Baseball Players Terms Part 2

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Baseball Players Terms: C

  • Called Game:  a game suspended, normally due to weather by the umpire or as dictated by the leagues rules.
  • Can of Corn:  catch made by a fielder that is deemed extremely easy. If only the rest of the game was so, yes?
  • Change Up:  a slow pitch thrown with the same motion as a fast pitch, but with less velocity intended to fool a batter and throw off their timing.
  • Chase After: baseball player attempting to hit a pitch way outside of the strike zone.
  • Check Swing:  when a batter stops in mid swing, without following through, in an attempt to avoid swinging at a bad pitch. 
  • Chin Music:  pitch thrown high and close to the batter, whizzing by under their chin.
  • Circus Catch:  a physically impressive and often acrobatic catch by a fielder.
  • Clean up Hitter:  a hitter batting fourth in the batting order, usually the best hitter on the team and/or baseball player known as a power hitter.
  • Closer:  a relief pitcher that is brought in to work the final portion of the game, usually when the game is on the line.
  • Complete Game:  achieved when a pitcher pitches all nine innings of a game.
  • Count: term for the number of balls and strikes currently called during each at bat. 
  • Curve:  a pitch that moves across the plate upon reaching the batter.
  • Cut Off: term for baseball players who shorten the throw or cut off the ball thrown from the outfield.
  • Cutter:  term for a breaking fastball.
  • Cycle:  obtained when a batter achieves a single, double, triple and home run in a single game. The triple is the difficult part; therefore, this accomplishment is rare and should be applauded loudly!
Baseball Players Terms: D
  • Dinger:  another name for a home run. Congrats to the dingee or is it dingert?
  • Double:  a hit that allows a batter to reach second base. 
  • Double Play:  the act of getting two runners out during one hit.
  • Doubleheader:  two baseball games, played back to back.
  • Down the Line: area close to foul lines used to describe the location of batted balls.
  • Down the Middle: area of home plate used to describe the location of pitches.
  • Drop off the Table: term for a pitched ball that breaks sharply.
  • Dugouts:  the 2 separate field areas where each team is located during the game.
Baseball Players Terms: E - F
  • Earned Run:  a run allowed by a pitcher.
  • Error:  a play that should have been made, but due to a mistake, was not. Error is counted in the stats against the player who committed it.
  • Fast Ball:  a pitch thrown as hard as possible, typically straight with no movement.
  • Fly Ball:  a ball hit high in the air in a large arc.
  • Force Out:  the act of touching a base in which an opposing runner is forced to run towards because another teammate has hit and is running behind him/her. Example: if a runner is forced to run to second and the fielder touches second base before the runner arrives, that runner is out. 
  • Foul Line:  line stretching from home plate into the outfield, marking the boundaries of legal play in or out of bounds.
  • Fouling Off: when player continues to bat after a count of 2 strikes.
  • Full Count: consists of 3 balls and 2 strikes wherein the next pitch will produce a walk or hit ball. Don't you just hate the suspense?
Baseball Players Terms: G
  • Gap:  section of the field between outfielders.
  • Grand Slam: home run hit when runners are on each base resulting in a total of 4 runs on the scoreboard.
  • Green Light:  signal given by the coach for the batter to hit the next good pitch or for the runner to steal a base at the next opportunity.
  • Grounder or Ground Ball:  a ball hit rolling on the ground.
Baseball Players Terms: H
  • Heat or Heater: jargon for a maximum velocity fastball. It's a zinger!
  • baseball players terms, define your gameHigh and Tight: pitched above the strike zone.
  • Hit: a play in which the batter makes contact with the ball and is able to reach base without being forced out or tagged.
  • Hit and Run:  occurs when a runner starts to advance to the base as soon as the ball is pitched to the batter in an attempt to reach and advance the runner.
  • Hitting the Cycle: player who hits in any order--a single, double, triple and home run during the same game. Every batter's dream game!
  • Home Plate:  the fourth base or point the runner attempts to reach.  Once crossed safely, a run is tallied for the team. Cheers ring out on this trip--homeward bound.
  • Hot Corner: baseball jargon for third base.
Baseball Players Terms: I - L
  • Infield:  area in which the bases are located, approximately ninety feet square.
  • Infielder: term for player position inside the infield. First, second, third basemen and shortstop.
  • Intentional Walk: action of throwing four unhittable balls by the pitcher in order to walk a talented batter.
  • Knuckle Ball:  pitch thrown by gripping the seams of the baseball with the first finger and knuckle.  This gives the ball a slow erratic motion when thrown.
  • Lead Off: player who bats first in the lineup for the team or a base runner who moves forward from the base before a pitch is thrown. Perhaps a steal is about to happen?
  • Line Drive:  a hit that is hard and on a straight line at a low trajectory.
  • Load the Bases: term for 3 players of one team who are on first, second, and third bases.
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