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Gamerisms is the defining games glossary quiz and facts-trivia site for game players worldwide.
This site is dedicated to presenting the unique language of sports, casino, skill and video games in an exclusive format created for passionate players and fans.

What's The Word?

Passionate players or gamerists have a special language of their own. Throughout the site, we define these words and put them into perspective for you.

This special language of games include terms, lingo, jargon, definitions, slang, phrases and expressions that are shared within several games glossary units for the 4 game categories of sports, casino, skill and video games. All this information, 5000+ terms or phrases, 25 quiz units, 25 facts & trivia reports, Online Game Guides and top online casinos for winning real money is presented in an entertaining format that will surely keep you coming back for more.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the ultimate online resource for learning more about the intriguing world of games. Instead of presenting this information in the traditional, dull style that is a trademark of so many glossaries, ours is an exclusive format using a wide variety of compelling components to present the gaming universe in bold, vivid colors.
Enhanced content features such as games quiz series, facts trivia reports and 12 online gaming guides encourages participation and feedback to make this site the go-to resource for passionate game players and fans worldwide.

Getting To Know Gamerisms

Our philosophy revolves around two basic concepts: DIQ and DIGS.


DIQ or Define It Quickly epitomizes our dedication to presenting you with the facts  you need in quick, simple bytes.


DIGS or Define it Gamerisms style places an emphasis on our exclusive format created for passionate players and fans.

The  games glossary units are organized alpha-style in one of those 4 categories.

  • Sports=11: Intro, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Football, Tennis, Cricket and Rugby.
  • Casino=9: Intro, Blackjack, Poker=5 parts, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Bingo and Sportsbetting
  • Skill Games=11: Intro, Chess + Checkers=6 parts, Backgammon, Rummy, Billiards, Darts, Puzzle Games, Word Games, Tile Games, Dice Games plus Poker Card Games: 12 Other Versions.
  • Video Games=3: Intro-Glossary 1 & 2 and Video Game Genres + Reviews=10

Each games glossary is compact and arranged in at least 2 parts or pages per game, so you don't have to dance around 26 pages to view the entire glossary.

Also, the games glossary units are color-coded for your convenience.
Sport Games Grit     Casino Gold    Video Games Silver    Skill Games Bronze

The Structure of Gamerisms

The site is designed for all game players, from those who want to learn new games or semi-experienced gamers who want a refresher course to veteran players who will say, "I did not know that".

Every facet of it is geared toward making the language of sports and games more accessible and easy to understand. Consider these key points:

Info At-A-Glance: Each games glossary begins with a brief introduction followed by the basic rules for each game. A learning games section explains how the game is played; historical tidbits and strategy tips are also included. Within minutes, you will gain a well-rounded understanding of any given game.

More Than an Alpha Listing: An astonishing amount of key details can be found within any given games glossary. The standard terms, lingo and jargon of the pertinent game are defined along with the witty banter that is par for the course when talking about the language of games.
We share the passion of the game using gamerists speak equal to that of diverse groups like poker players, chess gamers, video gamerz plus sports team members and their fans.
Examples range from a home run in baseball to the unique phrase, Baltimore Chop; video game tidbits from console games to RPG; the scoop on darts, from bullseye to Dinky Doo and poker info from bet to snap-off.  Furthermore...

  • Games Quiz Series is a Gamerisms add-on that provides 30 quiz units to challenge, educate and entertain passionate game players.
  • 25 Game Facts Trivia Series is a Gamerisms add-on for sports, casino, skill and video game players who want to know more than the language of the game.
  • Online Game Guides Series details playing options, benefits and features for online play. Examples of game types, tips and strategies described for online casino, sportsbetting, social gaming and video games.12 Guides.
  • g Quick Clicks and  g chat in the right column detail and link info of interest to game players.game guide series
This collection is sure to make you smile, bring back fond memories and remind you of the reasons why you are a passionate game player.

Our Mascot Gaming Gecko, revealing a challenging grin, brightens up the site while displaying game symbols to point you in the right direction.
Our mascot is not partial to any game, but GG is seeking star status among discerning game players.

We are continually working at ways to improve and enhance the site in order to bring you the most compelling glossary experience possible.
Go ahead, pick a game and enjoy the unique language of the games we love to play!

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