Football Players Terms Part 2

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Football, part 2 continues for football players and fans who dream of the bomb that saves the game.

Football Players Terms: F

  • Fair Catch:  a receiver can call for a fair catch that blows the play dead when the ball is received. Defensive players cannot tackle this offensive player after the call.
  • Fair Catch Interference: penalty thatfootball players terms at gamerisms occurs when the defense gets too close to a player receiving a punt.
  • False Start: happens when an offensive player moves prior to the ball hike.
  • Field Goal: a kick worth three points. How many times has this successful play been a game winner?
  • Field Position: occurs when the offense takes control of the ball.
  • First and Ten: the first of four downs with ten yards to go.
  • First Down: awarded when the offensive teams gains ten or more yards on a given play.
  • Flag Football: a form of football where the player is ruled down when a flag is pulled off by a defender rather than tackling them.
  • Flanker: football players terms for a wide receiver.
  • Flood: football jargon for a play where all players go to one side of the field.
  • Forward Pass: a pass going downfield in front of the quarterback.
  • Forward Progress: the point a player reaches prior to being tackled and where the ball is spotted.
  • Foul: rule violation resulting in a penalty.
  • Franchise: team ownership.
  • Free Agent: term for expired contract player who can then select other team offers.
  • Free Kick: a punt that takes the place off a kickoff after a safety.
  • Free safety: a player on defense who is the last line of the defense and therefore, plays the furthest downfield.
  • Front Four: another name for the defensive line. Depending on the team, can be considered the 'fearsome four'.
  • Fullback: player who plays in front of the running back who is used for blocking, but will run or catch occasionally.
  • Fumble: the loss of the ball while in play by a player advancing or in possession of the ball.

Football Players Terms: G
  • Game Ball: typically refers to an award given to the most valuable player by the team after the game has ended.
  • Goal Line: the line that divides the field of play from the end zone.
  • Goal Line Stand: referred to when the defense stops the offense for consecutive downs when they are inside the five-yard line.
  • Goalpost: the posts or uprights where the ball must be kicked in between the two to score an extra point or field goal.
  • Going for It: football jargon for team decision to attempt a first down on the next play instead of punting. Failure of the strategy results in losing ball possession. Either way, this action makes for exciting football.
  • Gridiron: another term for the football field.
  • Guard: the outside players on the offensive line.
  • Gunner: special teams players whose primary job is to race down the field to tackle the player returning a punt or kickoff.
Football Players Terms: H
  • Hail Mary: football jargon for a deep pass thrown as a last resort with little chance of succeeding, but when it does--'tis a beautiful sight to see.
  • Halfback:  another term for a running back.
  • Handoff: the act of the quarterback handing the ball to a player so they can advance the ball by running.
  • Hands Team: lingo used to recover an onside kick.
  • Hang Time: period of time that a punt remains in the air. Counting seconds=1, 2, 3...
  • Heisman Trophy: annual award for the finest college football player in the U.S.
  • Hike: the transfer of the ball from the center to the quarterback on his command.
  • Hitch and Go: a route run by a receiver where they fake back to the quarterback and go deep.
  • Holder: the player who holds the ball for the kicker.
  • Holding: the act of obstructing a player by physically restraining another player, normally by grabbing their jersey.
  • Home Field Advantage: game played at team's hometown venue.
  • Home Game: played at team's hometown venue.
  • Huddle: a grouping of the players to plan offensive or defensive plays.
  • Hurry-up Offense: football jargon for offensive run in a quick manner where there is no time to substitute or huddle.  Used in time sensitive situations at the end of games mainly.
Football Players Terms: I - K
  • Illegal Procedure: illegal movement by an offensive player prior to the snap.
  • In bounds: field area inside end and sidelines. Keep those feet in, in and yes, in!
  • Incomplete Pass/Incompletion: a pass thrown by the quarterback but not caught.
  • Intentional Grounding: illegal throw of the ball to a spot on the field where there is no receiver.
  • Interception: a turnover where an opposing defensive player catches a ball thrown by the quarterback resulting in a change of possession.
  • Kickoff: change of possession that occurs after a score in which the team that scored kicks the ball to the other team in order to determine field position.
  • Kick Returner: someone who returns kickoffs.
Football Players Terms: L
  • Lateral: a pass thrown backwards to a teammate when that player is past the line of scrimmage.
  • Linebacker: a player in the middle of the defense that can rush the quarterback, drop back into coverage and stop the run.
  • Lineman: a football term for offensive and defensive players on the line closest to the ball.
  • Line of Scrimmage: the line where the ball starts each play and then is advanced down the field as the offense moves the ball toward the end zone.
  • Live Ball: occurs when the football is put into play or kicked.
  • Long Snapper: football lingo for player who specializes in hiking the ball longer distances in order to be kicked.
  • Loose Ball: a fumble. Ok, who's got it?
Football Players Terms: Mfootball players terms
  • Man in Motion: the player who is in motion on offense prior to the snap.  Typically, only one player is allowed in motion at a time.
  • Man-to-man Coverage: defensive scheme in which each player is assigned one offensive player to guard.
  • Midfield: refers to the 50-yard line.
Football Players Terms: N
  • Necessary Line: area that the offensive team must travel to receive a first down.
  • Neutral Zone: the space between the ball and the defensive line, prior to the snap.
  • Nickel Back: the fifth cornerback on the field.
  • Nickel Defense: lingo for defensive scheme utilizing five cornerbacks.
  • Nose Guard: the central player on the defensive line who lines up opposite the center.
  • Nose Tackle: another name for nose guard.
Football Players Terms: O
  • Offending Team: football team that committed a foul.
  • Offense: the team trying to score and score and score and...
  • Offensive Pass Interference: blatant obstruction keeping the defense from catching the ball.
  • Officials: those in charge of keeping order in the game and enforcing rules.
  • Offside: occurs when the offense moves across the neutral zone prior to the ball being snapped.
  • On Downs: loss of ball possession.
  • Onside Kick: action where the kicking team tries to recover after ten yards.
  • Open Receiver: player who is not well protected by the opposing team, thus open to a play.
  • Option:  football jargon for a play in which the quarterback keeps the ball and runs with the option of pitching it to his running back.
  • Out of Bounds: field area outside end and sidelines. Further play is not continued.
  • Overtime: extra period of play that happens when the score is tied at the end of the game.
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