Hockey Game Terms Part 3

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Hockey, part 3 of the hockey glossary is provided for hockey players and fans who love howitzers.

Hockey Game Terms: H

  • Hand Pass: player passing the puck with their hand.  This is only legal inside a team’s defensive zone.
  • Hash Marks:  lines on face off circles.
  • Hat Trick: huge triumph in hockey—3 or more goals in the same game.
  • Head Man: term for moving the puck forward to a teammate.
  • High Stick: occurs when one player hits another in the head or shoulders with his stick.
  • Hip Check: another term for body check.
  • Holding: act of holding either an opposing player or his/her stick—penalty worthy.
  • Home Team: sporting the lighter jerseys, this team is playing in their venue.
  • Hook Check: motion to trap by placing the stick in front of the puck near your opponent.
  • Hooking: penalty worth when using your stick against an opposing player.
  • Howitzer: a very hard and fast slap shot. A Sizzler!
  • Hoser: the losing team that was required to hose down the ice in order to resurface it, prior to the invention and use of the Zamboni.
Hockey Game Terms: I - K
  • Ice Time: time measurement for amount of ice play by an individual player.
  • Icing: the puck crossing two lines without being touched by an opponent. 
  • Interference: occurs when a player checks a challenger who does not have the puck unless after this same challenger has taken a shot. Penalty worthy.
  • Intermission: 15 minute break between periods.
  • J shot: shot made with the stick going in the motion of the letter J.
  • Kick Save: using his skate or leg, the goalie has stopped or saved the puck from scoring.
  • Kill a Penalty: refers to knee action of hitting an opponent during a power play—penalty worthy.
Hockey Game Terms: L
  • Laser:  for a very hard shot.  A Rocket to be sure!
  • Lead Pass: term for pass forward to skating teammate.
  • Left Wing: a forward who works the left area of the ice and is likely a left-handed shooter.
  • Light the Lamp: another term for the scoring of a goal.
  • Line: group of forwards that play well together as a mini-team.
  • Line Brawl:  hockey game terms for an all out brawl usually involving all players on the ice (both lines).
  • Line Change: putting in a fresh line-up who is ready to go.
  • Linesmen: game officials who monitor and call offside fouls, icing, do face offs and advise the referee, however their duties do not include calling penalties.
  • Loose Puck: go get it because no one else has it.
Hockey Game Terms: M - N
  • Major Penalty: penalty worthy for 5 long minutes and the player remains in the box even if the opposing team scores. Assigned for serious stuff such as fighting and spearing.
  • Man Advantage: one more player on the ice than the other team.
  • Match: is a hockey game providing exciting action for players and fans.
  • Match Penalty: a plus penalty worthy infraction that includes game suspension and a substitute player must serve the entire time of 5 minutes in the penalty box even if the opposing team scores.
  • Minor Penalty: offending player stays in the box for 2 minutes unless the other team scores before then.
  • Minutes Played: player's ice time used to determine the goals against average and similar stats.
  • Misconduct Penalty: another long penalty worthy infraction—10 minutes for fighting or badmouthing an official, however, the team does not play short-handed.
  • Natural Hat Trick: scoring three goals in a row, in a single game without another player from either team scoring a goal. A feat to be admired.
  • NHL: National Hockey League
  • Netminder: hockey game terms for the goalie.
  • Neutral Zone: term for region between the blue lines.
Hockey Game Terms: O
  • Odd Man Rush: when the offensive team enters into their offensive zone thus outnumbering the players on defense.
  • Offensive Zone: also known as the attacking zone.
  • Official Scorer: game official who monitors and records the stats in relation to goals scored, subs and assists.
  • Offside: is when a player on the attacking team enters the attacking zone before the puck enters the zone, whether it is carried by a teammate or by an attacking player. If an attacking player is trying to shoot the puck into the attacking zone and it deflects off a defending player, an offside violation may be called. When there is an offside, the linesman calls the play stopped and there is a face off in the neutral zone closest to where the offside occurred.
  • Off Wing: this player is on the other side from what he/she usually plays—a left wing playing right area of the ice and vice-versa.
  • Officials: they are everywhere on and off the ice, up to as many as 8 in the position of referee, linesmen, game and penalty timekeepers and goal judges.
  • One Man Back: hockey game terms that refers to the vulnerable scenario of only one defenseman between the goaltender and the attackers.
  • One-timer: puck that is rapidly fired as soon as it is received, no stopping here.
  • Open Ice: wide-open area where there are no challengers around.
  • Overtime: a tie game is handled two ways in the NHL. Overtime is 5 minutes to sudden death during regular season and during playoffs=20-minute overtime period(s) are played until a goal is scored.
Hockey Game Terms: P
  • Pad Save: the goalie using a leg pad to stop the puck.
  • Paddle:  hockey game terms for the wide part of the goalie stick.
  • Pass-out: from behind the net, the puck is targeted to a teammate in front of the net.
  • Penalty: this is your punishment for being penalty worth.
  • Penalty Boxes: one for each team—keep 'em separated; this is where players serve their time.
  • Penalty Killer: skillful players in the art of checking and puck handling whose duties are to prevent a score by the other team during a power play.gaming gecko, games glossary
  • Penalty Minutes: amount of time by a player or team spent 'in the box'.
  • Penalty Shot or Shootout: occurs after a tie-game or specific violations. Player(s) go up against the lone opposing goalie in turn to score.
  • Penalty Timekeeper: game official who monitors and records penalties.
  • Period: term for 20 minutes of play X 3 for a regular game.
  • Pipe: jargon for goal post.
  • Playmaker: someone who has the uncanny ability to create chances to score, usually ending with he/she garnering many assists.
  • Playoff Beard: growing a beard for as long as the playoffs last. One of the many superstitions in sports. 
  • Point: three references here: a) player credit for goal or assist. b) teams receive 2 points for a game win and 1 for a tie or loss after overtime. c) inside the challenger's blue line where you will find a defenseman when his team has possession of the puck in the zone.
  • Poke Check: ouch! you just jabbed me with your stick.
  • Policeman: hockey game terms for the enforcer of the team.
  • Power Forward:   a forward who is large, tough and skilled.
  • Power Play: advantageous position for the team who has an extra player on the ice while the other team is on penalty.
  • Power Play Goal: team used for goal scored during the power play time period.
  • Puck: that black rubber disc that all the players want to possess—all 1X3 inches of it.
  • Puck Bunny:   a hockey fan who is female, who likes the players rather than the game.
  • Puck-handler: the player who has that little black disc.
  • Pull the Goalie: get him outta there for a powerful forward, usually at the end of the game where there is only a 1-goal difference in score.
  • Pylon:  a player who is unskilled and does little more than take up space on the ice.
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