Video Game Trivia

VideoGame Facts Trivia history begins over 40 years ago, since the likes of Galaxy Game & Pong, and covers the Video Game World since.

Video Game Trivia
General Video Game Facts

Video Games have come a long way, and are now one of the leading entertainment industries in the world.

  1. Video game industry revenue in 2010 was over $25 billion in the US. While worldwide, revenue was over $60 billion, and is on the rise again.
  2. The best selling individual videogame for a console is Wii Sports, coming in at nearly 80 million copies.
  3. The best selling video game franchise of all time is Mario, selling more than 446 million copies since his debut on July 9, 1981.
  4. In 2015, the first six games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame were Pong, Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., DOOM and World of Warcraft.
  5. Known as Cybersports, professional video game players gather sponsors and play for money. Skilled players can make over $100,000 a year. This is more common in countries outside of the US.
  6. The E.T. video game for Atari is heralded as the worst video game of all time and is blamed for the major video game crash of the 80's. Bafflingly, it sold 500,000 more copies than Space Invaders, the most famous and critically acclaimed game of the time. Hundreds of thousands of copies of E.T. were buried in a trash hole in New Mexico.
  7. Statistically speaking, the most popular game of all time is Angry Birds, with over 700 million downloads both free and purchased.
  8. Even though South Korea is only the fourth largest videogame market in the world, it is considered Video Games' Crazed Capital by Business Week. This is because of the percentage of market penetration, and the level of obsession by some gamers.

Online Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Most video games have at least some form of online connectivity, even if it is just a leader board. Despite popular belief, 64% of online gamers around the world are women. Online gaming is 75% of the entire industry.
  2. The longest online game session ever recorded was 50 hours, achieved by six Dutch gamers. The game was Red Dead Redemption for PS3. Each player got 1,000 Euros as well as a Guinness World Record.
  3. In the 2010 fiscal year, Microsoft made over $1 billion from Xbox Live subscriptions alone. Even though gamers can use Playstation Network for free, Xbox Live remains the most popular console network.

Simulation (SIM) games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Simulation games technically have the most subgenres, because so many games are categorized as simulation, including some sports and casino games.
  2. Simulation videogames are often played by non-gamers, because they do not necessarily require intense reflexes or high amounts of skill.
  3. Several musical artists have re-recorded hit songs for the EA series The Sims in the game world's primary language - Simlish. Artists include Katy Perry, The Pussycat Dolls, John Mayer and many more.

Action-Adventure Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Action-Adventure games have several subgenres, including shooters, platformers, puzzlers and more. Sometimes they are combined into one game.
  2. Whether linear or nonlinear, most adventure games involve some level of exploration. Many of these games also have complex plots and stories.
  3. Studies show that players of action videogames have better hand-eye coordination, resistance to distraction, and overall focus.

First Person Shooter Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. There are generally two types of FPS games; twitch and tactical. Twitch shooters rely on fast reactions and the ability to function in hectic game environments. Tactical games require methodical planning, precision and teamwork. Some games, such as entries in the Call of Duty series, have successfully integrated both play formats.
  2. Statistics show that, on average, less than 20% of gamers who play modern FPS games ever complete the single player campaign.
  3. A multiplayer shooting game produced by the US Army, called America's Army, actually saved some lives. Paxton Galvanek of North Carolina saw an SUV flip over, and saved the lives of the victims inside by utilizing the first-aid skills he obtained by playing the game

Fighting Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Most fighting games are played on a 2D plane, even if it is rendered in 3D. Games played on a 3D plane are often much more complex, and require a higher degree of skill to master.
  2. Some fighting videogames can be played successfully by button mashing, meaning to press random buttons and hope for the best, but some games are designed so that if the player button mashes, it will punish them by making their character perform terribly and lose.
  3. Street Fighter II is considered the turning point for fighting games, and most are compared to it today. It remains one of the most popular fighting franchises worldwide.

War Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. A helicopter manufacturing company, Textron, attempted to sue EA because of the real life helicopters depicted in Battlefield 3. It was not the first time a lawsuit was filed because of vehicles in EA's games. EA won on the count of the First Amendment as video games were ruled to have the same right to free speech as other forms of entertainment.
  2. Many videogames, such as Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, were produced with the assistance of actual military personnel, some of whom had been to the location related to the game. This research creates videogames that are more realistic and provide an increased level of emotional impact.
  3. War games are more or less a subgenre; not all of them are shooters. Strategy games like Empire Earth are also based on war, but include the factors of economy and city management.

Sport Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Sports is the most popular video game genre, just barely outselling action-adventure.
  2. Sports games decrease in value faster than any other genre due to the frequency of new releases, but every release, ahem, sports improvements over the previous.

Racing Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Atari's Space Race was the very first racing game, made in 1973.
  2. Most of the original racing games were in black and white.
  3. The first time vibration feedback was ever used was in a 1976 racing game, originally called Moto-Cross. Sega later re-branded the game and called it Fonz, to create a Happy Days tie-in.

Educational Games
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. There is a multitude of websites online specifically for kids. Most of the designers make these games with both fun and education in mind.
  2. There are educational videogame sites in nearly every language, from every country. They are not all just for kids, either. Some companies make games that help educate adults as well as children.
  3. Disney appears to have the largest selection of online games for kids, almost all of which have some value of developing brainpower in children.

Puzzle & Board Videogames
Video Game Facts Trivia

  1. Nearly every Microsoft computer comes with a selection of board and puzzle type games installed, most of which can be played with other players over the internet. These include chess, checkers, and backgammon.
  2. Puzzle and board games are the most common type of free video game with several variations available online or for download on the PC. There are even several available on mobile app stores.
  3. One of the most interesting board video games is Battle Chess. All of the pieces come to life and do battle with each other when they land on another occupied space. Some of the deaths are rather comical.

Poker Game Software
Video Game Facts Trivia

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