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Hockey learning games:
Ice Hockey has been played since about 1900, with origins dating back to Europe and the field versions of the game. 
Modern day ice hockey is likely a combination of an Irish or Scottish folk game, combined with a Mi’kmaq game as well.
Ice Hockey is a game played on a frozen pond outdoors or an indoor ice pad. 
The players wear skates and use sticks to try to knock the puck into the opponents' goal.  Five players take to the ice for each team as well as one goalie.
As hockey is closely monitored for penalty infractions, the term penalty worthy will be found often in this glossary.

Hockey Games Glossary: A

  • Assist: term for pass with the intention of scoring a goal. 1-2 teammates may receive credit for an assist if a goal is scored.
  • Attack Zone: the opponents side of the ice, determined by the blue line.
Hockey Games Glossary: B
  • Back Check: occurs when opposing player is checked while moving to the defensive zone.
  • Backhand: term for pass made from the body side that is not the stick hand.
  • Backhand Shot:   a shot in which the backside of the blade is used.
  • Back Line: term for total number of defensemen for a team.
  • Backstop: otherwise known as  the goalie.
  • Bar Down: a goal that is scored by hitting the cross bar of the goal, prior to going into the net.
  • Beat the Defense: player who moves past the other team's defensemen.
  • Beat the Goalie: player who scores a goal against the opposing team by skillful play.
  • Behind the Net: refers to the area behind the goal cage.
  • Bench Minor Penalty: 2 minutes to the player in a team's bench area and not a player on the ice.
  • Bender: hockey games glossary term for a terrible skater.
  • Biscuit:  lingo for a hockey puck.
  • Biscuit in the Basket:  nickname for scoring a goal.  Refers to the puck looking like a biscuit and the goal with mesh looking like a basket.
  • Blade: refers to the end or flat portion of the stick that comes into contact with  the puck.
  • Blind Pass: act of shooting a quick pass while not eyeing the intended target. Or a shot in the dark!
  • Blocker or Blocking Glove: goalie's glove and attached padding worn on the stick hand.
  • Blue Lines: two markings, located 60 feet from each goal, thereby dividing the ice into 3 zones: attacking, defensive and neutral.
  • Blue Liner: jargon for either team's defensemen.
  • Boarding: the act of checking a player into the boards from behind.
  • Board Checking: an aggressive motion to move an opposing player against the boards. Methods used are elbowing, tripping or body check, at which time a minor or major penalty (in the case of injury) may be assessed.
  • Boards: a fiberglass or wood wall that borders the rink area.
  • Body Check or Hip Check: hockey games glossary term for  the act of knocking an opponent into the board or onto the ice with physical force.
  • Box: refers to either the penalty box or a strategic defensive play where 4 teammates form a square when short-handed.
  • Breakaway: a player who has the puck behind the defense, trying to score and only has the goalie to beat.
  • Breezers:  pants worn in hockey.
  • Bucket: jargon for a hockey helmet.
  • Butt: top area of a hockey stick.
  • Butt ending: action of poking using the butt of the stick and likely penalty worthy.
Hockey Games Glossary: Chockey glossary
  • Cage: jargon for the goal cage.
  • Carom: term for puck rebound.
  • Catching Glove: goalie glove worn on the hand not holding the stick.
  • Caught up Ice: term for player who is caught in the attacking zone while the challengers are attacking at the opposite end.
  • Center: refers to the center position of a team's forward line. Duties are to move the puck into the attacking zone, handle face offs and pass to other teammates.
  • Center Ice Circle or Spot: refers to area at center rink where face offs take place after a goal is scored and to begin a period of hockey play.
  • Center the Puck: maneuvering the puck from the attack zone to the front of the goal cage.
  • Center Ice: area known as the neutral zone.
  • Centering Pass: player action that centers the puck.
  • Center Line: hockey games glossary reference for the red line.
  • Change on the Fly: tactic to perform a line change while play action is in progress.
  • Charging: action of body checking by taking a couple of steps beforehand, generally resulting in a minor or major (injury occurs) penalty.
  • Check: refers to either a body or stick check where the intent is to slow a challenger or take possession of the puck.
  • Checking Line: hockey games glossary reference for line of defensive players.
  • Cherry Picking: a player who plays offense and no defense, hoping to get an easy shot on goal.
  • Chippy: a player who is out of control and assertive on the ice, particularly aggressive in speech or physicality.
  • Clear: movement to get the puck out of the way of your goalie or defensive zone by deflecting or passing the puck.
  • Clear the Zone: move to get out of the attacking zone so the play is not called offside when the puck enters.
  • Coast to Coast:  take the puck from one end of the ice to the other and scoring without assistance. A rewarding journey!
  • Corner: refers to the 4 portions of the rink area where sideboards and end boards meet.
  • Cover: defensive strategy to skate close to a challenger who may receive passes.
  • Crease: the area marked by blue ice in front of each goal where the goalie plays.
  • Cross Bar: term for 6 ft horizontal bar along the top of the goal posts.
  • Crosschecking: striking an opponent with the stick using both hands—definitely penalty worth.
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Teemu Selanne holds the record for the most points scored during the men’s Olympic ice hockey tourney  with 37 points.