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Baseball learning games section:
Baseball games are played worldwide today to the delight of all participants.
This sports game was not necessarily invented by any one person but evolved from many different games with its roots in England.
A claim, disputed over recent years, is that Abner Doubleday invented baseball. 
The truth is that he more than likely organized baseball games, designed the diamond and gave the game structure.

Baseball Games Glossary: playing the game

Baseball games are played on a diamond shaped field with nine players on each team.  One team plays in the field that is divided into nine positions and one team has the opportunity to bat, or strike a thrown ball, attempting to put the ball into play and arrive at the first base before the hit ball does.
The team with the most batters that advance around the four bases on the diamond and cross the last one, home plate without being tagged or forced out, wins the contest.
Baseball is played in a series of innings, the number determined by the level of play and the league. In Major League Baseball in the United States and internationally, the game consists of nine innings.  An inning is divided into two halves, with each team having the opportunity to bat.  Each team and their baseball players attempt to put the ball in play until three outs are reached at which time, the opposing team comes up to bat.

This glossary begins with some abbreviations and terms used to report game stats:

Baseball Games Glossary: Pitching Terms
  • 1B=Single
  • 2B=Double
  • 3B=Triple
  • BB=Bases on balls=walks
  • BF=Batters faced
  • CG=Complete games
  • ER=Earned runs
  • ERA=Earned run average x nine
  • FB=Fly balls
  • G=Games
  • GB=Ground balls
  • GF=Games finished
  • GS=Games started
  • H=Hits
  • HR=Home runs allowed
  • IP=Innings pitched
  • K=Strikeouts
  • L=Losses
  • R=Runs
  • SH=Sacrifice hits given
  • Sho=Shutouts
  • Sv=Saves
  • W=Wins
  • WP=Wild pitches
Baseball Games Glossary: A
  • Ace:  the best starting pitcher in a team's pitching rotation.
  • Around the Horn: a ball hit to third base that results in a double play. This occurs when the third baseman throws to second and ball is then thrown on to first for a double play during which both opposing players are tagged out.
  • At Bat:  a player’s opportunity to strike the ball and put it into play.
Baseball Games Glossary: B
  • Backdoor Slider: a pitch that, upon delivery, appears to be outside of the batter’s strike zone but has enough movement to go over the plate for a strike.
  • Backstop:  the boundary, usually a fence or wall, behind home plate.
  • Bag:  refers to any of the bases on the field.
  • Balk:  a penalty assessed to the pitcher who has begun their delivery to home plate and then stops.  If penalty is called by the umpire, the runners advance one base.
  • Ball:  term for any pitch that is thrown outside of the batter’s strike terms, sport games glossary
  • Baltimore Chop:  a ground ball hit in front of home plate in such a manner that it bounces high in the air allowing the runner to reach first base. 
  • Base:  one of four points on the field in which batters attempt to reach in this order—first base, second, third and home.
  • Baseball:  ball used to play baseball games, the center of which is made of rubber and cork, covered by yarn and then with two pieces of rawhide sewn together.
  • Base Hit: a hit by a batter in which he/she reaches first base.
  • Base on Balls or Walk:  any four pitches that are thrown outside of the batters strike zone in any single at bat resulting in the player being given a free pass to first base.
  • Base Line:  the line, sometimes marked with chalk between first and home and third and home, a straight line between each base.
  • Bases Empty:  the absence of runners on any base. Let's fill 'em up with some runs.
  • Bat:  the tool used by a batter, made of wood or metal, to strike the ball thrown by the opposing pitcher.
  • Batter:  position near the plate taken by a player attempting to put the ball in play.
  • Batter’s Box:  the box, marked by chalk, on either side of home plate.
  • Bottom of the Inning: second part of the inning when the home team is at bat.
  • Breaking Ball:  term for a pitch that curves and thrown at a deceptive velocity.
  • Bronx Cheer: baseball games glossary reference to 'the boo' of the crowd.
  • Brushback:  pitch intentionally thrown close to a batter to back him off the plate.
  • Buckner: jargon named after a player meaning to perform a defensive error resulting in the loss of the game.
  • Bullpen: term for area used by relief pitchers to warm up.
  • Bunt:  action of intentionally hitting or tapping the ball a short distance in order to reach a base or to advance a runner.
Baseball Games Glossary is followed by Baseball Terms C - L
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