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  • The Uruguay national team defended home turf and won the inaugural event in 1930 for the first World Cup. Thirteen teams entered, two from North America, seven from South America and four from Europe. 93,000 fans attended the first World Cup final in 1930. Host country Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2.

  • Brazil leads all nations with five world cup victories.

  • The FIFA World Cup is held every four years in a different country.

  • The name of the original World Cop trophy was the Jules Rimet Cup.
  • All About Pelé at Soccer Facts Trivia:

  • Pelé (Brazil) is the youngest goal scorer in World Cup history at 17 years 239 days.
  • In 1999, the IFFHS voted Pelé the Football Player of the Century.
  • Pelé started his career at age 15 playing for Santos in Brazil.
  • Pelé scored a career total 760 official goals making him the top scorer of all-time.

  • The two most famous goals in World Cup history The hand of God and The Goal of the Century were scored by Diego Maradona of Argentina both in the
    same game against England in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup.

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  • Brazil and Germany have reached the finals of the World Cup seven times leading all nations as of this writing.

  • Ronaldo of Brazil scored fifteen goals in his World Cup finals career the most by any player.

  • Just Fontaine holds the record for most goals scored in a single World Cup tournament with thirteen goals scored in 1958.

  • Real Madrid from Spain holds nine UEFA Champions League titles leading all European clubs.

  • Leo Messi scored 63 goals and had 12 assists in 55 games during the 2011-2012 season.

  • Soccer Facts Trivia: Who is the oldest player to score a goal in the World Cup? Roger Milla (Cameroon) 42 years 39 days.

  • The fastest goal in World Cup history is 10.89 seconds, Hakan Sükür (Turkey-2002).

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 296 career goals and is widely recognized as one of the top two players in the world today.

  • It is a myth that pads in goalies shorts prevents injury. Testing shows that the padding in goalie shorts are not sufficient to prevent injury.

  • Soccer Facts Trivia: Wearing a red jersey makes you a better home team. This is not a myth, a study done in England shows that the teams that wore red jerseys at home had a better home record over a 55 year period.

  • Zinedine Zidane was ejected during the 2006 World Cup final for head butting Marc Materazzi in the chest. Italy went on to win in penalty kicks.

  • In 1938 Italian footballer Giuseppe Meazza's shorts fell down as he was about to attempt a penalty kick. He fixed his wardrobe malfunction and scored the penalty while the goalie was still laughing.
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