Game guides, glossaries, trivia and quizzes for the most popular skill games Game guides, glossaries, trivia and quizzes for the most popular skill games

Skill Games

We begin skill gamers jargon with the definition of these game types. A game of skill is a game where the result is determined generally by mental and/or physical skill, as opposed to pure chance or luck. Skill games require additional equipment/tools to play, such as dice, a game board or playing cards.

There are several types of skill games: card, board, tile, physical or sports, word, dice and puzzle games. A benefit of skill games is that they are a method of exploring one's own competence. These games encourage keen players to analyze and develop strategies.

Skill gamers jargon is a unique area of gamerisms because the language is distinctive. Many terms in this section are not found elsewhere at the site. Of course, that does not mean that skill game players are any less passionate. On the contrary, when you consider the games of chess and backgammon forskill gamers jargon example, the description of passionate is applicable for these keen players. Additionally, chess and backgammon are classified as strategy games at gamerisms.

Skill gamerisms for chess + checkers, backgammon, rummy, billiards and darts as well as puzzle, word, tile, dice & cards games are defined here.

All Skill Games

I Skill Chess Checkers

Chess & Checkers
Skill Games

Features a chess glossary, 2 chess strategy guides, a quiz and trivia report, plus checkers glossary, rules, history, jumping/capturing and tournament playing tips.

Chess gamerisms: Connected Rooks, Counter Play, Crosscheck.
Checkers gamerisms: Kings, Man or Piece, Two for One Strategy & Trap.

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I Skill Backgammon

Skill Games

Features a Backgammon glossary, Backgammon Quiz and Backgammon Facts Trivia report.

Examples of Backgammon gamerisms: Cube Decision, Dance, Dice, Dilly Builder, End Game, Fast Board and Fly Shot.

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I Skill Rummy

Skill Games

Includes rummy versions, a comprehensive glossary, game rules & strategies, as well as a Rummy Quiz and Rummy Facts Trivia report.

Examples of Rummy gamerisms: Gin, Gin Hand, Gin Rummy, Contract Rummy, Deadwood, Trey.

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I Skill Billiards

Skill Games

Billiards at gamerisms provides a comprehensive glossary plus Billiards Quiz and Billiards Facts Trivia report.

Examples of Billiards gamerisms: Break, Brown Ball, Called Ball, Called Pocket, Chalk, Clean Bank and Peas or Pills.

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I Skill Darts

Skill Games

Darts gamerisms offers a glossary plus Darts Quiz and Darts Facts Trivia report.

Examples of Darts gamerisms: Easy In, Easy Out, Fat, Flat Tire, Foot Fault, Game Shot.

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I Skill Puzzle

Skill Games

The Puzzle Games Glossary offers a list of terms & details of popular puzzle games, such as Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Bejeweled, Deal or No Deal & Chuggles.

Examples of Puzzle gamerisms: Contour Cut, Impossible Object, & Whimsies.

I Skill Word

Word Games
Skill Games

The Word Games glossary offers a wide assortment of word games, & word game types such as pencil and classic followed by a glossary and a list of the 5 most popular word games worldwide.

Examples of Word gamerisms: Anagrams, Darks, Cruciverbalist, & Unch.

I Skill Tile

Tile Games
Skill Games

Gamerisms focuses on the centuries-old tile games mahjong, dominoes & paigow. Rules, terms & playing tips are published for all games in our exclusive glossary format.

Examples of Tile gamerisms: Mld, Kong, Chow, Spinner & Bones.

I Skill Dice

Dice Games
Skill Games

Gamerisms provides a list of 10 popular dice gamese, such as Poker Dice & Yahtzee. Rules, scoring and playing tips are described for all these skill games in our exclusive glossary format.

Examples of Dice gamerisms: Large Straight, Chance, & Roll-Off.

I Skill Cards

Card Games
Skill Games

Details on some miscellaneous card games including wild card games, jackpots, stud derivatives, & 12 odd & unique versions of Poker. You will likely recognize more than a few of the classic card games, like Deuces Wild, Woolworth, Baseball & Spit in the Ocean.

Examples of Card gamerisms: Wild Card, Jackpot & Knocker.