Gin Rummy Games Glossary & Poker Tips

Gin Rummy Games Glossary & More, part 3 completes rummy gamerisms. Rummy versions, like the popular gin rummy and canasta plus 10+ other variations has been covered. Also, find More Online Poker Tips: Part 2.

Gin Rummy Games Glossary & More: O - P

  • Off Card: refers to a card neither matched nor part of a combo. Also notgin rummy games glossary & more online poker tips wanted, not helping and several other negative phrases apply here.
  • Oklahoma Gin: game suitable for two to four players.  The number of players determines the number of cards every player is dealt. 
    For two player games, players will receive the traditional 10-card hand, and for three to four player games; players will receive a total of seven cards.
    When playing Oklahoma Gin, a standard deck of cards is used and the player's goal is to be the first individual to discard all of his or her cards by  creating sets and runs.
  • Pack, Stock or Discard Pile: in Canasta and Oklahoma Gin rummy games glossary refers to the discard pile.
  • Panguingue or Pan: Eight 40-card decks are used by removing the 8s, 9s and 10s. Each player receives 10 cards and before a game starts, each has to decide whether they will play the hand or not.See detailed information at Part 6: 7 Rummy Versions
  • Pinochle or 500 Rum: the main distinction with this version is that when two players are playing, each gets 13 cards, unlike the 10 cards that are dealt in standard rummy. Pot: total amount of wagers for that particular game goes to the winner.
  • Prize Pile: in Canasta, this is a frozen discard pile.
Gin Rummy Games Glossary & More: R
  • Rake: commission deducted from every pot for use of the rummy room.
  • Rank: term for the card hierarchy and suit. Example: highest rank is a Royal, AKQJ10 of the same suit of hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs. A Royal Flush, as in 'flush with a win'.
  • Redeal: second deal by same player after a voided initial deal.
  • Red Three: in Canasta, the 3 of diamonds or 3 of hearts are valued at 100 points each.
  • Reducer: term for a low card exchanged for the discard of a higher card to reduce the deadwood count in a hand.
  • Round: single deal resulting in player out and points scored.
  • Round The Corner: refers to the aces high or aces low rule where certain sequences that include aces have point value or not. See Aces High and Aces Low gamerisms.
  • Run: group of three of four cards of same suit in sequence. Example: trio of 10’s or KQJ, all same suit in gin rummy games. Also known as meld.
Gin Rummy Games Glossary & More: S
  • Safe Count: term for hand’s total points that if held eliminates the possibility ofgin rummy games glossary a win by an opposing player.
  • Safe Discard: card that is considered something that will not be taken up to be used by another player.
  • Sequence:  describes cards of the same suit that appear in order numerically. Example: KQJ, all same suit.
  • Set: term to describe 3+ cards that are all equal rank. Example=three 10's.
  • Shuffle: the act of mixing all the cards properly before dealing. I say, "Mix 'em up good after that last hand."
  • Shutout:  used to define the moment when a player wins the game and the opposing players have not scored any points. This may be called a skunk.
  • Spread: used to define a melded set.
  • Stock or Stockpile: defines any remaining part of the standard deck after all players have been dealt their hands.
  • Stop Card: in Canasta, a black 3 or wild card that cannot be picked up by another player from the discard pile.
  • Suit: deck of card has four suits--clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades.
Gin Rummy Games Glossary & More: T
  • Target: a predetermined number of points or hands before a game that will end the game when the target is reached. Also known as target rounds or target score.
  • Three Hand Meld: easy definition here, a hand consisting of three melds.
  • Top Card: refers to a card that is face down on the top of the stockpile.
  • Trey: refers to 3 cards of the same rank. Example AAA of spades, clubs and hearts.
  • Triplet: same as Trey, Three, Thrice or 'insert another T3 term'.
  • Turn Up/Upcard: the topmost card of the discard pile after a deal.
Gin Rummy Games Glossary & More: U - Z
  • Unload/Undercutting: occurs when a player attempts to get rid of his or her
      high cards to keep losses to a minimum should another player win the game. 
  • Upcard: the topmost card of the discard pile after a deal.
  • Valle Cards: in the game of Pan, 3’s, 5’s and 7’s are cards that receive a special bonus.
  • Wild Card: substitute for any other card. Jokers in Rummy and Kalooki are examples.
  • Wild Discard: a ‘gift’ to an opposing player. While, not a strategic move to discard this value card; in rare cases, it is the correct game move.

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6) Picking a Position at the Table: Locate the most cautious player at the table and plan to take the seat to the left of him/her. The strategy is that these players rarely bet on weak hands.

7) Take Notes: Detail the playing styles/types of other players. Examples of questions are: Does he/she raise before the flop? What is the size of his stake? Does he/she react quickly or slowly when his/her turn comes up? A Player Notes option is available at some online poker sites.

8) Turn Off Chat: For total concentration, it is wise strategy to turn off Chat when playing online poker.

9) Turn Off Other Distractions: Chat is not the only distraction that should be avoided in the interest of increasing your bankroll. Eating, listening to music and cell phone distractions to name a few, can reduce your stack when you lose your main focus.

10) Play Tight. Use your acquired knowledge and skills by learning the rules, acknowledging the odds and betting like a shark, not a fish. Additionally, a wise strategy is to be on the lookout for quality poker tournaments, specifically with low entry fees.
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