Online Slots Guide

This guide explores the exploding growth of playing slots online, including game creators, types of slots available & online strategies.

Intro to Slots

Pokies are what Australians call slot machines and they are by far the most popular casino game in the world. Pokies are easy to understand and often feature attractive themes, animations and sounds.

But what really makes online slots so popular is the fact that you can win huge amounts of money with low stakes. Some of the world's biggest jackpots were won with stakes as low as $0.50. And even if you don't win, you will at least be entertained by the dazzling graphics, exciting bonus features and surprising game play.

Online casinos typically carry hundreds of online pokies that you can try out for free or for real money. Some of the world's finest slot machines are found online, with names like Starburst, Bier Haus, Mega Moolah, Gonzo's Quest and Raging Rhino. Netent, Microgaming, Thunderkick and WMS are just some of the world's best software providers that release new pokie machines on a weekly basis.

If you want to play real money online pokies, the first step you need to take is to visit an online casino and register an account. The next step is to deposit some funds, collect a welcome bonus and you are ready to start winning!

General Info
Online Slots Guide

You can play slots games online in both downloadable and instant play/flash versions. The advantage of downloading is the superior game options.

Additionally, online slots offer better payouts on average vs. offline for 2 reasons - increased competition online and the slot games are cheaper to operate than land-based casinos. All recognized online casinos are audited and the proof is in the slot payout percentages posted to view.

Moreover, slot payout percentages consistently remain the same throughout the day, week or month. It is a myth that a slot machine that hits a jackpot does not hit again for a long time. It is based on the programmed percentage probabilities.

Slots Creators & Slot Types
Online Slots Guide

Over 150 companies manufacture software solutions for online gambling. Top names are Playtech, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming (RTG), Rival and Cryptologic. Microgaming software launched in1998 and gaming revenue shares currently amount to more than 70% of the industry.

Slots games online have advanced from the early days to the extent that playing at online casinos can accurately duplicate any land-based casino experience. Proof of this statement becomes evident with the number of slot makers like IGT and WMS Gaming who have chosen to participate at both online casinos and land-based.

This double market strategy creates the best of both worlds for slot players in that games like Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune along with familiar progressive slot names can be played almost everywhere.

The variety and selection online includes 25 + multiple lines, free spins and multi-spins that make up a large portion of the slots inventory. Some other slot types for players who prefer traditional slots play are 2-Bet Max. 3-Reel 3-Line or 5 Reel 5 Line.

'Branded or entertainment' slots based on memorable games, movies or people have worldwide appeal. Crash Splash is one of the most advanced online slot machines. One of the most successful online slot titles is Tomb Raider.

Types of Online Slots
Online Slots Guide

Click on one of the types of Online Slots below to read more about it.

Progressive Slots

Progressives are the most popular and most played of all of the slot game types and it is easy to understand why for two reasons. First, the wide variety of progressive slot titles and secondly, with ever-growing jackpot levels, these slots offer big paydays that is the stuff of dreams. Examples are Beach Life, Mega Moolah, Triple Inferno, Fruit Mania and Aztec Millions.

As with land-based progressive titles, the online slot creators provide a linked jackpot network. The most popular progressive slot jackpot networks are by Microgaming, Playtech Progressive Slots and Net Entertainment Progressive Slot Networks. There are other smaller progressive slot networks, however the Big 3 as mentioned provide the largest jackpots online and are widely available at most casinos.

3D Online Slots

Always moving forward with advanced gaming entertainment, the slot creators now offer slots in 3D. While no special equipment is required by players, this feature is limited on particular portions of the slot machines currently, but is sure to improve in a short time.

Popular 3D slot games like Slotfather, Funky Chicken, Rockstar, Mr. Vegas, Gladiator, Lost, Mama Mia and Royal Reels create a unique and entertaining event while visiting the slots playground. The big name creators of 3D slots are Betsoft and Sherriff Games who power the vast majority of 3D slot games.

Branded or Entertainment Games

Branded slots at land-based casinos have always led the way and attracted many slot players with their familiar titles. Examples are Monopoly, Ghost Busters, Clint Eastwood, Michael Jackson, Wizard of Oz and The Godfather.

TV Game Shows appear frequently as slot games: The Price Is Right. Jeopardy! Let's Make a Deal and of course, Wheel of Fortune.

Branded or Entertainment slots online have caught on rapidly and current selections include the Marvel Superheroes and Pink Panther. Mix in Monopoly, Clue, Deal or No Deal while War of the Worlds, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek fit in the games/movies category. Familiar names and faces like Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Elvis to name a few are available online. These games are here to stay and have become some of the highest grossing slot games.

Mobile Slots

Slots players expected that the wait would be short before their favorite slot games would arrive on their ipad, iphone, ipod android and/or blackberry device and they were not disappointed. The ability to play mobile slot games when the mood strikes has motivated the slot makers to offer a wide array of online slot games designed for mobile phones.

Microgaming is in front of the rest of the slot creators for the mobile phone market offering a wide variety of their popular online slots including the progressive slot jackpots. Other examples for slot players to tap and play are Fiesta, Treasure Box, Treasure Nile, Avalon and Thunderstruck.

Online Slots Strategies
Online Slots Guide

Online Slots Strategies

The first and important strategy tip is to read the help menu for symbol payouts and top jackpots to determine the best bet.

Additionally, slots online have distinct names depending on the country or region where they are played. For example, fruit machines in the UK or pokies in Australia. There is no doubt that online slots offer more versions, paylines and bonus features in a trend that is sure to continue.

25+ multiple lines, free spins and multi-spins make up a large portion of the slots inventory. Some other choices for players who prefer traditional slots play are 2-Bet Max. 3-Reel 3-Line or 5 Reel 5 Line.

It is suggested that you activate all paylines or you will lose credits if a win lands on a payline that you did not include with your bet. If you don't bet maximum coins for each spin, choose instead to at least bet 1-2 credits/payline unless the slot is a high-value progressive. Penny slots are a great introduction to slots as the bets are relatively small depending on how many paylines you activate.

The 'hold and spin' slot versions allow you to hold all or none of the game symbols on the bottom reel and those selected are held on all the other reels for a second spin. These online slots versions will test your skills.

Basic, Non-progressive Slots Strategies

  1. Search out multiplier symbols that double/triple++ your credits for winning combinations. The principle of a multiplier symbol is simple - whenever it appears on the payline with any other symbols that normally would have made a winning combination, the payoff amount is multiplied as displayed. These multiplier amounts will vary from game to game and can be double or even as high as 10 times of the original win value.
  2. Wild symbols to increase your credit total. While wild symbols will reward extra credits or spins, it usually does not double/triple your win as multiplier symbols do.Thus, the ideal basic slots games online will offer both multipliers and wild symbols.
  3. Look for a top non-progressive jackpot at the low end (ex. 1000 coins) as the payouts are more frequent than a top jackpot at the high end (ex. 10,000 coins).

Progressive Slots Strategies

Before playing any single group of progressives, check out the top jackpot amounts at the online casinos for comparison. The bigger, the better is the rule here. When a top jackpot reaches double or more than the minimum reset amount, it is hot, hot, hot for the big strike. Beware that there is the possibility of the game rising to a higher level. Case in point: The progressive win combination rolls around when someone has less than the maximum bet on the machine.

When seeking out the progressives, you will want to view previous hits where possible and the history of a particular progressive slot machine to assist you in making your selection of the game.

Many online progressive games have been around for some time and developed a reputation for the best bet. For example, MegaMoola.

If you are playing a progressive game, whether it's slots or any other game, you MUST play maximum bet, or you can never realize the full return of the machine. The worst possible thing you can do is play one of these machines at less than maximum coins and have the winning combination appear on the payline. If you are not in a position to play maximum coins, then you should play another game. It's all or nothing when a progressive jackpot comes into question.

Online progressive machines give you the benefit of instant payments. That is to say, you still have to wait for the check to arrive, but you get your money all at once, with no installments. It's the absolute best arrangement that there is.

Have fun with these 'life-changing slots' and in the end may all your progressive wins be progressively profitable.