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This Play Bingo Quiz at gamerisms calls out to you to test your knowledge and lingo of bingo games.
The popularity of this game has reached epic status as passionate bingo players worldwide frequent bingo halls and/or play bingo online.
Brit Bingo and lingo is also covered within the 10 questions and answers in the play bingo quiz.
And the first question is:

Play Bingo Quiz: Questions 1-5

1) While any of 75 numbers can appear on most Bingo cards, the UK bingo players use?
A. 90 numbers.
B. 85 numbers.
C. 80 numbers.
2) The numbers under B and I on a 75 number card, can be numbers between these on bingo cards?
A. 1-45.
B. 1-30.
C. 1-25.
3) The numbers under G and O on these same cards, can be numbers between for bingo players?
A. 46-90.
B. 46-75.
C. 50-75. 
4) What is the Money Ball number in bingo terms?
A. The number that doubles your winnings when Bingo is called.
B. The 7th number that is called for a progressive game.
C. The number above the free space.
5) What does the bingo term ‘Blackout’ mean for bingo players?
A. Black dauber used on a Bingo card.
B. Bingo Balls stop ‘tumbling’ in the cage.
C. Bingo win that covers all numbers on the card.

Play Bingo Quiz: Questions 6 - 10 
6) What is a Hardway win? play bingo quiz at gamerisms
A. Win with one line not using the free space.
B. A win with two lines.
C. A win with two lines not using the free space.
7) What is a ‘Square’ Bingo win?        
A. Square using B and O rows plus top and bottom rows.  
B. Square around the free space using I, N and G rows.
C. Both A and B.
8) What letter is used to win with Pattern Bingo play?
A. The letter X.
B. The letter  T.
C. Both letters T and X. 
9) How do you say 22 in UK Bingo Lingo?
A. Two Little Ducks or Dinky Doo.
B.  Buckle my Shoe.
C.  Turn on the Screw or Tickety Boo.
10) How do you say 78 in UK Bingo Lingo?
A. Heaven’s Gate.
B. Make them Wait or Choo Choo Thomas.         
C. Overweight or In a State.

Answers to Play Bingo Quiz. Did you 'cover all' the questions?  
1) A. UK Bingo cards are selected and printed with 90 numbers.

2) B. Under B, numbers will be B1 - B15 and under I, numbers will be I16 -  I30

3) B. Under G, numbers will be G46 - G60 and under O, numbers will be O61 - O75 on a 75 number card.

4) A. Money Ball: Number drawn before the game that doubles your winnings if bingo is called on that number.

5) C. Blackout or Coverall is a winning BINGO that covers all numbers on that particular card.

Play Bingo Quiz Answers 6 - 10 
6) A. Hardway Bingo: A win with one line not using the free space. Double Hardway Bingo requires two lines not using the free space.

7) C. Outside Square: using B and O row plus top and bottom rows across. Inside Square: is a win around the free space using I, N and G rows.

8) C. Pattern Bingo: a specific pattern on the bingo card. For example, the letters X, T or H.

9) A. Two Little Ducks or Dinky Doo.

10) A. Heaven’s Gate. 

Play Bingo Quiz Bonus Q&A
What is a Hard Card in Bingo?
A. A losing card.
B. A bingo card made of sturdy cardboard.
C. Bingo cards that have a printing error.

B. A bingo card made of sturdy cardboard

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