion to move an opposing player against the boards. Methods used are elbowing, tripping or body check, at which time a minor or major penalty (in the case of injury) may be assessed.
a fiberglass or wood wall that borders the rink area.
Body Check or Hip Check
hockey games glossary term for the act of knocking an opponent into the board or onto the ice with physical force.
refers to either the penalty box or a strategic defensive play where 4 teammates form a square when short-handed.
a player who has the puck behind the defense, trying to score and only has the goalie to beat.
pants worn in hockey.
jargon for a hockey helmet.
top area of a hockey stick.
Butt ending
action of poking using the butt of the stick and likely penalty worthy.

Hockey Games Glossary C

jargon for the goal cage.
term for puck rebound.
Catching Glove
goalie glove worn on the hand not holding the stick.
Caught up Ice
term for player who is caught in the attacking zone while the challengers are attacking at the opposite end.
refers to the center position of a team's forward line. Duties are to move the puck into the attacking zone, handle face offs and pass to other teammates.
Center Ice Circle or Spot
refers to area at center rink where face offs take place after a goal is scored and to begin a period of hockey play.
Center the Puck
maneuvering the puck from the attack zone to the front of the goal cage.
Center Ice
area known as the neutral zone.
Centering Pass
player action that centers the puck.
Center Line
hockey games glossary reference for the red line.
Change on the Fly
tactic to perform a line change while play action is in progress.
action of body checking by taking a couple of steps beforehand, generally resulting in a minor or major (injury occurs) penalty.
refers to either a body or stick check where the intent is to slow a challenger or take possession of the puck.
Checking Line
hockey games glossary reference for line of defensive players.
Cherry Picking
a player who plays offense and no defense, hoping to get an easy shot on goal.
a player who is out of control and assertive on the ice, particularly aggressive in speech or physicality.
movement to get the puck out of the way of your goalie or defensive zone by deflecting or passing the puck.
Clear the Zone
move to get out of the attacking zone so the play is not called offside when the puck enters.
Coast to Coast
take the puck from one end of the ice to the other and scoring without assistance. A rewarding journey!
refers to the 4 portions of the rink area where sideboards and end boards meet.
defensive strategy to skate close to a challenger who may receive passes.
the area marked by blue ice in front of each goal where the goalie plays.
Cross Bar
term for 6 ft horizontal bar along the top of the goal posts.
striking an opponent with the stick using both hands—definitely penalty worth.

Hockey Players Terms D

an expert stick handler that moves through the defense with ease.
Dead Puck
jargon for a puck that has left the rink or caught by a player.
Defenseman or Defensive Line
usually 2 on the ice for each team, stationed close to their goalie and whose main duty is to prevent the opposition from scoring.
Defensive Zone
the zone marked by the blue line on either end of the ice.
puck movement where it changes direction upon hitting a player or object.
Deke or Decoy
player movement designed to trick a challenger, a fake motion using the puck or body. Gotcha!
Delayed Offside
game official who delays blowing the whistle because a defender has obtained control of the puck near the blue line. Should the player lose that possession, the offside is called.
Delayed Penalty
game official who delays blowing the whistle because the penalized team has 2 players in the box, therefore, the delay will be called when 1 of those players is back on the ice. Also occurs when a non-penalized player has possession of the puck in a possible scoring position, thus is called when the penalized team regains possession.
Delay of Game
several events can occur that will incur a penalty. Examples are deliberately freezing the puck, moving the goal posts out of position, subbing delays or shooting the puck out of the playing area.
a player who fakes or embellishes contact or a player's actions in order to get a penalty called on their opponent.
Double Minor
refers to a 4-minute penalty when an injury occurs or two violations occur for the same play action.
Drop Pass
hockey players terms for a pass left directly behind for a teammate to advance play.
Drop the Gloves
fighting between players in course of a game.

Hockey Players Terms E

hitting an opponent using the elbow—penalty worth.
Empty Net
term for a goalie-less net, usually a strategic play to sub another player for the goalie.
Empty Net Goal
possible result of an empty net.
send out the enforcer when an opposing player is practicing over-the-top roughness.
Extra Attacker
the act of putting an extra player on the ice, achieved by pulling the goalie.
Extra Skater
is employed to either replace the goalie or offer support during a delayed penalty.

Hockey Players Terms F

Face Mask
protective equipment used by the goalie. Mandatory for this contact sport.
how play begins, two players in the center of the ice meet and the puck is dropped. The players then proceed to try to knock the puck to a teammate.
Face-off Circles
30 ft. in diameter, located at center rink and two at each end of the rink for a total of five.
Face Wash
jargon for when a player is rubbed across the face with the opponent's glove.
Falling on the Puck
player, other than the goalie who intentionally falls, traps or handles the puck—penalty worthy.
a shot where the player misses the puck with his stick and hits nothing but air.
refers to feeding a teammate with a pass.
a confrontation during the game in which fists are used=a fight.
Five Hole
jargon for the opening between a goalie's leg pads.
Five on Three
a situation where one team has two players with penalties who are currently in the penalty box.
Five on Five
hockey players terms for both teams at full strength.
Flat Pass
term for a sliding pass.
Flip Pass
movement of a wrist snap by a player that lifts the puck off the ice.
Flip Shot
same as above, however, the goal is the target.
term for checking challengers in their defensive zone in order to gain possession of the puck.
shot/pass attempted from the stick hand part of the body.
player who is part of the forward line that also includes right and left wing players.
penalty worthy.
Freeze the Puck
stoppage of play by holding the puck against the boards or the back of the net with player's skate or stick.
Full Strength
highest level of play with 6 six players on the ice.

Hockey Players Terms G

consists of 3-20 minute periods.
Game Misconduct
penalty that generally results in a rejection for the balance of game time, however offending team does not play short-handed.
Game Timekeeper
game official who monitors and calls any portion of the game that involves measuring time.
another term for penalty box.
Garbage Goal
a goal scored 1) when the goal player is caught out of position or 2) a goal scored that doesn't matter, typically against the opponents lesser players when the game is out of hand.
Get the Jump
jargon for rapid skate movement ahead of the challengers. A speed skater in action!
passing in this sequence, player 1 passes to player 2; at which time player 1 moves forward to receive rapid return pass.
protective material located on top of the boards for the benefit of both fans and players.
Glove Hand
hockey players terms for equipment used by goalie.
Glove Save
refers to a save using this equipment.
the act of putting the puck entirely in the net. Team that scores the most goals wins.
Goal Cage
measuring 6 X 4 ft to include a net, crossbar and 2 goal posts stationed on the goal line.
Goal Crease
located in front of the net and the regulations prohibit other players from interfering with the goal tending.
Goal Judge
game official who monitors and calls a valid goal when the entire puck has crossed and landed between the goal posts. Goal is signaled by a red light.
Goal Line
term for red line marking between the goal posts.
Goals Against
refers to number of goals that got past the goalie and/or team.
duties are to stop the puck and be sufficiently protected to avoid injury. While penalties are assessed, that are designed to shield the goalie, should he/she receive a penalty, another team player will serve the time.
hockey players terms for a rough and tough player.
Gordie Howe Hat Trick
scoring a goal, getting an assist and getting into a fight, normally all in the same period or during the course of a single game qualifies.Tip of the hat to this player!
Green Light
signal that a playing period is over.
Gross Misconduct
most definitely penalty worthy to the tune of ejection for the balance of the game plus an automatic fine for players and/or other team members.

Hockey Game Terms H

Hand Pass
player passing the puck with their hand. This is only legal inside a team's defensive zone.
Hash Marks
lines on face off circles.
Hat Trick
huge triumph in hockey—3 or more goals in the same game.
Head Man
term for moving the puck forward to a teammate.
High Stick
occurs when one player hits another in the head or shoulders with his stick.
Hip Check
another term for body check.
act of holding either an opposing player or his/her stick—penalty worthy.
Home Team
sporting the lighter jerseys, this team is playing in their venue.
Hook Check
motion to trap by placing the stick in front of the puck near your opponent.
penalty worth when using your stick against an opposing player.
a very hard and fast slap shot. A Sizzler!
the losing team that was required to hose down the ice in order to resurface it, prior to the invention and use of the Zamboni.

Hockey Game Terms I - K

Ice Time
time measurement for amount of ice play by an individual player.
the puck crossing two lines without being touched by an opponent.
occurs when a player checks a challenger who does not have the puck unless after this same challenger has taken a shot. Penalty worthy.
15 minute break between periods.
J shot
shot made with the stick going in the motion of the letter J.
Kick Save
using his skate or leg, the goalie has stopped or saved the puck from scoring.
Kill a Penalty
refers to knee action of hitting an opponent during a power play—penalty worthy.

Hockey Game Terms L

for a very hard shot. A Rocket to be sure!
Lead Pass
term for pass forward to skating teammate.
Left Wing
a forward who works the left area of the ice and is likely a left-handed shooter.
Light the Lamp
another term for the scoring of a goal.
group of forwards that play well together as a mini-team.
Line Brawl
hockey game terms for an all out brawl usually involving all players on the ice (both lines).
Line Change
putting in a fresh line-up who is ready to go.
game officials who monitor and call offside fouls, icing, do face offs and advise the referee, however their duties do not include calling penalties.
Loose Puck
go get it because no one else has it.

Hockey Game Terms M - N

Major Penalty
penalty worthy for 5 long minutes and the player remains in the box even if the opposing team scores. Assigned for serious stuff such as fighting and spearing.
Man Advantage
one more player on the ice than the other team.
is a hockey game providing exciting action for players and fans.
Match Penalty
a plus penalty worthy infraction that includes game suspension and a substitute player must serve the entire time of 5 minutes in the penalty box even if the opposing team scores.
Minor Penalty
offending player stays in the box for 2 minutes unless the other team scores before then.
Minutes Played
player's ice time used to determine the goals against average and similar stats.
Misconduct Penalty
another long penalty worthy infraction—10 minutes for fighting or badmouthing an official, however, the team does not play short-handed.
Natural Hat Trick
scoring three goals in a row, in a single game without another player from either team scoring a goal. A feat to be admired.
National Hockey League
hockey game terms for the goalie.
Neutral Zone
term for region between the blue lines.

Hockey Game Terms O

Odd Man Rush
when the offensive team enters into their offensive zone thus outnumbering the players on defense.
Offensive Zone
also known as the attacking zone.
Official Scorer
game official who monitors and records the stats in relation to goals scored, subs and assists.
is when a player on the attacking team enters the attacking zone before the puck enters the zone, whether it is carried by a teammate or by an attacking player. If an attacking player is trying to shoot the puck into the attacking zone and it deflects off a defending player, an offside violation may be called. When there is an offside, the linesman calls the play stopped and there is a face off in the neutral zone closest to where the offside occurred.
Off Wing
this player is on the other side from what he/she usually plays—a left wing playing right area of the ice and vice-versa.
they are everywhere on and off the ice, up to as many as 8 in the position of referee, linesmen, game and penalty timekeepers and goal judges.
One Man Back
hockey game terms that refers to the vulnerable scenario of only one defenseman between the goaltender and the attackers.
puck that is rapidly fired as soon as it is received, no stopping here.
Open Ice
wide-open area where there are no challengers around.
a tie game is handled two ways in the NHL. Overtime is 5 minutes to sudden death during regular season and during playoffs=20-minute overtime period(s) are played until a goal is scored.

Hockey Game Terms P

Pad Save
the goalie using a leg pad to stop the puck.
hockey game terms for the wide part of the goalie stick.
from behind the net, the puck is targeted to a teammate in front of the net.
this is your punishment for being penalty worth.
Penalty Boxes
one for each team—keep 'em separated; this is where players serve their time.
Penalty Killer
skillful players in the art of checking and puck handling whose duties are to prevent a score by the other team during a power play.
Penalty Minutes
amount of time by a player or team spent 'in the box'.
Penalty Shot or Shootout
occurs after a tie-game or specific violations. Player(s) go up against the lone opposing goalie in turn to score.
Penalty Timekeeper
game official who monitors and records penalties.
term for 20 minutes of play X 3 for a regular game.
jargon for goal post.
someone who has the uncanny ability to create chances to score, usually ending with he/she garnering many assists.
Playoff Beard
growing a beard for as long as the playoffs last. One of the many superstitions in sports.
three references here
a) player credit for goal or assist. b) teams receive 2 points for a game win and 1 for a tie or loss after overtime. c) inside the challenger's blue line where you will find a defenseman when his team has possession of the puck in the zone.
Poke Check
ouch! you just jabbed me with your stick.
hockey game terms for the enforcer of the team.
Power Forward
a forward who is large, tough and skilled.
Power Play
advantageous position for the team who has an extra player on the ice while the other team is on penalty.
Power Play Goal
team used for goal scored during the power play time period.
that black rubber disc that all the players want to possess—all 1X3 inches of it.
Puck Bunny
a hockey fan who is female, who likes the players rather than the game.
the player who has that little black disc.
Pull the Goalie
get him outta there for a powerful forward, usually at the end of the game where there is only a 1-goal difference in score.
a player who is unskilled and does little more than take up space on the ice.

Hockey Terms Defined R

Rag the Puck
jargon for playing around with the puck to keep it away from the opposition or run out the game clock.
a shot on goal that bounces off the goalie or the crossbar in front of the net.
Red Light
He or She scores! as the goal judge turns on the light.
Red Line
marked line mid-ice between the goal lines. See centerline.
the big cheese of game officials who calls the majority of penalties.
Restraining Circle
refers to face off circle.
Rockered Blades
specialized equipment with rounded toe and heel to make for a quicker turn.
Right Wing
this forward works the right area of the ice and is likely a right-handed shooter.
there is a lot of room to play—200 X 85 feet.
meet your team players.
if a player doesn't get into a fight, his/her penalty worthy is usually minor.
that puck is moving real fast into the attacking zone by 1 or more players.

Hockey Terms Defined S

Saucer Pass
a pass that gets up in the air, prior to reaching its destination.
goalie has stopped a potential score.
dust-up amongst players who all want that puck.
player stationed between the goal and a teammate who is in control of the puck.
Screen Shot
taking a shot at the opposing goalie that has diminished vision and readiness due to blocking player(s).
player who is covering an opponent—where you go, I go.
the straight part of the stick held in the hands adjoined to the blade.
Shooting Angle
refers to the player's position at the time of the shot.
occurs during a power play when one team has an extra player on the ice.
Short-handed Goal
the extra player paid off resulting in a goal scored.
Short Side
the goalie is closing the gap on the side of the goal cage creating a smaller area to make a shot.
Shot on Goal
the act of propelling the puck toward the goal. It is deemed a shot on goal if it would go into the net without being stopped by the goaltender.
Shoulder Deke
faked ya with that move using the shoulder.
Shutdown Player
a player that is a defensive specialist.
match where one team scores nada, zilch, nothing.
boards along the side of the rink between the goal lines.
Sin Bin
hockey terms defined for the penalty box.
Slap Shot
a whizzer where the player raises the stick full back and uses full strength on the shot.
penalty worthy up to a major if injury occurs and even when the target is missed. Term refers to swinging the stick at a challenger when it is below the shoulders.
player who sneaks into the center or neutral zone behind the defensemen. Also known as a floater or a hanger.
ideal area to score a goal as it is in front of the goal and a favored position of a center.
Slow Whistle
not yet--official decides to wait on the whistle blow because of a delayed offside or penalty call.
Smother the Puck
ok for the goalie, but penalty worthy for a player who hogs the puck with his body or hands.
Snap Pass
shot movement using a snap of the wrists.
that jab at another's players body with a stick blade is penalty worthy from a minor to a game penalty if injury occurs.
player rush without assistance.
Split the Defense
skillful move between two defenders.
Stay at Home Defenseman
a defenseman who plays very little offense and is on the ice specifically as a defenseman.
required equipment and partner to the puck in this game. A hockey stick is no more than 63 inches long total and blade is between 2-3 inches while a goalie stick blade is usually 3-4 inches wide and can be as long as 15.5 inches.
Stick Check
the act of hitting an opponent's stick with your own.
Stick Deke
faking a shot, but actually getting past the defender.
doing 2 things at once skillfully—moving down the ice with the puck.
Stick Save
goalie has stopped a potential score with his/her stick.
Stick Side
goalie's stick-holding side that is the opposite of glove side.
hockey terms defined for the equivalent of saves.
incoming-outgoing exchange of teammates while play continues.
Sudden-death Overtime
game over when one team scores.
Sweep Check
act of getting the puck from a challenger by placing the shaft and blade flat on the ice.

Hockey Terms Defined T

Take the Body
jargon for body checking an opponent.
Third Man In
player who jumps in between two other players with the consequences of a game misconduct penalty.
scenario where 3 attackers rush one defenseman.
this time, it is 3 attackers rushing two defenseman.
Time Out
each team gets 30 seconds and 1 time out/game to develop strategy.
Too Many Players on the Ice
count those players because 1 or 2 should not be there, followed shortly by the official's whistle.
right behind you waiting for that drop or backward pass.
strategy to curtail the opposing defense by trapping, then re-taking the puck.
jargon for strategy of using a triangle formation when the team is without 2 players serving penalties.
penalty worthy because the stick was used to trip an opponent.
Two-line Pass
shot moving across at least 2 lines without play, resulting in a face off.
Two-man Advantage
ultimate opportunity for a team that has 2 more players than the other team.
hockey terms defined for 2 attackers versus 1 defenseman.
term for 2 attackers versus 2 defenders.

Hockey Terms Defined U - Z

Under-led Pass
this is a tough pass to receive when the puck is behind or at one side.
Up Ice
moving on up to the attacking zone.
Waffle Pad
required goalie equipment worn on the stick hand.
refers to either the goal not being allowed or an offside/icing foul is not called.
Wing, Winger or Wingman
players on either side of the center that form the forward line.
Wrist Shot
a shot with a short windup relying on arm strength to propel it.
one of those truly memorable hockey terms defined=an ice-cleaning machine.
three zones on an ice rink, the offensive, defensive and neutral zones separated by the blue lines.