Online Bingo Games Guide

Quick Facts and Trivia

  1. There are 1,474,200 bingo card possibilities.
  2. Research has proven that this game keeps you in peak mental form.
  3. 30% of bingo players are 35 years old or younger.
  4. Australia uses the same bingo cards as in the U.K. Sydney and Melbourne boast very fast bingo callers. In the past, Housie was the name for bingo before it changed upon moving to bingo halls in Australia. Winning players yell House.
  5. Las Vegas offers a wide variety of bingo variations including Letter X, Six Pack and Coverall Bingo. Plus the special progressive payouts can be sky high. I stood by when a woman won $240,000. for a progressive game sponsored by 5 of the Station Casinos in Vegas. The reason I say stood by was that I could not get to the front of the line fast enough to buy into this satellite event before a winner was validated.I offered a round of applause and on to the next game.

Bingo Cards Versions / Variations

4 versions played worldwide online and off. Here are some examples with matching images. Shutterboard or CashLine bingo is also now an online bingo games selection.

Bingo 75

75-Ball Version

Free center square played on a 5X5 grid There are 15 numbers assigned to each letter in the word BINGO. This version is used generally in North America.

Bingo 90

90-Ball Version

Played on a 9X3 card equal to 9 columns and 3 horizontal. Total of 15 numbers per card while the balance are free spaces. The first column numbers are 1-9 to last column=80-90. This version is played regularly in the UK.

Bingo 80

80-Ball Version

Played on a 4x4 format displaying 16 numbers. Wins can require a line - horizontal, diagonal, or vertical, 2 lines, designated pattern or a full house. Often, four corners marked on your bingo cards will award a cash prize.

Note: This version is not always available online, but most likely through bingo networks online that are groups of site owners.

Bingo 30

Speed Bingo, Quickie or Mini-Bingo

Played with 30 numbered balls (1-30) only. This is 30-ball bingo game played on a card displaying 9 numbered on a 3x3 matrix.

A favorite online because of the benefits of speed and short playing time resulting in more winners per hour.

Top 10 Features
Online Bingo Games Guide

TIP: Play at odd hours when fewer people are vying for the cash prize winnings. Online Bingo Games are more popular than ever and most players find that playing online is the easiest and most comfortable way to play.

  1. Play For Free or Register Your Account with ease. Depending on the online operator, you can download software or get Adobe Flash based games for instant free or real play.
  2. Auto daub is a plus, plus benefit, especially for new players. Auto-daub is well-automatic, in that numbers are marked on your cards as they are called, so you never miss a winning bingo. Further with auto-daub, most online bingo games sites provide additional information, such as Best Card Sorting and Best Card Highlighting revealing cards moving towards a bingo win. A caller, display or bingo board and randomly selected cards all await players for the next game or session.
  3. You can play online bingo games for pennies per card while selecting from a vast array of bingo versions and bingo pattern variations.
  4. Variety of themed rooms, rich graphics, bonus playing times and online bingo games versions.
  5. Promotions include loyalty rewards, matching bonuses, first time deposit bonus, daily specials, free cash or day of the week/time specials.
  6. Participate in Bingo Chat. Talk up some bingo. Congrats goes to winners, ask “what's the daily scoop” plus best bingo rooms and prize money create a friendly bingo community. The CM or chat monitor provides the setting and the rules for practicing sociable chatiquette.
  7. Bingo networks expand the player choices for online bingo games. Several sites merge to offer the same jackpots and games to more players resulting in larger prize money and additional bingo chat participants.
  8. Mobile Bingo is on the rise and accounts for about 10% of online bingo play. However, the downside is an unreliable chat format. For now, it is recommended that players not totally rely on this method to play.
  9. Facebook Bingo, for something completely different, Facebook online bingo games like BamBam Bingo, Bingo Blitz and Bingo Island are available featuring 'power-ups' to increase wins. Players can collect, buy and share virtual items with friends at Facebook.
  10. Playing in your PJs - a favorite feature of mine.

5 Online Bingo Winners

  1. Grandfather John Orchard, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, won £5.9 million jackpot from a bet of just 30p creating a record for the world's largest online bingo payday.
  2. Previous record held by Georgios, 36, of Greece, who won £5.1m in 2009
  3. National Bingo Game, multiple games operated by some licensed British bingo clubs, every day reported a £1,167,795 win by Soraya Lowell. The game was played in the Club 3000 bingo hall.
  4. Lisa from Oxfordshire, UK was looking for a distraction that led to her laptop and a £1.3 million win at Ladbrokes bingo.
  5. Miss B hits a progressive jackpot worth a jaw dropping £236,651.29 at Mecca Bingo.