Rating Online Games Quiz

Rating Online Games: Casinos, Bingo and Sportsbooks

This Rating Online Games Quiz will assist with your playing options. Players who are contemplating taking the plunge into the sea of online games at gaming sites or via mobile will do well to ask questions about banking, taxes, games choices, security and software.

It is imperative that you scan the games choices, software, online promotions, banking and of course, the security features available. If the company background is offered=About Us; it is a good idea to scan that as well. Ask these questions: 
Are the graphics and overall design professional grade? 
How long have they been in business?
Do they post their payout percentages and how well do my favorite games pay?
How many games do they offer?  Are their enough games choices that I’m likely to play?
How do I contact them if there is a problem? 

15 Questions: Rating Online Games
Below are 15 questions divided in four major categories: reputation, software, security & banking, and player incentives for both gaming and mobile sites. 
For each question, circle or note the answer that best suits your current casino, bingo or sportsbook sites and check out the results below.

Reputation: Rating Online Games
1) How many awards has the site won?
A. None/information not offered     
B. 1-2     
C. 3-4
D. 5 or more
2) Their monthly payout percentages are:
A. Never mentioned on the site
B.  Reviewed by an independent auditor
C.  Audited and available for examination by players
3) Are they affiliated with a traditional casino or gaming group anywhere in the world?
A.  No
B.  Yes
4) Are they affiliated with or a member of any online gaming regulatory group such as eCOGRA?
A.  No
B.  Yes

Software: Rating Online Games
5) How many games choices does the site offer?
A.  Less than a dozen
B.  12-25
C.  26-75
D.  76 or more

6) How realistic are the site’s graphics and sounds?
A. Not at all
B. Like an old arcade game
C. Nice, but not entirely realistic
D. Fantastic 3-D images, realistic game sounds plus mobile access

7) Is Free Play/Preview Offered at the Site?
A. No
B. Yes
Security, Support & Banking
8) Are all financial transactions supported/protected by the latest encryption software?
A. No
B. Yes

9) How fast are withdrawals processed?
A. Once a week
B. Every 48 hours
C. Within 24 hours
10) What types of customer support do they offer?
A.  None
B.  E-mail
C.  24/7 E-mail and toll-free telephone
D.  24/7 E-mail, toll-free telephone and live chat
11) How many ways can players make deposits and withdrawals?
A.  1-2
B.  3-4
C.  4-5
D.  6 or more
12) Do they offer security features that allow players to check their deposits or game results?
A. No
B. Yes
Player Incentives: Rating Online Games
13) Does the site offer loyalty, returning player or Player Reward programs?
A.   No
B.   Yes
14) How much is the initial sign-up bonus worth?
A.   No bonus
B.   Percentage or cash up to $100
C.   Percentage or cash up to $200
D.   More than $200
15) Do their Player Reward points carry-over each month?
A.   No, they expire at the end of each month
B.   Yes, they carry over from month to month  
The Results
How well did your site do? Add up the totals from each section according to your responses
(A=0 points; B=1 point; C=2 Points; D=3 points) and compare that value to the table below:
Score                   Site Rating
10 or less             Poor           
11-24                    Average
25-34                    Above Average=Good
35+                       Excellent

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