Baseball Game Terms Part 3

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Baseball Game Terms: M - O

  • Mendoza Line: a .200 batting average named after player Mario Mendoza. Example using this phrase is "caution--don't go below the Mendoza line." 
  • Mound:  the area where the pitcher stands and/or where the pitchers mound is located.
  • No Hitter:  game in which one pitcher allows no hits to the opposing team.
  • On Deck:  baseball jargon referring to the next person up to bat.
  • Outfield:  the area between the fence and the infield and between the two foul lines.
  • Outfielder:  player position in the outfield. Center, right and left fielder.
  • Outside Corner: pitched to the edge of home plate, thus away from the batter
Baseball Game Terms: P - R
  • Passed Ball:  term for a ball pitched and missed by the catcher. The chase is on!
  • Payoff Pitch: baseball jargon for the following pitch after a full count is established. This pitch will benefit either the batter or pitcher at this point.
  • Perfect Game: an entire game pitched where no hits or walks are obtained by the opposing team. A beautiful sight to see!
  • Pinch Hitter:  player placed into a batting lineup to hit in place of a teammate already playing.
  • Pinch Runner:  a player placed into the game to replace a teammate already on base.
  • Pitchout:  the act of throwing an intentional ball to catch a runner stealing.
  • Pitching Rotation:  the rotation of pitchers on a team, usually 3-5 pitchers based on the number of games played and the number of days rest needed for each pitcher.
  • Position Player: team player, other than the pitcher.
  • Power Hitter or Slugger: superior player who racks up plenty of home runs and base hits. 
  • Relief Pitchers: baseball game terms for substitute pitchers replacing the current pitchers.
  • Rundown: baseball jargon for when a runner is pinned between 2 bases and attempts to reach the safety of a base before either opposing player tags the runner out.
Baseball Game Terms: S
  • Sacrifice Fly or Bunt:  a hit with the purpose of advancing a runner but not necessarily to reach base.
  • Safe:  term for call by the umpire when a play is made, indicating the runner is not out.
  • Scoring Position: term for a runner who is on second or third base as this position holds the opportunity to score.
  • Setup Man: term for a relief pitcher placed in the game before the closer.
  • Seventh-inning Stretch: a break for fans that takes place between the top and bottom of the seventh inning. 
  • Shoestring Catch: term for fielder who scoops the ball and runs with it.
  • Shut Out:  occurs when a team scores no runs.
  • Slice Foul: baseball jargon for fly ball or line drive that spins out of fair ball area into foul ball area.
  • Slide: player who moves down to ground level to prevent a tag by the catcher.
  • Squeeze Play or Suicide Squeeze: bunting strategy to get a runner home from third base.
  • Starter:  the pitcher who starts the game.
  • Steal:  the act of advancing bases during a pitch to the plate. A smooth move!
  • Strike:  called if a batter swings the bat and misses a pitch OR if the batter chooses not to swing and the umpire calls it within the zone between the batters armpits and knees.
  • Submariner: baseball jargon for pitcher who throws underarm.
Baseball Game Terms: T
  • Tag:  the act of a player fielding the ball and then touching a runner out before the runner touches or reaches the base.
  • Take Sign: occurs when batter is signaled not to swing at the next pitch.
  • Top of the inning: term for first part of the inning at which time the visiting team bats.
  • Triple:  a hit that allows a batter to safely reach third base.
  • Triple Play:  three outs as the result of the ball fielded skillfully in one play—a magnificent and rare game event!
Baseball Game Terms: U - Z
  • Up the Middle: area close to second base used to describe the location ofbaseball gecko, define your game batted balls.
  • Utility Player: a player who has the ability to play many positions on the field. Example: shortstop and second base.
  • Walk:  term for player who takes a base when he/she has been pitched 4 balls as determined by the umpire.
  • Walk-off Home Run: jargon for a home run hit that determines the end of a game.
  • Warning Track: dirt path close to outfield fence in order that players avoid running into the fence.
  • Wheelhouse:  a power hitter's favorite spot to hit the ball where the greatest results are achieved.
  • Whiff: the sound made by the bat being swung and not making contact with anything. Another term for a strike.
  • Wild Pitch:  a pitch thrown in the dirt resulting in a passed ball.
  • Yips: bad case of nerves resulting in shakes that make it very difficult for a gamer to play well. This phrase can be used in reference to many games and is recognized by both players and fans alike.
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