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Basketball Players Terms:E

basketball players terms
  • Elbowing: foul worthy because of over-use of the elbows against an opponent. Rises to a game ejection if opponent is elbowed above the shoulders.
  • End Line: refers to the baseline boundary behind the baskets.
  • Establish Position: making a stand in a specific area of the court before the challenger arrives there.
Basketball Players Terms: F
  • Fake or Feint: action to deceive your opponent. Skillful players can perform a fake with not only the eyes, but other parts of the body as well.
  • False Multiple Foul: one foul, two foul in a row. The second foul is assigned a separate penalty as it happened before play resumed after #1 foul.
  • Fast Break: the fast movement of the ball up the court after a rebound in order to gain advantage on defenders.
  • Field Goal: the act of putting the ball through the basket.
  • Fill the Lane: moving rapidly close to the sideline to disperse the defense. Divide and conquer is the strategy.
  • Finger Roll: jargon for a smooth shot off the fingers to the basket.
  • Flagrant Foul: a foul that is intentional, can cause harm and uses unnecessary force.
  • Floor: this is where the basketball game is played.
  • Floor Violation: a mini penalty resulting in a possession turn over where the challenger's movement is not illegally blocked nor is he harmed. No harm, no foul.
  • Forward: players whose duties include moving on offense and defense.
  • Foul: impediment of the offensive player by the defender either while advancing the ball or while shooting. The phrase 'foul worthy' is used to describe examples in this gamerisms glossary.
  • Foul Line: the line 15 feet from the basket where foul shots are attempted.
  • Foul Out: big-time penalty worthy resulting in game disqualification because of accumulating too many personal fouls.
  • Foul Trouble: yikes! a player is very close to the foul limitation, therefore a candidate to be fouled out.
  • Four-point Play: occurs when a player is fouled while going for a 3-pointer resulting in a freebie throw.
  • Free Throw or Foul Shot: a free shot given to the shooter who has been fouled.
  • Front: this is the guarding position between an opponent and the ball.
  • Frontcourt: refers to all players center and forwards on one team or a team's attack area from the centerline to the baseline.
  • Full-court Press: occurs when the challengers get ball possession in their backcourt, then the move towards the basket is intense.
Basketball Players Terms: G
  • Game Clock: measures time left in the playing period.
  • Goaltending: term for impeding a basket bound shot that has touched the backboard. There is a throw-in given to the challenger if this motion is performed by an offense player.
  • Guard: players whose duties include carrying the ball from the backcourt, taking outside shots and setting up plays.
Basketball Players Terms: H
  • Hacking: foul worthy on the player who strikes a challenger's hand or arm in an attempt to loosen the ball from him/her.
  • Half-court Offense: strategic movement to get a basket once a team has possession of the basketball into the frontcourt.
  • Half-court Press: occurs when the challengers get ball possession in their frontcourt, then the move towards the basket begins with earnest. So, 1/2 a full-court press, then.
  • Hand Check: foul worthy for the act of striking the opponent with one or both hands.
  • Held Ball: term for two players fighting over one ball resulting in a jump ball to settle it.
  • High Percentage Shot: bet on this one going in the basket.
  • High Post: you will find the center here near the free throw line.
  • Holding: action to limit or impede a challenger's movement.
  • Hook Shot: smooth move where the ball is set up to score from the side with the hand that is the farthest from the basket.
  • Hoop: term for basket rim.
  • Hoops: popular jargon for a basketball game.
  • Incidental Contact: a minor motion that goes unnoticed by game officials.
Basketball Players Terms: I
  • In the Paint: area of the free throw players terms at gamerisms
  • Inbound or Inbounds pass: place the ball into motion from a throw-in.
  • Inside Shot: occurs near the basket.
  • Intentional Foul: foul worthy strategy to stop the clock resulting in a free throw and/or possession of the ball awarded to the challengers.
Basketball Players Terms: J
  • Jump Ball: result of two players having the ball at the same time. 
  • Jump Hook: jump up and take a shot in one smooth move.
  • Jump Shot: jargon for an attempted shot with two hands while jumping.
  • Jumping Circle: occurs within a 4 ft. circle where participating players must keep one foot inside the jumping circle.
Basketball Players Terms: K - L
  • Keepaway Game: strategy by the leading team to slow down the game to avoid point scoring by the opposing team. Known as freezing or 'using up time'.
  • Kicked Ball: foul worthy caused by the ball hitting the foot.
  • Lane: refers to the free throw lane.
  • Lane Violation: occurs when a player steps into the free throw lane before completion of the free shot or a 3-second violation.
  • Lay-in: another smooth move—leap up and ball scores with 1 hand.
  • Lay-up: refers to a lay-in with a difference—ball scores off the backboard.
  • Lead Official: game official who monitors and calls the play between the baseline and free throw line.
  • Lead Pass or Leading the Receiver: ball passing strategy targeted at a moving teammate. Ideally, the ball meets up with the player at just the right moment to continue play.
  • Live Ball: either from a free-throw shooter or from a throw-in, this ball is in play.
  • Loose Ball: no player has possession, so the ball is up for grabs.
  • Lower Percentage Shot: hardly an easy shot, so don't bet on it.
Basketball Players Terms: M
  • Man-to-man: defense where each man on defense is assigned one man on offense to guard.
  • Match-ups: you guard him and/or she guards her, the pairing of opposing players.
  • Midcourt Area Marker: refers to one of four marked lines from a sideline to baseline.
  • Multiple Foul: penalty worthy because a single player suffers 2 fouls by the challengers at about the same time.
Basketball Players Terms: O
  • Offensive Board: either a rebound or referring to the basket backboard.
  • Offensive Foul: penalty worthy resulting in a throw-in by the opposing team.
  • Offensive Rebound: bounce back from a player or teammate.
  • Offensive Team: term for team in possession of the ball.
  • Off the Dribble: jargon for shot taken on the way to the basket.
  • One-on-One: two opposing players on their own.
  • Open Shot: unguarded player takes this shot with a smile.
  • Out of Bounds: called when the ball is outside the established playing area resulting in a throw-in by the opposing team.
  • Outlet Pass: follows a defensive rebound to resume play.
  • Outside Shot: a long shot that travels some distance.
  • Over and Back: occurs when the ball moves into the frontcourt and returns to backcourt, the challengers are then given a free throw for this violation.
  • Over the Limit: penalty worthy as team has exceeded the foul limit, thereby awarding the challengers a bonus.
  • Overplay: strategy to guard an opposing player's best side, so the weaker side plays the shot.
  • Overtime: 5-minute period(s) played after a tie game until one team wins by more points scored.
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