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Play games quiz series is a gamerisms add-on that provides 30 quiz units to challenge, educate and entertain passionate game players and fans.
We created this add-on especially for those players who seek the action of casino games, sports, skill and video games.

Each games quiz offers 10 questions and answers along with an introduction.
Each of the quiz is created with the gamerisms giggles method by using unique definitions from the glossary pages for each game.

As is our style at gamerisms, some of the answers are tongue-in-cheek, witty banter  to test your games IQ, impress game-playing friends and make you smile.

Our mascot, Gaming Gecko wants to get in on the fun, so that challenging grin greets you while presenting game symbols throughout this gamerisms add-on.

30 play games quiz series clicks for 4 game types.

You can jump to your preference with these links:
Sports Quiz Series (11)  Bonus Fantasy Sports Quiz has been added to this Series.
Casino Quiz Series (12)
Skill Games Quiz Series  includes chess, backgammon, billiards, rummy and darts (5)
Video Games and Video Games Genre Quiz. (2)
Additionally, we have created an RSS feed for all 30 quiz.

Quiz Series for sports players and fans
1) Play gamerisms Soccer Quiz and Score a GOAL!  sports quiz series

2) Take our Basketball Lingo Test  

3) Get a Spike in your Volleyball Vocabulary

4) Hit a Grand Slam with this Baseball Quiz

5) gamerisms asks What's Your Golf IQ?

6) Can you get past the goal posts with this Hockey Quiz?

7) Will you score a TD or just a 3-pointer with this gamerisms Football Quiz?

8) Will our Tennis Quiz show you some Love?  

9) Step Up to the Oval and Take this Cricket Quiz

10) Go ahead and give this Rugby Quiz a Try

11) Test your knowledge with this Fantasy Sports Quiz

: Play Games Quiz Series for casino players
1) This gamerisms  Blackjack Quiz  is a Natural

2) 12 Q&A that covers terms and strategy for General Poker

3) Shuffle over to this Texas Holdem Poker Quiz

4) Find out Your Reel Knowledge with this gamerisms Slots Quiz

5) Take a Spin with this Roulette Quiz

6) gamerisms Bingo Quiz  Calls Out to You!

7) This Sportsbetting Quiz is for Passionate Punters

8) Will your roll of the dice be a success with this Craps Quiz?

9) Will your score be in the quads or better range with this Video Poker Quiz?

10) What's your casino lingo rating with this Casino Terms Quiz?

11) Can you pass the gambling speak test with this Gambling Terms Quiz?

12) Rating Online Games: 15 questions to ask before you play online

Skill Games:
Play Quiz Series for chess, backgammon, rummy, billiards and darts players
1) Chess Quiz: Check it out Mate!

2) Can you hit all the bots with this Backgammon Quiz?

3) Is it in the cards for you? Try gamerisms Rummy Quiz

4) Don't Get Behind the 8Ball with our Billiards Quiz

5) Is it a Bullseye or Busted for you with gamerisms Darts Quiz?
video games quiz series

Video Games:
Play Games Quiz Series for passionate video gamers
1) Will you PWN it or Epic Fail gamerisms Video Games Terms Quiz?

2) Do you have the right stuff for this Video Game Genres Quiz?

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