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Facts/Trivia: 4 game types
25 reports for sports, casino, skill and video games

Basketball games glossary, terms & learning games section for basketball games & players

Basketball games glossary defines terms, lingo & jargon with learning basketball games section for basketball players and fans at gamerisms sports glossary series

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Headline: Cricket Game Spotlight

Gamerisms brings you the ins and outs of the wonderful game of cricket. Passionate players and fans are treated to a glossary, quiz and facts-trivia. We begin with a two-part glossary of terms, lingo and jargon.
The Facts-Trivia Report includes this bit of info:
Cricket was first belonged to Englishmen and their colonies dominated by them. Therefore, New Zealand and South Africa became the first alternative test playing nations.
Be sure to take the Cricket Quiz where you will find this question:
When playing Cricket, what is a Drifter/Floater?
A. Term for a substitute fielder who can take any position on the field.
B. Term for a slowly bowled ball that seems to drift across the pitch.
C. Jargon for a bowled delivery curving away from a right-hander and does not turn.

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At Gamerisms, our billiards tool provides you with a glossary, quiz and facts-trivia report.
We describe the games of 8 and 9 Ball, Snooker and Carom with a detailed glossary in two parts.
Billiards jargon includes:Burst, Clean Bank, Blood Test, Hickey and Frozen.
The Billiards Facts-Trivia reports the history of the game, billiards equipment plus championships as well as famous players.
Click on this link for more about the game Billiards Quiz with 10 Q&A to take you best shot.
For example: What is meant when billiards players use the term, Crutch?

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What's that Word?

Get the answer to What's that word in Gamerisms' two-part games glossary.
Part 1 focuses on classic and pencil word game tpes
Part 2 looks at other word games plus a glossary of 5 popular word games globally.
For example, Boggle: Parker Brother’s has trademarked the game of Boggle that challenges players to create words after analyzing a series of lettered blocks.
Also, Chicktionary is a Microsoft game involving the use of anagrams.
Play On!

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Chess Quiz - what's your Chess IQ?

Test your your Chess IQ with Gamerism's quiz of 10 Q&A.
Example: What is a Passed Pawn?
A. Pawn has passed all opposing pawns on the chessboard.
B. A pawn lacking a pawn of the same color on an adjacent file.
C. When a pawn has advanced to the opposite edge or square of the chessboard, and can then be exchanged for any other piece except a king.
Jump over to the three-part chess + checkers glossary and rules with tourney playing tips.
Also, find 2 Strategy articles: Chess Attack and Chess Game Balance
Wrap it up with Checkers info that details game terms, rules, jumping and capturing. Then followed by tips about tournament play online for all skill games.
It's your Move, Mate!

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Your Guide to Online Blackjack & Video Poker

Gamerisms presents a comprehensive guide to Online Blackjack and Video Poker.
This guide includes playing options, tips and strategy for 2 casino games.
There are around 100 different versions for each game of blackjack and video poker online.
Examples for Blackjack include: Spanish 21, BJ Switch, Double Exposure BJ andBlackjack FaceUp 21.
Examples for Video Poker include: All American Video Poker, Deuces and Joker VP,Double Joker VP, Jacks or Better, Pick 'Em Poker, Sevens Wild, Tens or Better and SupaJax Poker.
For something different, visit the Video Game Online Play Guide that tackles the phenomenon of online video gaming for passionate gamers.
The guide includes an introduction, general online info, playing choices, types of games plus tips and strategy.

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What's in a game of Rugby? A Comprehensive Glossary

Gamerisms presents a Three-part glossary and learning section for passionate players and fans of rugby. Here's what you'll get:
a detailed listing of Union and League player position numbers and names
Rugby Facts-Explore the unique features, records and history of the sport plus trivia.
For example, did you know a try is so called because in the early days of the sport, getting the ball over the line did not win points, it only gave the team who made one the chance to try a kick on goal?
Also, there is the Rugby Games Quiz to include 10 questions and answers to challenge players and fans of the sport.
Example: When playing Rugby, what is a Pop Kick?

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All you need to know about Mobile Gaming

Gamerisms brings all you need to know about mobile gaming with our Mobile Gaming Guide that describes the games, features, stats and options of touch and play excitement.
Mobile games selection includes slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, progressive slots, 3-card poker, baccarat, keno, scratch cards plus other classic arcade-style games.
Also, check out the Online Sports Betting Guide that includes features and benefits followed by tips and strategies to become a winning handicapper.
Also, learn the differences between traditional and online Sportsbooks.

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Your Guide to Sportsbetting

Get your player Sportsbetting Guide from Gamerisms.
We provide you with a three-part glossary detailing terms and lingo along with handicap betting types and sport betting terms for specific games.
You can also explore Sportsbetting Facts and Trivia about the global interest for sportsbetting.
Check out SportsBetting Quiz challenge with 10 Q&A like this one:In Sportsbetting, what is a Bridge-Jumper?
A. A bettor who tries to combine one game with another.
B. A bettor who only makes wagers on card games.
C. A specialized handicapper for large show bets on favorites.

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Let's Talk About Slots

gamerisms offers lots of slots talk by presenting a 3-part glossary, some facts-trivia and a quiz.
Slots are defined with terms, lingo and jargon to include Buy Your Pay, Hit Frequency, Nudge Slot, Pokies, Fruit Machines and Mini Games.
With over 10 articles, the subjects of Progressive Slots, Wheel of Fortune Winners, New slots for 2014-2018 are reviewed, Penny vs. Dollar Slots with trivia and a quiz mixed in.
Guides for Online Slots and Online Progressives will report about the game creators, types of slots available and online slots strategies.
Read on about the Slots Playgound

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The 3 components you need for successful online advertising are:
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At gamerisms, we offer all of this.
Since 2007, gamerisms has offered specialized, exclusive advertising opportunities, not found elsewhere on the internet.
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T is for Tennis

gamerisms presents Talk, Terms and Trivia: the 3 T's of Tennis.
For Tennis Talk, there is a 3-part glossary with a learning section.
Examples of terms of the game: Deuce Court, Frame, Hopper, Net Cord and Punch Volley.
Take the Tennis Quiz challenge with 10 Q&A. For example: What is a Golden Set during tennis games?
For more, go to Tennis Trivia where you will learn that the first Wimbledon Tennis Competition took place in 1877 for amateurs and men only.
Of the 22 competing players, the championship was won by Spencer Gore.

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For Passionate Bingo Players

gamerisms presents passionate bingo players with Bingo Lingo, a quiz and Online Bingo Guide.
UK bingo lingo details the unique language of the 90-ball bingo version.
Follow this post link to the Intro Bingo Glossary that defines the terms, lingo, jargon of bingo.
Bingo Quiz example from 10 Q&A is:
What is the Money Ball number in bingo terms?
Check out the Online Bingo Report, that describes bingo games and versions matched with images plus a Top 10 Features List for online play like
You can play online bingo games for pennies per card while selecting from a vast array of bingo versions and bingo pattern variations.

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Double Casino Quiz

gamerisms presents Double Casino Quiz with questions and answers about general casino gambling knowledge.
There are 10 Q&A for each quiz referring to terms, lingo used in the casino gambling world.
From the casino terms quiz: What is a Sleeper Bet in casino terms?
The second quiz is the Gambling Terms Quiz, where you can use your knowledge of the game to tackle this question: What does the gambling term Cracking the Nut mean?
A. Casino lingo for a net profit after all gambling expenses deducted.
B. Playing the best 'nut' hand in poker.
C. Hitting a Royal Flush in video poker.

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The Rummy Resource

gamerisms does The Rummy Resource for passionate players.
Start with the Rummy Glossary that offers 6 parts, one of which details several versions of rummy played worldwide.
Examples of games covered: Contract Rummy, 500 Rum or Pinochle, Double Rummy, Knock, Continental, Kalookie and Pan or Panguingue.
View the Rummy Facts Trivia Report and find this example: Many people consider Rummy to be the game from which such popular games as Bridge and Pinochle were derived, making Rummy the Mother of almost all modern card games.
Lastly, there is the Rummy Quiz.
What does the rummy term Floating mean? is an example of 1 of the 10 questions.
Play On!

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Language of Poker

The language of Poker is in the cards at gamerisms.
There are 5 parts to the poker section to include a separate glossary for Holdem, Omaha and Stud Poker.
The 10 Worst Texas Holdem Starting Hands and 10 Best Hands completes this page.
This report refers to the first two hole cards dealt to poker players.
Based on the strength of these 2 cards, the decision to bet and/or stay in the game will be made.
Poker Facts Trivia provides plenty of info about poker versions and Winners.
Example: The game of poker offers many versions and multiplayer games to include Razz, Caribbean Stud, 5 Card Stud, SitNGo, Red Dog. H.O.R.S.E. and Let It Ride.

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Puzzle Games Variety

gamerisms presents puzzle games variety with both classic + video games.
The puzzle video game genre includes games such as Bejeweled 3 to Nightsky, World of Goo, Peggle, Osmos, Toki Tory, Puzzle Dimension, Bookworm Adventures, Puzzle Quest or Armadillo Run.
This overall genre is about videogames that challenge the mind far more than they challenge the reflexes.
Also find classic or paper puzzle games at: Puzzle Games Glossary, your guide to details about Sudoku, Rubiks Cube, Crosswords, Deal or No Deal, Twist Me Silly, Chuggles and Jungle Bubble Skill Games.

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Defining Tile & Dice Games

gamerisms defines 3 Tile Games of Mahjong, Dominoes and Paigow followed by Dice Games.
Each tile game includes a glossary along with history, rules and strategies.
Some examples of the language of the game are Mahjong: Flower and Chow
Dominoes: Boneyard or Reserve.
Paigow: Points are counted up to nine after which the modulus 10 rule applies with subsequent numbers starting again from 1.
Dice Games lists 10 popular dice games played worldwide.
Poker Dice and Yahtzee are at the top of this skill games list and Craps, likely the most recognized true gambling games complete the list of 10.

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Craps Table Talk

gamerisms talks about the game of craps with a glossary, trivia-facts, strategy and quiz.
Learn the basics before moving on to a 3-part glossary that defines the terms, lingo and strategy.
Examples are Buffalo, Barefoot Bet, End of the Race and Quarters. There is a Betting Summary Chart at Glossary: Part 2 for Multiple Roll Bets and Proposition/Single Roll Bets.
The Craps Quiz with 10 Q&A plus bonus questions will challenge your craps IQ.
Example Question: What do craps players mean with the term Big Red?
Completing this craps section, there is the Craps Facts-Trivia report detailing craps history, winners on a roll and superstitions.
Stay at the table for an amusing article titled: the Language of Craps.

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Baseball Focus

gamerisms sets your focus on baseball with a glossary, facts, trivia and a quiz.
There is a triple hit, the 3-part glossary that defines baseball and includes a learning games section.
Learn the meaning of Passed Ball, Position Player, Slice Foul, Setup Man and Whiff.
Also, there is Baseball Trivia with unique facts, records, players and memories of the game.
Whats your final score after taking the Baseball Quiz with 10 Q&A like this:
In baseball, what does the term, Outside Corner refer to?

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Defining Darts

gamerisms defines the unique and amusing game of darts.
The line-up includes darts facts-trivia, a quiz with 10 Q&A plus a 2-part glossary of this skill game.
Examples of the unique language are Half a Crown, Hockey, Mugs Away, Popcorn and Pie.
Mover over and view the Darts Facts Trivia Report where you will learn thatthe maximum allowable length for a dart is 12 inches, although most are 5-6 inches long.
Try this Dart Quiz with questions like: When darts players use the term Black Eye, what does it mean?

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All Blackjack Resource

All Blackjack Resource at gamerisms includes a glossary, strategy tips, online guide plus a quiz and facts-trivia.
There is a 3-part glossary of terms, lingo and a learning games section plus 2 Strategy articles written by experts.
The Blackjack Quiz consists of 10 Q&A and extra bonus quiz questions, like this: What does the term Back Counter mean?
The Facts-Trivia resource provides info about Famous Players, Games Stats and Odd Trivia.
For example: 1) You are likely to win a blackjack hand 48% of the time.
2) Odds predict that there is a 14% chance of losing 3 consecutive hands.
3) You are likely to get blackjack 1 out of every 21 hands.
Lastly, the Online Blackjack Guide describes 4 unique online versions.

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Poker Online Guide

gamerisms offers a Poker Online Guide that describes several poker versions/variations offered online.
Also, you will find the Top 10 Benefits, playing tips and strategy.
The guide focuses on unique poker versions, some of which can only be found online.
Additionally, the site provides ample poker info about multiplayer games, an extensive glossary, poker software reviews, facts trivia, a poker quiz and online poker tips.
Suggest you visit the Poker Strategy + Holdem Position Report for poker glossary and Holdem Position Strategy.
Play On!

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Game Facts-Trivia: 25 Reports

gamerisms offers 25 games-facts trivia reports for your favorite games. There are 4 categories: casino, sports, skill games and video games.
gamerisms details the facts, mixes in some trivia and makes the worldwide search for game information exciting entertainment for passionate players. Some examples:
Casino Gambling: Worldwide regions listed by high to low casino revenues are: US, Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Canada and Latin America.
4 More Sports includes reporting for Olympics, Boxing, Table Tennis & Badminton. Also find Fantasy Sports facts trivia.
Skill games includes chess and a chess glossary to explore.
In 2015, the first six games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame were Pong, Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., DOOM and World of Warcraft.
Play On!

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Roulette Spotlight

gamerisms spotlights--The Wheel. There is a 3-part roulette glossary, quiz and trivia for passionate players.
The glossary introduction includes a table layout graphic, a listing of all bets-payouts and roulette wheel strategies that are followed by terms in 2 parts.
Roulette Trivia-Facts includes this listing of seven other online roulette versions:
Roulette Professional, Roulette Royale, Roulette with Neighbors, Double Bonus Spin,Card Roulette and Hot Streak.
The Roulette Quiz challenge with 10 questions like: The Single Zero on the European Roulette is positioned where on the roulette wheel?
Later, take a peek at the Roulette Gaming Guide for online play options and you are ready to spin that wheel!

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Online Video Games Guide

This Online Video Games Guide at gamerisms includes an introduction, general online info, playing choices, types of games plus tips and strategy.
Types of Games & Genres examples:
Puzzle Genre: Doodle God, Super Perfect Balance, Cog Factory and The Right Mix.
Shooters Genre: Warframe, War Thunder, Ace Online, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Counter-Strike and Battlefield Heroes.
Strategy Genre: Battle Nations, Battleline Steel Warfare, Dogs of War and Frontline Tactics
Zombie Games: H1Z1, Day Z, Escape Dead Island, Hazard Ops
A detailed genres report describes 10 genres at this site page to include Sport, Action-Adventure and Poker Software Reviews.

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Backgammon Speak

gamerisms speaks the backgammon language with 5 resources for passionate players.
Learn the rules and strategies then move on to a 3-part glossary that defines the game.
Test your IQ with quiz questions and answers about the terms, lingo and jargon of the game like:
What do backgammon players' mean by Crunch?
A. Holding six points in a row so that an opponent is stuck behind it.
B. Player's position whereby a prime must be broken up as the only play.
C. Leaving a blot when hitting an opponent's blot.
Be sure to explore Backgammon Facts Trivia that states among other facts:
While you can still play the game on the original physical board, today you can also play backgammon online, and in casinos in cities such as Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo.

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Language of Volleyball

gamerisms does the language of volleyball offering a glossary, quiz and facts trivia report.
This entertaining resource begins with a 2-part glossary covering the terms, lingo and phrases of the game.
Some examples of the unique language of the game are Bump, Closing the Block, Dink, Facial and Lip.
Volleyball facts-trivia details the history, records and winners of the game including Olympic glory.
Test your Volleyball Speak with the Volleyball Quiz by taking the 10 questions about the language of the game like this one:
What is a Fish or Tuna at volleyball games?
A. Two or more players running into each other going after the ball.
B. Player who is entangled in the volleyball net.
C. The player that frequently uses the net to save the ball.

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Football Speak

gamerisms presents Football Speak to include a terms-glossary, learning game section, quiz and facts-trivia report.
One of the 10 football quiz questions is:
What does the term Nickel Defense refer to in Football?
A. Planning for the game opening coin flip
B. Defensive package using 5 linebackers
C. Defensive package using 5 cornerbacks
There is plenty of football trivia to view, like:
In 1892, William (Pudge) Heffelfinger was paid $500 by the Allegheny Athletic Association to play against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, making him the first person to be paid to play football.

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4 Casino Games Report

4 popular online games and versions are described in this report.
Roulette, slots, baccarat and holdem poker are presented to include rules, strategy and online versions/variations described that are not generally found offline.Examples follow:
Roulette: Multi-Ball Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette and Spingo.
Slots: Koi Princess, Castle Builder, Karaoke Party plus Jack and the Beanstalk,
Poker: A few mixed games that include holdem are: H.O.R.S.E=Holdem, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, 7-card Stud and 7-Card Stud Eight-or-better. Also, H.O.E., H.O.S.E., H.O. and H.A.
Not only can you play Live Baccarat online, but also Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Holdem, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.
Ready for a Challenge? Take one or all of the 30 Quiz Series
We created this add-on especially for those players who seek the action of casino games, sports, skill and video games.
Each games quiz offers 10 questions and answers along with an introduction.

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Focus on Golf with these Resources

gamerisms put the focus on Golf with these resources. Begin with a 4 part glossary plus a learning games section.
There are golf terms, lingo, jargon and phrases like Chili Dip, Dub, Dunk, Free Drop, Frog Hair and Waggle.
Jump to the golf facts trivia report with plenty of history, champion golfers and unique oddities of the game like this example:
The first golf tournament was held on October 17, 1860 at the Prestwick Golf Club in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland.
The tournament consisted of 3 trips across the course’s twelve holes, although 4 of the greens were played twice.
You are now ready to tee up the Golf Quiz that will challenge your Golf IQ with 10 Q&A.

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Your Roulette & Craps Guide

Your Online Roulette + Craps Guide at gamerisms details the playing options, tips and strategy for 2 popular casino games.
Some unique roulette versions available online are Multi-Ball Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette.
Also find craps tips and strategies like:
Always repeat a winning parley bet.
Don’t advance in your betting progression until you win two parlays in a row or win with odds.
If you like to play Roulette online, click over to the Mobile Casino Games Guide, that describes the games, features, game developers, safety, support and options for the touch and play excitement that is mobile gambling online.

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Soccer Spotlight

gamerisms spotlights the game of soccer with a glossary, trivia and soccer quiz to include 10 Q&A to challenge your knowledge of the game.
An example is: What does the term Toe Poke mean?
A. A tactic used by a player using a toe-touch to tackle a challenger.
B. The opening move of a match
C. Action of securing the ball during a face off
Soccer Facts-trivia reports World Cup info plus game stats and players.
Explore the language of the game and learn the terms, lingo and rules of the game at the learning games section.
Examples are: Send Off, Shielding, Thigh Trap, Trailing, Instep Drive, Nutmeg and Wall.

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Other Poker Versions

12 other poker games or versions are detailed in the skill games section at gamerisms.
These card games are either poker variations or skill games.
You will find Poker Stud variations of 5-card, 6-card and 8-card?
Do your recall playing Deuces Wild, Woolworth, Baseball, Spit in the Ocean, Knock Poker or Lowball?
Click this post link to shuffle up a few memories.
More Games? The Social Games Guide unpacks the wide-ranging category of social, skill and/or casual games available online.
This guide lists network sites, types/genres of games plus ways to play whether via browsing gaming sites, mobile devices or apps.

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Trio of Mobile Gaming Guides

gamerisms offers a trio of mobile gaming guides.
First up is a report about the games, features, stats and options of mobile gambling online.
The game selection for mobile gaming includes slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, progressive slots, 3-card poker, baccarat, keno, scratch cards plus other arcade-style games.
Secondly, there is a guide for mobile casino games
This report includes Concept Explained, Game Offers and Software Providers plus Banking and Support.
Lastly, there is the Installing Android Phone
The topics covered are Android Apps, Google Selection and Play for Casino Apps.

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