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Games Quiz Central offers 30 quiz.

Facts/Trivia: 4 game types
25 reports for sports, casino, skill and video games

Video Games Facts-Trivia + Quiz

Video Games facts-trivia report covers the history, growth, revenue plus 10 genres.
For example, most video games have at least some form of online connectivity.
Despite popular belief, 64% of online gamers around the world are women
To expand your knowledge of genres, move over to the genre quiz offering 12 Q&A with questions like:
What hot American football based franchise is purchased by millions every year?

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Spotlight on Game of Cricket

gamerisms spotlights the game of cricket. Explore the glossary, quiz and facts-trivia.
The site offers a two-part glossary of terms, lingo and jargon. The Facts-Trivia Report includes this bit of info:
One of the first great cricketers was WG Grace and he played for Gloucestershire.
Be sure to take the Cricket Quiz where you will find this question:
What does the term Zooter mean in Cricket?

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Slot Games Defined

gamerisms defines slot games to include a 3-part glossary, facts-trivia report and a quiz.
Slots are defined with terms, lingo and jargon to include Multiplier Slots, Reel Stop, Short Win, Community Games and Tilt.
With over 12 articles, the subjects of Progressive Slots, Wheel of Fortune Winners,
New slots for 2014-2020 are reviewed, Penny vs. Dollar Slots with trivia and a quiz mixed in.
Online Slot Games is one of 2 Guides along with an Online Progressives report.
Read on about the Slots Playground.

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Language of Rugby

gamerisms explores the language of rugby with a 3-part glossary and learning section for passionate players and fans.
Here's the line-up: a detailed listing of Union and League player position numbers and names.
Rugby Facts: Explore the unique features, records and history of the sport plus trivia.
For example, Rugby is the dominant sport in such commonwealth countries as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Also, there is the Rugby Games Quiz to include 10 questions and answers to challenge players and fans of the sport.
Example: When playing Rugby, what is a Clearance Kick?

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Talking About Rummy

gamerisms talks about the many variations of Rummy Games.
The Rummy Glossary offers 6 parts, one of which details several versions of rummy played worldwide.
The games covered are: Contract Rummy, 500 Rum or Pinochle, Double Rummy, Knock, Continental, Kalookie and Pan or Panguingue.
View the Rummy Facts Trivia Report and find this example:
It is believed that Rummy may have derived from the Chinese game of Mahjong, played with tiles rather than cards.
Also, there is the Rummy Quiz with this example question:
What does the rummy players' term Deadwood mean?

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Word Games 1 & 2

gamerisms presents Word Games 1 & 2 glossary.
Part 1 highlights classic and pencil word game types. Part 2 details other word games plus a glossary of 5 popular word games globally.
For example, Chicktionary: involves the use of anagrams.
Players are presented with a rack of eggs containing three, four, five, six, and seven letter egg sequences.
Clicking on several chickens allows the player to create words.
The aim of the player is to fill up the egg racks with words by creating words within a specific amount of numbers and points are earned for doing so.

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Whats Your Chess IQ?

Take the Chess Quiz at gamerisms to test your Chess IQ with 10 Q&A.
Example: What does it mean when you are En Prise within a chess game?
A. A piece attacked by another is said to be in danger of being taken.
B. A strategic placement of a minor piece directly in front of an enemy pawn.
C. Two attacks made with one move.
Wrap it up with Checkers info that details game terms, rules, jumping and capturing.
Also, find 2 Strategy articles: Chess Attack and Chess Game Balance

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Mobile Gaming Guide

Mobile Gaming Guide at gamerisms describes the games, features, stats and options of touch and play excitement.
Mobile games selection includes slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, live dealers, 3-card poker, baccarat,
keno, scratch cards plus other classic arcade-style games.
Also, check out the Social Games Guide that details the many categories of social, skill and/or casual games available online.
Find types/genres of games, Virtual Currency, Pay to Play, Bonus Rewards and Promotions.

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Tennis Talk, Terms & Trivia

gamerisms presents Tennis Talk, Terms and Trivia. For Tennis Talk, there is a 3-part glossary with a learning section.
Examples of terms of the game: Carve, Cyclops, Reverse Twist, Shank and Over Wrap.
Take the Tennis Quiz challenge with 10 Q&A. For example: What is a Daisy Cutter according to tennis players?
For more, go to Tennis Trivia: US was recognized in Tennis when Arthur Ashe won the men’s singles
and Virginia Wade won the title for Women’s singles in 1968.

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Sportsbetting Guide

gamerisms offers an informative Sportsbetting Guide.
Includes a 3-part glossary detailing terms and lingo along with handicap betting types and sport betting terms for specific games.
Go ahead and explore Sportsbetting Facts and Trivia about the global interest for this type of betting.
Check out the Quiz challenge with 10 Q&A like this: What does the sportsbetting players' term Chalkeater mean?
OR What does Goliath refer to with sportsbetting?

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Craps Table Talk

Craps Table Talk rolls your way in 3 parts. gamerisms recognizes the special language that defines the exciting game of craps.
Terms and phrases like: Fade, Quarters, Ace-Six and Yo.
Also find a Betting Summary Chart for both Multiple Roll Bets and Single Roll Bets on the link page.
The Craps Quiz is a challenge with questions like: What do craps players mean with the term Big Red?
OR What is the total number of combinations that a pair of dice can be rolled?

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Casino Quiz X 2

There are 2 Casino Quiz at gamerisms.
Find Q & A about general casino gambling knowledge and terms.
From the casino terms quiz: What is a Sleeper Bet in casino terms?
The second quiz is the Gambling Terms Quiz, where you can answer the question: The gambling term 'Tom' means?
A. Regular player at the blackjack tables.
B. A non-tipper, usually avoided and known by casino employees.
C. Casino player who frequents casino games after midnight only.

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Focus on Darts

gamerisms Focus on Darts includes a glossary featuring witty terms and phrases for this popular game.
Examples of these terms and phrases are Dust, Heinz, High Ton and Popcorn.
Test your knowledge of the game at the Darts Quiz.
Example: What does Clickity Click mean when referring to a dart game?
Also at Darts Facts-Trivia area, you will learn that the primary purpose of the flights is to prevent the rear of the dart from overtaking the front of the dart.

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Backgammon on Board

gamerisms is on board with an extensive backgammon glossary dedicated to passionate players.
The introduction is followed by over 200 backgammon game terms to include a layout graphic for new players.
Besides a challenging backgammon quiz, there is a trivia-facts report to view and learn.
For example: Backgammon arrived in the United States in the 1930s where New York’s Wheaton Vaughan developed the current set of backgammon rules.
The game’s popularity soared in the Big Apple and soon spread throughout the country.
Play the game at home or choose backgammon online.

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Football Speak

gamerisms offers Football Speak in 3 parts with words and phrases like: Free Safety, Gunner, Lateral and Nose Guard.
To explore the end game, you can click on the quiz with 10 Q&A.
Or trivia-facts report for outstanding records, Superbowl games, teams & players, feats and football memories.
Examples are: Three pro football players have won the Triple Crown awarded to those who have attained three individual
statistical championships in one year: Sammy Baugh in 1943, Steve Van Buren in 1945 and Bill Dudley in 1946.

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Defining Poker Games

There are 5 parts defining poker at gamerisms to include a separate glossary for Holdem, Omaha and Stud Poker.
The 10 Worst Texas Holdem Starting Hands and 10 Best Hands completes this page.
Poker Facts Trivia provides plenty of info about poker versions and Winners.
Example: The game of poker offers many versions and multiplayer games to include
Razz, Caribbean Stud, 5 Card Stud, SitNGo, Red Dog. H.O.R.S.E. and Let It Ride.

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Roulette & Craps Guide

gamerisms offers an informative Online Roulette & Craps Guide. It details online playing options, tips and strategy.
Besides the European and American wheels, other versions described are Multi-Wheel Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette.
Craps game rules online are the same as practised at casinos worldwide.
One betting option reserved for online craps is the Place Bets to Lose. These bets are the opposite of Place Bets and win if a 7 is rolled before the point.
For more info, jump over to: Live Dealer Roulette Everything you need to know.
Tip: The 0, 00, 1, 2, 3: five-number bet has a large 7.89% casino advantage. Avoid this bet.

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Slot Games Glossary

The comprehensive Slot Games Glossary at gamerisms is divided into 3 parts.
The glossary includes over 100 slot machine terms related to games online as well as land-based casinos.
Find info about 4 types of slots: Basic, Progressives, Bonus Slots and Community Play or Multi Player.
Check out the group of annual slot reports for 2014 to 2020.
They report the new slot games, upgrades and internet connection of several innovative slot makers.

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Blackjack: Did You Know?

gamerisms answers this question about 21, the game of Blackjack
offering a games glossary in 3 parts plus strategy tips.
Also, find a quiz plus facts trivia report of the game.
An example: In 1978, the Sahara Hotel and Casino was the first casino to hold a blackjack tournament.
This link will add to your education about Online Blackjack detailing some of the online versions like:
European Blackjack Gold, Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack and BJack Switch.

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12 More Card Games

gamerisms details this group of 12 more card games. Some are poker variations, definitely skill games
and are rarely available at land-based casino/poker rooms, but perhaps online.
The group includes 5-card Stud, Lowball, Deuces Wild, Cincinnati, Woolworth and 2-card.
To return to the serious game of poker, click on the Online Poker Games Guide that details the extensive and varied poker versions/variations offered online
plus online poker players’ reports about Top 10 Benefits, playing tips and strategy.

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Soccer Round Up

gamerisms offers the Soccer Round Up with a learning section, 3-part glossary,
a facts-trivia report about the game plus a challenging quiz.
Click on the quiz link to answer this question.
What is Shielding in the game of soccer?
A. When players line up in front of the goal to defend a free kick
B. When the two forwards protect the center
C. When the ball carrier is keeping and controlling the ball closely to ward off a defender.

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Reserved for Volleyball Players

At gamerisms, there is reserved space for passionate volleyball players.
Find a glossary in 2 parts where you learn to stay on the attack, pick up that beach dig and follow your passion.
Follow along with Volleyball Facts and Trivia to learn that the Floater serve is very similar to a knuckle ball in baseball.
Its unpredictable movement can cause the opposing team to fall over trying to hit it.
Or, the quiz with questions like: What is a Power Alley according to volleyball players?

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Penny slots winners, penny games vs. dollar slots comparison

Penny slots winners and penny games vs. dollar slots comparison, penny slots millionaire jackpot stories, penny vs. dollar slots online

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Defining Tile & Dice Games

gamerisms defines the 3 Tile Games of Mahjong, Dominoes and Paigow followed by Dice Games.
Some examples of the language of the game are Mahjong: Meld and Chow. Dominoes: Deuce and Ace.
Paigow: Points are counted up to nine after which the modulus 10 rule applies with subsequent numbers starting again from 1.
Dice Games lists 10 popular dice games played worldwide.
Poker Dice, Bunco, SicBo and Yahtzee are on the list.

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Golf Speak Here

gamerisms provides golf speak with a glossary presented in 4 parts including the terms: Beach, Bunt, Collar and Dub.
If you are ready to play through, then move to links for Golf Facts-Trivia where you discover that
The first national set of rules for golf was published by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in 1897.
Also, the game quiz with questions like:
What do golf players mean by the term Best Ball?

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Calling all Bingo Players

gamerisms calls out players with Bingo Lingo, a quiz and Online Bingo Guide.
UK bingo lingo details the unique language of the 90-ball bingo version.
Follow this post link to the Bingo Glossary.
Bingo Quiz example from 10 Q&A is: What is a ‘Square’ Bingo win?
Check out the Online Bingo Report, that describes bingo games and versions matched with images
plus a Top 10 Features List for online play.

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Language of Poker

gamerisms offers an extensive glossary with the language of poker.
Examples are Berry Patch, Burn, Cold Call, Eight Ball and On Tilt.
You will also find a quiz duo, strategies and poker software reviews.
Poker Facts-Trivia report details versions/variations, famous players and big winners. Examples follow:
The original three members of the World Poker Tournament Walk of Fame are
Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen and Phil Garner.

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Casino Gaming Report

The Casino Gaming Report at gamerisms provides casino history, online and offline games,
casino players data, revenue and regional markets worldwide plus the Winners & Legends.
As a casino player, you will be informed about the casino and sports betting industry.
The report covers land based casinos and online casino gambling plus male vs female players.
Click here for more casino facts trivia reports to include 7 games of blackjack, craps, poker, slots, roulette, sportsbetting and video poker.
There are also sports and skill facts trivia reports at the site.

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Roulette Round Up

gamerisms' Roulette Round Up includes a glossary, table layout graphic, a listing of all bets/payouts and roulette wheel strategies.
The glossary includes the terms and phrases: Basket Bet, Cheval, Flat Bettor and Negative Progression.
Toss in a roulette trivia report along with the Roulette Quiz with questions like:
Which is the correct payout for these Roulette game bets?
A. Red or Black pays 1 to 1.
B. Odd or Even pays 2 to 1.
C. 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 pays 2 to 1

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Top 10 Sports Report

At gamerisms, we present the top 10 sports report.
Sports games of soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, hockey, football, tennis, cricket and rugby are detailed.
Sportsbetting and a Fantasy Sports Guide are both included in separate units at the site.
Also, 4 more Sports include Olympics, Boxing, Table Tennis and Badminton.
There are oddball facts about the origin of each sport, famous names and player info in the mix.

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