Golf Game Terms Part 3

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Golf Game Terms:E

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  • Eagle: two strokes under par and cause for celebration!
  • Even: another name for par.
  • Explosion or Blast:  lingo for a shot that resembles an explosion, from the bunker, that sends sand and hopefully, the ball toward the green.
  • Extra Hole: additional play to determine a winner of a tie match/round.
Golf Game Terms: F
  • Face: refers to the hitting section of a club head.
  • Fade:  a shot hit that crosses from one direction to the other.
  • Fairway:  the short cut area of the course, well maintained, so that the ball has an ideal place to land.
  • Fairway Wood: term for a wood club as opposed to a driver.
  • Fan: a swing and a miss on this shot.
  • Feather: lengthy, air-bound hit that drops gently on the green.
  • Field: group of tournament players.
  • Flag: abbreviation for flagstick.
  • Flagstick:  stick with a flag on the end of it used to mark the location of the hole.
  • Flange: golf game terms for the part of a club head that juts out from the rear.
  • Flash Trap: jargon for a shallow sand trap.
  • Flex: refers to the bend in the club shaft.
  • Flier: a very long shot that has minimal spin.
  • Flier Lie: refers to a hit ball that lands in the grass or rough.
  • Flight: term for a group of 16 tournament players who play at the same level of ability.
  • Flip Shot: refers to a quick, hit golf shot.
  • Flub: lingo for a weak shot.
  • Follow-through: term for that part of the swing after the golf ball is hit.
  • Fore:  term yelled to let players know that a shot has been hit.
  • Four-ball: the match lineup begins with 2 teams of 2 players who challenge the better ball of each team against the other.
  • Foursome: a group of 4 golfers who play a round.
  • Free Drop: term for a drop without a penalty stroke.
  • Fringe:  area around the green where the grass is slightly higher.
  • Frog Hair: refers to the short grass at the edge of the green.
  • Front Nine: lingo for golf course holes #1-9.
Golf Game Terms: G  
  • Gallery: this is the group of spectators or golf watchers.
  • Gimme: an easy shot that cannot be missed.  Typically a shot that is such a short distance from the hole there is no reason to hit it.
  • Goldie Bounce:  a shot where the ball strikes a tree or obstruction and ends up on the fairway instead of in the rough.
  • Golf Club:  a stick with a flat face used to strike the golf ball.
  • Goose Neck: term for a club with a slight curve.
  • Grand Slam: refers to the 4 major tournies: Masters, British Open, US Open and PGA.
  • Grasscutter: jargon for a powerful shot coming in low.
  • Green:  well-kept, close-cropped area close to the flag where putting takes place.
  • Green Fees: price you pay for playing the course.
  • Grip: terms for section of the shaft where the club is held or a player's clasp of the club.
  • Gross: calculation of strokes made on a round minus the golfer's handicap=net score.
Golf Game Terms: H  
  • Half Shot: occurs using a half-swing that is a motion where the club does not go all the way back.
  • Halved: occurs when both sides in match play take an equal number of strokes on a hole.
  • Handicap:  reveals the skill of a player; a number used to even the playing field between players not of the same skill level.
  • Hanging Lie: jargon for a ball landing on a downhill slope.
  • Hazard:  anything on the golf course that provides difficulty for the golfer.  Typically in reference to a water hazard or bunker.
  • Head: golf game terms for area of the club that connects with the golf ball.
  • Heel: refers to the area of the head nearest the shaft of a golf club.
  • Hole:  the end destination for the golf ball, located on the green, containing the cup.
  • Hole in One:  the act of putting the ball in the hole with one stroke. Congrats are in order.
  • Hole Out: ball's in and this play is over. Onward to the next.
  • Holed: term for a ball that's in the cup and below the lip.
  • Home Green: this is it, the final hole of the golf course.
  • Honor: rule that the player who won the hole before is given the honor to play first, however a coin toss determines the honor for the first tee.
  • Hook:  a ball that tails in the opposite direction, typically based on inconsistency in swing or clubface.
  • Hosel:  the area that connects the clubs shaft to the head of the club.
Golf Game Terms: I - K  
  • Inside: term for the ball that is nearest to the hole.
  • Interlocking Grip:  grip used in which the pinkie fingers are interlocked.
  • Iron:  numbered 2-9, a club with an angle on it, typically made of metal, with the angle increasing depending on number.
  • Kick: jargon for the 'crazy bounce' of the ball after striking an object.
Golf Game Terms: L  
  • Lag: a lengthy putt with the intention of getting close to the hole, so one short putt will sink the ball.
  • Lay-up:  positioning the ball on purpose in order to gain an advantage or give an optimal shot on the next stroke.
  • Leader Board: this where the top golfers are listed during a tournament.
  • Lie:  where the ball comes to a halt.  Deemed good or bad, depending on the location.
  • Line:  path the ball must travel on its way to the hole normally referred to whilegolf game terms, lingo and jargon putting.
  • Line Up: golf game terms meaning to 'eye' the putting area when planning the best shot.
  • Links:  a course on the coast, a good example being St. Andrews in Scotland.
  • Lip: lingo for upper area around the hole.  Don't give me that lip, I want 'all-in'
  • Lob Shot: refers to a golf shot that is hit to come down near the same area that it was hit upwards because of the restricted area to make a shot.
  • Loft: jargon for the distance and arc as the ball 'sails' through the air after a hit.
  • Long Game: term for the portion of a golf game where shots and distance are the focus.
  • Long Irons: if distance is your focus, then irons are the key.
  • Loose Impediment:  a small item such as a twig, leaf or rock that is in the player's way that can be moved in most cases.
  • Lost Ball: a common occurrence of the game. Ruled lost if not found in 5 minutes or the player cannot state for certain that it belongs to him/her.
  • Low Ball and Total: team bet, determined by the best ball of each team and lowest total score by partners.
  • Lying: term for calculation of shots taken. For example, lying 2 is 2 shots taken working on the third.
Golf Game Terms: M - N  
  • Marker: can refer to a rating, ball, scorer in stroke play or a forward limits marker.
  • Match Play: a team style golf game.
  • Medalist: refers to the lowest qualifying score of a tournament player.
  • Mixed Foursome: both genders, male and female participate in this game.
  • Muff: whoa, that was a weak shot!
  • Mulligan:  a term used to describe a free shot, or a do-over.
  • Neck: term for the narrow part of the club shaft that meets the head.
  • Net: refers to calculation of a golfer's score minus the handicap from gross total.
  • Nineteenth Hole: jargon for game that is over and time to relax at the clubhouse.
Golf Game Terms: O  
  • Observers: game officials who monitor and report any rule violations on the course.
  • Obstruction: items on the course that could change the course of the ball during play.
  • Open: golf tournament where both pros and amateurs are welcome to play.
  • Open Face:  angling the clubface away from your body.
  • Out: lingo for playing the first 9 holes of the course--out from the clubhouse.
  • Out of Bounds:  area marked as not part of the course, typically adjoining the rough but not a playable area.
  • Overclub: that club you choose had too much distance on it.
  • Overlapping Grip: refers to overlapping fingers when gripping the club.
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