Football Game Terms Part 3

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Football Game Terms: P - Q

  • Pass: a throw by the quarterback to an eligible receiver.
  • Pass Defender: football term for player who covers an opposing receiver.
  • Pass Interference:  see offensive and defensive pass interference.
  • Pass Patterns/Pass Routes: established plays that allow the passer or quarterback to execute rapidly.
  • Pass Protection: performed by offensive playersfootball game terms, lingo, jargon at gamerisms to protect the quarterback from defenders during pass plays. 
  • Pass Rush: defending tactic to move forward quickly to sack/disengage the quarterback.
  • PAT or Point after Touchdown: abbreviation that stands for point after touchdown. It is a field goal that is worth one point.
  • Penalty:  any of a number of infractions that are illegal and called during the game.
  • Personal Foul: typically unnecessary roughness or any called foul that is outside of game field play.
  • Pick: another name for an interception. Either way, one team lost the ball, yikes!
  • Pigskins: football game terms for the required to play equipment=footballs.
  • Pitch-out: football jargon for lateral pass to a running back by the quarterback.
  • Placekick: a field goal or kick off taking place from a set spot on the field.
  • Place-kicker: player on a team designated for kicking.
  • Play: tactical action to score points.
  • Play Action Pass: a pass in which a handoff is faked, followed by a pass thrown.
  • Play Book: plays that a team runs, usually diagramed in a book and given to each player.
  • Play Clock: determines time spent before ball is snapped/put into play. This action must occur before clock is at 0.
  • Pocket: lingo for the area formed by the offensive line when the ball is in play to protect the quarterback.
  • Pooch Kick: football jargon for a short, high kick.
  • Possession: any team or player in control of the football.
  • Previous Spot: location of the football where the last play began.
  • Primary Receiver: the number one target for a quarterback.
  • Pump Fake: football jargon for a pass fake by a quarterback.
  • Punt: occurs on fourth down when a team gives the ball back to the other team after they determine they cannot achieve a first down.
  • Pylon: orange marker marking the corners of the end zone.
  • Quarterback: player who runs the offense and either throws or hands the ball off. Arguably, the shining star of the team, certainly the most recognizable.
Football Game Terms: R   
  • Reading the Defense: adjustment of offense based on the quarterback's analysis of the defense.
  • Receiver: player responsible for catching the football.
  • Recovery: to secure or re-secure possession of a fumble.
  • Red Zone: the area between the 20-yard line and the end zone.
  • Referee: another name for official. Do I hear a 'he's just calling 'em like he sees 'em'?
  • Return: player who receives the ball and moves towards the other direction.
  • Reverse: a running play where a wide receiver is used as a half back.
  • Roll Out: lingo for the quarterback running toward the sideline prior to throwing or running with the football.
  • Rookie: football jargon for first-year professional league player.
  • Roughing the Kicker: hitting of the kicker by the defense after the kick.
  • Roughing the Passer: hitting of the quarterback by the defense after the pass is away.
  • Route: pattern run by the receiver in order to get open to receive a pass.
  • Running Back: player whose primary responsibility is to run with the football to advance it down the field.
  • Running into the Kicker: inadvertent contact with the kicker, typically from momentum, after the kick has transpired.
  • Rush: football term for a running play.
Football Game Terms: S
  • Sack: tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Safety: tackling the offense in their own end zone, counts for two points.
  • Scramble: a broken play where the quarterback must run under duress.
  • Screen Pass: a pass setup with downfield blocking, thrown to the running back and starting behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Secondary: the defensive backs on defense.
  • Series: group of 4 downs with the intention of gaining 10 yards.
  • Sideline: field length boundary line located at each sight. Outside this line is considered out of bounds.
  • Signal Caller: another name for quarterback. Who's the best 'clutch quarterback'? Talk amongst yourselves on this one.gaming gecko, define your game
  • Single-elimination: football game terms for tournament where a team is eliminated after one loss.
  • Slant: football game terms for a straight route run on an angle by a wide receiver.
  • Special teams: refers to players who play on the kick and punt teams.
  • Snap: lingo for football hike.
  • Spike: football jargon for player who celebrates a touchdown with a quick ball throw down.
  • Spiral: an accurate pass or kick where the football spins in the same direction.
  • Squib kick: short kick that remains close to the ground in which a return is not possible.
  • Spot: football term for marked location of forward progress and/or a foul.
  • Stiff or Straight-Arm: ball carrier's move to deflect an opposing tackler.
  • Succeeding Spot: location of start of next play if no penalty called.
  • Super Bowl:  Championship game in the National Football League. Usually, played in January or February, this is one big parteeee!
Football Game Terms: T
  • Tackle: football term for player position for both the offensive and defensive lines.
  • Tackling: football term for contact of ball carrier with the intention of tackling him to the ground to end the play.
  • Territory: area of field that each team guards against the opposing team, thus, half the field.
  • Third-and-long: football jargon for play that requires an advance of more than 7 yards on a third down.
  • Touchdown or TD: six points, scored when the offense crosses into the opponent's end zone.
  • Touchback: a kickoff that goes into the end zone: spotted at the 20-yard line.
  • Turnover: change of possession.
  • Two minute warning: signal that there is two minutes left in the play segment.
  • Two Point Conversion: attempt at two points after a touchdown by crossing the end zone instead of kicking.
Football Game Terms: U - Z
  • Unnecessary Roughness: use of excessive force when tackling a player.
  • Uprights: part of the goalpost that the ball must go between to score a PAT or field goal.
  • Wideout: a wide receiver or receiver.
  • Wild card: team that advances to the playoffs based on their record in their division. Basically, a second place qualification prize.
  • Winning percentage: football term for number of games that a team has won during a specific time period.
  • Yips: bad case of nerves resulting in shakes that make it very difficult for a gamer to play well. This lingo can be used in reference to many games.
  • Zone Defense: defensive scheme in which players cover an area of the field as opposed to covering a specific man.
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