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Casino gambling facts & trivia about the favorite pastime of gambling, available to passionate players worldwide, before and now.

General Casino Trivia

Gamerisms embarks on a global fact finding mission to report about casino history, online casino games and land casinos, casino player data, revenue and regional markets worldwide as well as notable winners & legends. 

The facts in this report will help you to better understand the casino and sport betting industry as a whole, covering aspects like gambling history, land based casino characteristics, online casino gambling characteristics, winners and legends in the industry and more.

This page covers general casino and gambling knowledge. However, we do also provide you with detailed trivia on major casino games like blackjack, craps, slots, video poker, roulette, poker and sports betting

Casino Gambling Facts & Trivia

  1. The Italians gave us the term casino meaning a small country villa, summer house or pavilion. Since then, casinos have evolved into gambling houses.
  2. Gambling is recorded in Chinese history back in 2300BC. Greeks, Romans, French and British gamblers have all taken to games of chance throughout their long histories.
  3. 85% of American adults have gambled at least once in their lifetime
  4. Venice established the first gambling house or casino in 1638 for carnival season.
  5. The first casino opened in the United States in 1931. As of 2011, the gross gaming revenue from almost 1,500 land casinos totaled $34.6 billion.
  6. It is a sure bet that some form of gambling has been practiced universally for a great many years.

Land Casinos Worldwide
Casino Gambling Facts & Trivia

  1. Land casinos with the lights, bells, shouts of victory and loud music create the thrills for players looking for challenging games and entertainment.
  2. Most casinos offer hotels, fine dining, shopping, spa and live entertainment. While not land casinos, but with all the amenities mentioned are located on cruise ships too.
  3. Definitely sign up for your Players Club Card at participating casinos to collect points and redeem for comps.
  4. European casino visitors consider the venture a social event that requires above casual dress and an entrance fee. Formal attire is requested for Monte Carlo, arguably—the world’s finest casino.
  5. The gambling facts trivia are that globally recognized casino gambling markets--established and emerging--listed by revenues highest to lowest are Macau, Las Vegas, Singapore, France, Atlantic City, US, Australia, South Korea, Germany, South Africa, UK and Poland.
  6. Worldwide regions listed by high to low casino revenues are: US, Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Canada and Latin America.
  7. Under the heading of unusual land casino locations as viewed by North Americans would be the casinos of Nepal at Kathmandu, Philippines, Japan, Chile and Argentina. How about Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and the world renowned Sun City Resort in South Africa?
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Online Casino Games
Casino Gambling Facts & Trivia

  1. Online casino gambling is a worldwide phenomenon with access, convenience, 24/7 play and no travel time as the major selling points.
  2. An amazingly wide variety of online games are available for different player interests which include the ever popular poker with several versions, a long list of familiar casino games that are generally either table games or slots, sportsbetting, bingo, lotteries and horseracing.
  3. There are the additions of mobile gaming, live dealers and In-play gambling that allows players to place wagers while an event is in progress. For example, a football or soccer game.
  4. H2 Gambling Capital estimates worldwide online gambling revenue at $30 billion in 2012 excluding lottery and skill games with an expected increase to $40 billion by 2015.
  5. H2 reports further that the global mobile gambling market is posed to expand to about $24 billion (€19bn) by 2018.
  6. Additionally, a benefit of online play is many more markets can now offer unique games that were only available at land casinos located in certain regions of the globe before.
  7. Examples are Sic Bo, Pontoon, Chemin de Fer, Badugi Poker, Punto Banco, Chinese and Pusoy Poker.
  8. This benefit extends to skill game players where online games are available for chess, backgammon, many rummy versions, billiards, mahjong, dominoes and checkers. This list is endless if you toss in word, puzzle, dice and tile games online.
  9. To compete with land casinos, the online gaming industry has stepped up with generous welcome bonuses, promotions, frequent tournaments and Players Club points that can easily match land casinos.
  10. Additionally, online gambling houses can boast of better slot payouts that are audited and posted at their sites in comparison to land casinos.
  11. Browsers who have not gambled before are now paying attention and many claim that online gambling is equally as much fun as going to land casinos.
  12. One of the important factors for newbies is that they do not face the intimidation from veteran gamblers as with land casinos, specifically with tables games online including poker.
  13. Online gambling allows these novice players the opportunity to practice and perfect their playing skills before attempting play with the more seasoned players.

Male-Female Casino Players Worldwide
Casino Gambling Facts & Trivia

  1. Male gamblers had dominated Asian culture; however, casino operators are moving to design service offerings that are more attractive to female and leisure consumers, as they represent a large potential casino clientele.
  2. The number of women playing online games in the UK has increased four times from 2007 to 2010. The number of women at online casinos is now almost as high as number of men. The reasons for this shift are access, convenience and an environment where women feel safer, away from the prying eyes they might encounter from males at land casinos.
  3. The response from online casinos has been to offer female-oriented online games and online bingo halls.
  4. In the US, the typical land casino gambler was middle-aged, likely to be female, and slightly better educated with a higher average household income.
  5. The average online poker player worldwide stats: 73.8% are male, roughly 30% are between the ages of twenty-six and thirty-five, 26.8% play from two to three times every week and 34% play both regular cash tables and in tournaments.
  6. Casino gambling facts trivia reveal that the average online casino gambler worldwide stats are 55% female, 29.5% are between the ages of forty-six and fifty-five, 37% play two to three times each week and 22.4% have been gambling online for over two years and play from one to two hours each gambling session.

Winners & Legends
Casino Gambling Facts & Trivia

  1. Japanese property developer, Akio Kashiwagi is on record as one of the world’s leading gamblers. He bets $20 million an hour. He won $19 million in 1990 in a casino at Darwin, Australia and $6 million at Trump Plaza, Atlantic City.
  2. The largest progressive slot jackpot to date at a land casino of $39,713,982. won on 3/21/03 at an IGT Megabucks machine at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. The winner, who requested anonymity, was a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles.
  3. William Lee Bergstrom from Austin, Texas decided to test the Binion claim that Binion would book any bet, no matter how large, as long as you make it your first. Bergstrom arrived with a suitcase filled with $777,000 that he bet on the Don’t Pass line at craps. The shooter established a point of six and then sevened out two rolls later. Bergstrom took his original $777,000 and his win of $777,000 and departed. Bergstrom came back and won a single $590,000 bet, a couple of smaller wins and lastly, his famous $1million bet that he lost. Unfortunately, 3 months later Bergstrom killed himself at a Strip hotel ahead by $647,000.
  4. Archie Karas, a Greek immigrant, provided one of the greatest runs in Vegas history. Starting with a borrowed stake of ten thousand dollars, Archie conquered the game of poker at Binion’s Horseshoe, defeating 15 of the world’s greatest poker players in head-to-head competition. Truly, one of the astounding gambling facts trivia. Archie then turned to the craps tables where he won millions more. At one point in his run, Archie possessed all of the Horseshoe’s $5,000 chips, over 11 million dollars worth. When the run was over, Archie was up over 17 million dollars between poker and craps, all at the Horseshoe Casino.
  5. In 2004 when Paul Newey, known for wagers up to £300,000 per spin on roulette, took £3 million from the Star City Casino in Birmingham, UK, he forced owners Stanley Leisure to issuing a profit warning.
  6. Millions upon millions of dollar wins in a single night are credited to Malaysian tycoons Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay and Quek Leng Chan, Indonesia’s Putera Sampoerna and Hustler founder Larry Flynt.
  7. It is one of those gambling facts trivia that is the most written about, most admired, and, to some casinos--the most feared modern gambler was, now deceased, Australian billionaire, Kerry Packer.When the Aspinalls Club in London, UK ran out of money and was forced to close its doors in May 1990, it was Kerry Packer’s name that came up.On the other side of the pond, there was his $US26 million winning night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.However, in 1987, he lost £8 million in a single night at London’s Ritz casino. Also, in 2001 at a place called Vegas, he dropped around $30 million playing baccarat, one of his 2 favorite games. The other being blackjack.To get a sense as to why admiration was heaped upon him by fellow gamblers, Kerry got more joy from the request to find another gambling house than the £10 million win he took from one casino.The roller coaster ride of massive wins and losses of the legend named Packer are what dreams are made offor passionate casino players and these stories never grow old.

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