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gamerisms is the defining games glossary quiz and facts-trivia site for game players worldwide.

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Facts/Trivia: 4 game types
25 reports for sports, casino, skill and video games

Roulette Wheel Glossary

gamerisms offers a 3-part glossary, table layout graphic, a listing of all bets/payouts and roulette wheel strategies that are followed by terms in 2 parts.
This link to Part 2 includes the terms and phrases: Choppy Game, Greens, Negative Progression and Manque.
Along with a roulette trivia report, there is a Roulette Quiz with questions like: Which is the correct payout for a Split Roulette bet?
Wagering on two numbers at once. An inside bet.
A. Pays 8 to 1.
B. Pays 11 to 1.
C. Pays 17 to 1.

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Top 10 Sports Glossary

At gamerisms, we present the top 10 sports and glossaries for the passionate players and fans.
Sports games for soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, hockey, football, tennis, cricket and rugby are defined.
Sportsbetting and a Fantasy Sports Guide are both included in separate units at the site.
Also, 4 more Sports to include Olympics, Boxing, Table Tennis and Badminton are covered.
There are oddball facts about the origin of a sport, famous names and player info in the mix.

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Puzzle Games Variety

gamerisms presents a variety of puzzle games including both classic + video games.
First up is classic or paper puzzle games that details Bejeweled, Rubiks Cube, Crosswords, Deal or No Deal, Twist Me Silly and Chuggles Skill Games.
The puzzle videogames genre is about games that challenge the mind far more than they challenge the reflexes.
Notable types of sub-genre are card games, board games, and games based on popular television game shows such as Jeopardy and Deal or no Deal.
Puzzles are but one of the 10 video game genres defined for this report at gamerisms.

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The Language of Poker

gamerisms provides an extensive poker glossary in 5 parts to include the slang and lingo of the game.
Examples are Overpair, Rabbits, Nuts, Straddle, Quads and Washing the Cards.
You will also find a quiz duo, strategies and poker software reviews.
Poker Facts-Trivia report details versions/variations, famous player and big winners. Examples follow:
Men Nguyen has won the most Card Player’s Player of the Year award.
The original three members of the World Poker Tournament Walk of Fame are Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen and Phil Garner.

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Defining Sportsbetting

The online sportsbetting guide at gamerisms defines traditional Sportsbooks vs. Sports Betting Online.
Also find Tips, Strategy and Handicapping, Sportsbetting Line and Odds.
An example: Although the parlays provide a quick score, a season that is largely consisting of steady 2-1 type days will be even more profitable than the big hits that the parlays offer.
This is true even in a good overall season. So when considering sports betting make more straight bets and wager fewer parlays.
Additionally, gamerisms offers a Sportsbetting glossary divided into 3 parts starting here
Be in the know about the lingo, jargon, basic terms and betting options for this type of universal gaming.

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Talking All About Slot Machines

gamerisms talks all about slot machines in multiple sections at the site to include an online slot guide.
Slot Players can begin with a 3 part glossary and find terms and phrases like Community Slots, Linked Jackpot, Onesies and Short Win.
The 12+ articles speak of progressives, dollar vs pennies, jackpot winners and newer versions.
The Slots Facts Trivia reports that top slot manufacturers are IGT, Bally, Atronic, WMS Gaming and Aristocrat and
Branded Slots created by these slot makers are: I Love Lucy. M*A*S*H. The Honeymooners, Clint Eastwood and Price is Right.

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Speaking about Blackjack

gamerisms lays the cards on the table and speaks the language of Blackjack.
The first of a 3-part glossary provides terms of the game plus 2 expert strategies.
Blackjack Facts & Trivia takes you through the history, famous players, stats and odd trivia of 21.
Be sure to jump on over to the blackjack quiz with questions like this:
What does the term Snapper mean?

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Bet on this Extensive Poker Guide

You can bet on learning more when you explore the poker guide in 5 parts at gamerisms.
The main glossary details multiplayer poker games defining a dozen versions played at casinos online and off.
Examples are: Let It Ride, Pai Gow and Baccarat.
One of the most popular pages is Holdem, Omaha and Stud Poker. This Poker glossary lists Holdem Omaha and Stud terms plus rules for each game.
The guide also includes Poker Software Reviews and a 2 part glossary listing general poker terms.

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10 Video Genres to Explore

gamerisms explores 10 video game genres.
The reporting includes: action-adventure, shooting, fighting, war games, sport games, racing, puzzle/board games, simulation=SIM, Poker Game Software and educational video games.
Example: Poker Game Software is included to assist poker players looking for an edge. Poker Calculators, the most requested type of poker assist software offers odds, draws and profiling stats.
There are 12 software reviews including single game and tournament play.
Take in the Video Game Online Play Guide
The guide includes an introduction, general online info, playing choices, types of games plus tips and strategy.

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Video Gamers Glossary

gamerisms offers up a two-part Video Games glossary.
You will find a brief history, along with the types of players, the 10 different genres defined, and finish up with the unique language of the video game world.
For example, Import Gamerz: these gamerz are focused on games that are released overseas and often in a different language.
Video Gamer Terms speaks the language with terms like:
Auto Aim, Boss, Camping and RPG=Role Playing Game.

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Social Gaming Guide

gamerisms presents a Social Gaming Guide that covers the wide variety of social, skill and/or casual games available online.
You will find lists of Social Gaming network sites, types/genres of games, as well as the different ways you can play.
We also explore Virtual Currency, Pay to Play, Bonus Rewards & Promotions you can take advantage of.
As most social games are also skill games, we invite you to visit the Skill Games Introduction page that notes:
There are several types of skill games: card, board, tile, physical or sports, word, dice and puzzle games.

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12 Online Gaming Guides

gamerisms provides 12 gaming guides and this introduction includes 10 Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos plus an online glossary.
2 examples are: Live Dealer Action: this option is now widely available for Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, SicBo and Baccarat and
Live Sports Action: Sportsbetting sites provide 24 hour, live game action and live parlay bets.
Check out the Progressive Slot Machines Online Guide that details the top 10 progressive jackpot games, a comparison between online progressive games vs. land-based games and concludes with jackpot winners.
Topping the list is internet favorite:

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Roulette: Speaking of the Wheel

gamerisms provides an extensive roulette glossary in 3 parts to include the basics of table layout and betting options.
Also find a quiz with 10 Q&A plus 3 playing strategies.
Jump to Roulette Facts-Trivia where you will learn about:
3 Wheel Roulette: The goal in 3 Wheel Roulette is the same as a single game, but with three times the chance to win per spin.
Each bet you make on the table bet layout places three chips--one chip for each of the three wheels.
Each stack of chips shown on the table bet layout reflects the total stake placed on that bet spot, which is split equally among the three wheels.

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Talking Baseball

gamerisms talks baseball by presenting a 3-part glossary to include pitching terms, a quiz to test your knowledge and facts-trivia report.
Some of terms and phrases in this world are Chin Music, Gap, Hot Corner, and Whiff.
Be sure to check out the baseball facts for history, players and memories of the game.
The Baseball Quiz is standing by with 10 Q&A. An example follows:
The baseball players’ action known as a Chase After refers to?
A. They are caught in a bind between bases
B. They attempt to hit a pitch way outside of the strike zone.
C. They attack the pitcher on the mound

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Casino & Gambling Glossary at gamerisms

gamerisms provides an extensive glossary of general gambling terms, phrases and lingo.
The 2 parts define the language of unusual words and phrases used by passionate players for their real money games.
Part 2 brings terms and phrases like Sawbuck, Ploppy, Spinner and Underlay.
Casino players will learn the casino jargon often heard at the tables, slots and sports books.
Most of these casino terms have a long history and will surely add a unique quality to your next casino experience.

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gamerisms: 30 Quiz & 25 Facts Series

gamerisms 2 premium add-ons at the site are Quiz and Facts Trivia Series.
The 30 Quiz series consists of:
11 Sports Quiz including Fantasy Sports, 12 Casino Quiz, 5 Skill Games= chess, backgammon, billiards, rummy and darts and 2 Video Games Quiz.
Secondly, 25 Game Facts-Trivia Series were created to inform game players about the language, history and stats of the game.
These reports include 11 Sports games.
This question is answered: Who are the winners, losers and players for sports, casino gambling, skill and video games?

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All Things Hockey

gamerisms presents All Things Hockey where you will find the language of the game plus terms, lingo and jargon from the Hockey World.
Examples from the 4-part glossary are: Breezers, Bucket, Dangler, Dive, Freeze the Puck and Goon.
Skate on over and take the challenging Hockey Quiz to test your game IQ.
Example: What does the hockey term Bar Down mean?
Lastly, there is the final hockey word found at the Hockey Facts Trivia Report that includes history as well as players and game records like:
On January 10, 1920, a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto St. Patricks ended with a score that looked more like an American football game score. Montreal won 14-7.

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The Basketball World

gamerisms explores the Basketball World with a 3-part glossary, facts trivia report and a quiz to challenge you!
In the glossary you will find a learning games section plus terms and lingo of the game.
Basketball Quiz will test your knowledge of basketball speak with 10 Q&A.
Example: What does the term Brick mean?
A. Lazy shot that deflects off the rim or backboard.
B. Solid screen set by offensive player to free up player with the ball.
C. A special play used on defense only.
Jump to Basketball Trivia for plenty of facts and trivia like: The New York Knicks won 12 straight games against the Boston Celtics in 1995 and were the first to do so.

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Video Poker: The Game of Royalty

gamerisms speaks Video Poker Royalty. There is a full glossary, strategy tips, VP versions defined, facts and trivia report as well as a challenging quiz.
There are also Quiz questions like this:
What is the difference between ‘Full pay’ and ‘Short pay’ Video Poker games?
VP Facts Trivia details strategy for 12 versions plus winners stories.
Lastly, Video Poker Online Report provides a sample of VP versions, online plus tips and strategy for 3 of the most popular versions: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker.
Deuces Example: Approximately every 5000 hands=4 Deuces. Almost 20% of the time, you will throw away all five cards.

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Slot games glossary defines slot machine terms, lingo plus slots machines 2015

Slot games glossary details more than 100 slot machine terms, lingo, jargon for mini games plus slots machines 2015 preview at gamerisms

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Comparing Penny vs Dollar Slots

gamerisms compares Penny vs Dollar Slots in this report.
Details include penny, dollar and online slots features, betting and payouts.
The report concludes with Penny Slot Winners. Here is an example of a big payday playing penny slots:
A Connecticut resident's first spin at a penny slots machine turned into a windfall at the Borgata, NJ.
He bet the maximum $4 on a Wizard of Oz Emerald City progressive slot machine and went on to win $2,647,821.49.
Jump over to Wheel of Fortune Winners for more jackpot wins.
gamerisms is the place to be with 12+ slot articles and reports.

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Fantasy Sports Guide

gamerisms presents a 5-part guide for Fantasy Sports.
Start with the 2-part terms, jargon & lingo and you will see why FS can be fun profitable.
Some examples include: Contrarian, Dynasty League, Hedge and Overlay.
This guide will equip you with the basics, formatting, and sports team options, followed by a facts-trivia report and quiz.
There are also 2 lists of Baseball abbreviations and Football position short forms.
Fantasy Sports Facts Trivia is the place that you are sure to find details that range from the mildly interesting, to the downright odd.
Quiz example: What does the term Floor mean in fantasy sports?

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Focus on Cricket

gamerisms focuses on the ins and outs of the worldwide game of cricket. Passionate players and fans are treated to a glossary, quiz and facts-trivia.
We begin with a two-part glossary of terms, lingo and jargon.
The Facts-Trivia Report includes this bit of info:
During the last century, many other countries became test-playing nations. Examples are West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) and Bangladesh.
Be sure to take the Cricket Quiz where you will find this question:
What is the definition of the term Dolly in the game of Cricket?

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Then There's the Sport of Rugby

gamerisms presents the sport of rugby with a three-part glossary and learning section for passionate players and fans. Here's what you'll get:
a detailed listing of Union and League player position numbers and names
Rugby Facts: Explore the unique features, records and history of the sport plus trivia.
For example, did you know that somewhat surprisingly, considering the game's indisputably English origins, the first official rugby club was actually at the University of Dublin in Ireland.
Also, there is the Rugby Games Quiz to include 10 questions and answers to challenge players and fans of the sport.
Example: When talking about the Game of Rugby, what does Grubber refer to?

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Billiards is on the Table

At gamerisms, billiards is on the table providing you with a glossary, quiz and facts-trivia report.
Find out about the games of 8 and 9 Ball, Snooker and Carom with a detailed glossary in two parts.
Billiards jargon includes:Blind Draw, Blue Ball, Crutch, Dead Ball and Feather Shot.
The Billiards Facts-Trivia reports the history of the game, billiards equipment plus championships as well as famous players.
Click on this link for more about the game Billiards Quiz with 10 Q&A to take your best shot.
For example: What are Peas or Pills in a billiards game?

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Talking Lots o' Slots

gamerisms offers lots o' slots talk by presenting a 3-part glossary, some facts-trivia and a quiz.
Slots are defined with terms, lingo and jargon to include Buy a Feature, Community Play, Nudge Slot, Onesies, Short Win and TITO.
With over 12 articles, the subjects of Progressive Slots, Wheel of Fortune Winners, New slots for 2014-2020 are reviewed, Penny vs. Dollar Slots with trivia and a quiz mixed in.
Guides for Online Slots and Online Progressives report about the game creators, types of slots available and online slots strategies.
Read on about the Slots Playgound

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The Rummy ToolBox

gamerisms offers The Rummy Toolbox for passionate players.
You can being with the Rummy Glossary that offers 6 parts, one of which details several versions of rummy played worldwide.
The games covered are: Contract Rummy, 500 Rum or Pinochle, Double Rummy, Knock, Continental, Kalookie and Pan or Panguingue.
View the Rummy Facts Trivia Report and find this example: It is believed that Rummy may have derived from the Chinese game of Mahjong, played with tiles rather than cards.
Lastly, there is the Rummy Quiz.
What does the rummy players' term Deadwood mean? is 1 of the 10 questions.
Play On!

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Blackjack & Video Poker Guide

gamerisms presents an informative guide to Online Blackjack and Video Poker. You will find playing options, tips and strategy for 2 casino games.
There are around 100 different versions for each game of blackjack and video poker online.
Examples for Blackjack include: Spanish 21, BJ Switch, Double Exposure BJ and Blackjack FaceUp 21.
Examples for Video Poker include: All American Video Poker, Deuces and Joker VP,Double Joker VP, Jacks or Better, Pick 'Em Poker, Sevens Wild and Tens or Better.
For another type of video game, visit the Video Game Online Play Guide that tackles the phenomenon of online video gaming for passionate gamers.
The guide includes an introduction, general online info, playing choices, types of games plus tips and strategy.

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What's that Word?

Get your answers at gamerisms' two-part games glossary.
Part 1 highlights classic and pencil word game types
Part 2 looks at other word games plus a glossary of 5 popular word games globally.
For example, Bananagrams is based on the use of anagram creations. Players are challenged by having to arrange a variety of tiles as quickly as possible and to be the first to use up a collection of letters before other players.
Also, Chicktionary is a Microsoft game involving the use of anagrams.
Play On!

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Chess Players' Quiz

gamerism provides a chess players' quiz to include 10 Q&A. Example: What is a Discovered Check?
A. When, by removing a piece or pawn in front of a checking piece, an attacker is opened or discovered and puts the king in check.
B. A check is played in response to a check.
C. A forced draw by one player placing the opponent's king through an endless series of checks.
Jump over to the three-part chess + checkers glossary and rules with tourney playing tips. Also, find 2 Strategy articles: Chess Attack and Chess Game Balance
Wrap it up with Checkers info that details game terms, rules, jumping and capturing.
It's your Move, Mate!

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