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Baseball Games Glossary is dedicated to passionate game players and fans that compete, watch this favorite of sport game.

Baseball games are played worldwide today to the delight of all participants.This sports game was not necessarily invented by any one person but evolved from many different games with its roots in England.

A claim, disputed over recent years, is that Abner Doubleday invented baseball. The truth is that he more than likely organized baseball games, designed the diamond and gave the game structure.

Baseball Games Glossary
Playing the Game

Baseball games are played on a diamond shaped field with nine players on each team. One team plays in the field that is divided into nine positions and one team has the opportunity to bat, or strike a thrown ball, attempting to put the ball into play and arrive at the first base before the hit ball does.

The team with the most batters that advance around the four bases on the diamond and cross the last one, home plate without being tagged or forced out, wins the contest.

Baseball is played in a series of innings, the number determined by the level of play and the league. In Major League Baseball in the United States and internationally, the game consists of nine innings. An inning is divided into two halves, with each team having the opportunity to bat. Each team and their baseball players attempt to put the ball in play until three outs are reached at which time, the opposing team comes up to bat.This glossary begins with some abbreviations and terms used to report game stats: Baseball Games Glossary Pitching Terms

Baseball Games Glossary
Pitching Terms

Bases on balls=walks
Batters faced
Complete games
Earned runs
Earned run average x nine
Fly balls
Ground balls
Games finished
Games started
Home runs allowed
Innings pitched
Sacrifice hits given
Wild pitches

Baseball Glossary

Baseball Games Glossary A

the best starting pitcher in a team's pitching rotation.
Around the Horn
a ball hit to third base that results in a double play. This occurs when the third baseman throws to second and ball is then thrown on to first for a double play during which both opposing players are tagged out.
At Bat
a player's opportunity to strike the ball and put it into play.

Baseball Games Glossary B

Backdoor Slider
a pitch that, upon delivery, appears to be outside of the batter's strike zone but has enough movement to go over the plate for a strike.
the boundary, usually a fence or wall, behind home plate.
refers to any of the bases on the field.
a penalty assessed to the pitcher who has begun their delivery to home plate and then stops. If penalty is called by the umpire, the runners advance one base.
term for any pitch that is thrown outside of the batter's strike zone.
Baltimore Chop
a ground ball hit in front of home plate in such a manner that it bounces high in the air allowing the runner to reach first base.
one of four points on the field in which batters attempt to reach in this order—first base, second, third and home.
ball used to play baseball games, the center of which is made of rubber and cork, covered by yarn and then with two pieces of rawhide sewn together.
Base Hit
a hit by a batter in which he/she reaches first base.
Base on Balls or Walk
any four pitches that are thrown outside of the batters strike zone in any single at bat resulting in the player being given a free pass to first base.
Base Line
the line, sometimes marked with chalk between first and home and third and home, a straight line between each base.
Bases Empty
the absence of runners on any base. Let's fill 'em up with some runs.
the tool used by a batter, made of wood or metal, to strike the ball thrown by the opposing pitcher.
position near the plate taken by a player attempting to put the ball in play.
Batter's Box
the box, marked by chalk, on either side of home plate.
Bottom of the Inning
second part of the inning when the home team is at bat.
Breaking Ball
term for a pitch that curves and thrown at a deceptive velocity.
Bronx Cheer
baseball games glossary reference to 'the boo' of the crowd.
pitch intentionally thrown close to a batter to back him off the plate.
jargon named after a player meaning to perform a defensive error resulting in the loss of the game.
term for area used by relief pitchers to warm up.
action of intentionally hitting or tapping the ball a short distance in order to reach a base or to advance a runner.

Baseball Players Terms C

Called Game
a game suspended, normally due to weather by the umpire or as dictated by the leagues rules.
Can of Corn
catch made by a fielder that is deemed extremely easy. If only the rest of the game was so, yes?
Change Up
a slow pitch thrown with the same motion as a fast pitch, but with less velocity intended to fool a batter and throw off their timing.
Chase After
baseball player attempting to hit a pitch way outside of the strike zone.
Check Swing
when a batter stops in mid swing, without following through, in an attempt to avoid swinging at a bad pitch.
Chin Music
pitch thrown high and close to the batter, whizzing by under their chin.
Circus Catch
a physically impressive and often acrobatic catch by a fielder.
Clean up Hitter
a hitter batting fourth in the batting order, usually the best hitter on the team and/or baseball player known as a power hitter.
a relief pitcher that is brought in to work the final portion of the game, usually when the game is on the line.
Complete Game
achieved when a pitcher pitches all nine innings of a game.
term for the number of balls and strikes currently called during each at bat.
a pitch that moves across the plate upon reaching the batter.
Cut Off
term for baseball players who shorten the throw or cut off the ball thrown from the outfield.
term for a breaking fastball.
obtained when a batter achieves a single, double, triple and home run in a single game. The triple is the difficult part; therefore, this accomplishment is rare and should be applauded loudly!

Baseball Players Terms D

another name for a home run. Congrats to the dingee or is it dingert?
a hit that allows a batter to reach second base.
Double Play
the act of getting two runners out during one hit.
two baseball games, played back to back.
Down the Line
area close to foul lines used to describe the location of batted balls.
Down the Middle
area of home plate used to describe the location of pitches.
Drop off the Table
term for a pitched ball that breaks sharply.
the 2 separate field areas where each team is located during the game.

Baseball Players Terms E

Earned Run
a run allowed by a pitcher.
a play that should have been made, but due to a mistake, was not. Error is counted in the stats against the player who committed it.

Baseball Players Terms F

Fast Ball
a pitch thrown as hard as possible, typically straight with no movement.
Fly Ball
a ball hit high in the air in a large arc.
Force Out
the act of touching a base in which an opposing runner is forced to run towards because another teammate has hit and is running behind him/her. Example
if a runner is forced to run to second and the fielder touches second base before the runner arrives, that runner is out.
Foul Line
line stretching from home plate into the outfield, marking the boundaries of legal play in or out of bounds.
Fouling Off
when player continues to bat after a count of 2 strikes.
Full Count
consists of 3 balls and 2 strikes wherein the next pitch will produce a walk or hit ball. Don't you just hate the suspense?

Baseball Players Terms G

section of the field between outfielders.
Grand Slam
home run hit when runners are on each base resulting in a total of 4 runs on the scoreboard.
Green Light
signal given by the coach for the batter to hit the next good pitch or for the runner to steal a base at the next opportunity.
Grounder or Ground Ball
a ball hit rolling on the ground.

Baseball Players Terms H

Heat or Heater
jargon for a maximum velocity fastball. It's a zinger!
High and Tight
pitched above the strike zone.
a play in which the batter makes contact with the ball and is able to reach base without being forced out or tagged.
Hit and Run
occurs when a runner starts to advance to the base as soon as the ball is pitched to the batter in an attempt to reach and advance the runner.
Hitting the Cycle
player who hits in any order--a single, double, triple and home run during the same game. Every batter's dream game!
Home Plate
the fourth base or point the runner attempts to reach. Once crossed safely, a run is tallied for the team. Cheers ring out on this trip--homeward bound.
Hot Corner
baseball jargon for third base.

Baseball Players Terms I - L

area in which the bases are located, approximately ninety feet square.
term for player position inside the infield. First, second, third basemen and shortstop.
Intentional Walk
action of throwing four unhittable balls by the pitcher in order to walk a talented batter.
Knuckle Ball
pitch thrown by gripping the seams of the baseball with the first finger and knuckle. This gives the ball a slow erratic motion when thrown.
Lead Off
player who bats first in the lineup for the team or a base runner who moves forward from the base before a pitch is thrown. Perhaps a steal is about to happen?
Line Drive
a hit that is hard and on a straight line at a low trajectory.
Load the Bases
term for 3 players of one team who are on first, second, and third bases.

Baseball Game Terms M - N

Mendoza Line
a .200 batting average named after player Mario Mendoza. Example using this phrase is "caution--don't go below the Mendoza line."
the area where the pitcher stands and/or where the pitchers mound is located.
No Hitter
game in which one pitcher allows no hits to the opposing team.

Baseball Game Terms O - P

On Deck
baseball jargon referring to the next person up to bat.
the area between the fence and the infield and between the two foul lines.
player position in the outfield. Center, right and left fielder.
Outside Corner
pitched to the edge of home plate, thus away from the batter
Passed Ball
term for a ball pitched and missed by the catcher. The chase is on!
Payoff Pitch
baseball jargon for the following pitch after a full count is established. This pitch will benefit either the batter or pitcher at this point.
Perfect Game
an entire game pitched where no hits or walks are obtained by the opposing team. A beautiful sight to see!
Pinch Hitter
player placed into a batting lineup to hit in place of a teammate already playing.
Pinch Runner
a player placed into the game to replace a teammate already on base.
the act of throwing an intentional ball to catch a runner stealing.
Pitching Rotation
the rotation of pitchers on a team, usually 3-5 pitchers based on the number of games played and the number of days rest needed for each pitcher.
Position Player
team player, other than the pitcher.
Power Hitter or Slugger
superior player who racks up plenty of home runs and base hits.

Baseball Game Terms R

Relief Pitchers
baseball game terms for substitute pitchers replacing the current pitchers.
baseball jargon for when a runner is pinned between 2 bases and attempts to reach the safety of a base before either opposing player tags the runner out.

Baseball Game Terms S

Sacrifice Fly or Bunt
a hit with the purpose of advancing a runner but not necessarily to reach base.
term for call by the umpire when a play is made, indicating the runner is not out.
Scoring Position
term for a runner who is on second or third base as this position holds the opportunity to score.
Setup Man
term for a relief pitcher placed in the game before the closer.
Seventh-inning Stretch
a break for fans that takes place between the top and bottom of the seventh inning.
Shoestring Catch
term for fielder who scoops the ball and runs with it.
Shut Out
occurs when a team scores no runs.
Slice Foul
baseball jargon for fly ball or line drive that spins out of fair ball area into foul ball area.
player who moves down to ground level to prevent a tag by the catcher.
Squeeze Play or Suicide Squeeze
bunting strategy to get a runner home from third base.
the pitcher who starts the game.
the act of advancing bases during a pitch to the plate. A smooth move!
called if a batter swings the bat and misses a pitch OR if the batter chooses not to swing and the umpire calls it within the zone between the batters armpits and knees.
baseball jargon for pitcher who throws underarm.

Baseball Game Terms T

the act of a player fielding the ball and then touching a runner out before the runner touches or reaches the base.
Take Sign
occurs when batter is signaled not to swing at the next pitch.
Top of the inning
term for first part of the inning at which time the visiting team bats.
a hit that allows a batter to safely reach third base.
Triple Play
three outs as the result of the ball fielded skillfully in one play—a magnificent and rare game event!

Baseball Game Terms U - Z

Up the Middle
area close to second base used to describe the location of batted balls.
Utility Player
a player who has the ability to play many positions on the field. Example
shortstop and second base.
term for player who takes a base when he/she has been pitched 4 balls as determined by the umpire.
Walk-off Home Run
jargon for a home run hit that determines the end of a game.
Warning Track
dirt path close to outfield fence in order that players avoid running into the fence.
a power hitter's favorite spot to hit the ball where the greatest results are achieved.
the sound made by the bat being swung and not making contact with anything. Another term for a strike.
Wild Pitch
a pitch thrown in the dirt resulting in a passed ball.
bad case of nerves resulting in shakes that make it very difficult for a gamer to play well. This phrase can be used in reference to many games and is recognized by both players and fans alike.