Hockey Terms Defined Part 4

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Part 4 completes hockey gamerisms provided for hockey players and fans who love slap shots.

Hockey Terms Defined: R

  • Rag the Puck: jargon for playing around with the puck to keep it away from the opposition or run out the game clock.
  • Rebound: a shot on goal that bounces off the goalie or the crossbar in front of the net.
  • Red Light: He or She scores! as the goal judge turns on the light.
  • Red Line: marked line mid-ice between the goal lines. See centerline.
  • Referee: the big cheese of game officials who calls the majority of penalties.
  • Restraining Circle: refers to face off circle.
  • Rockered Blades: specialized equipment with rounded toe and heel to make for a quicker turn.
  • Right Wing: this forward works the right area of the ice and is likely a right-handed shooter.
  • Rink: there is a lot of room to play—200 X 85 feet.
  • Roster: meet your team players.
  • Roughing: if a player doesn't get into a fight, his/her penalty worthy is usually minor.
  • Rush: that puck is moving real fast into the attacking zone by 1 or more players.
Hockey Terms Defined: S
  • Saucer Pass: a pass that gets up in the air, prior to reaching its destination.
  • Save: goalie has stopped a potential score.
  • Scramble: dust-up amongst players who all want that puck.
  • Screen: player stationed between the goal and a teammate who is in control of the puck.
  • Screen Shot: taking a shot at the opposing goalie that has diminished vision and readiness due to blocking player(s).
  • Shadow: player who is covering an opponent—where you go, I go.
  • Shaft:   the straight part of the stick held in the hands adjoined to the blade.
  • Shooting Angle: refers to the player's position at the time of the shot.
  • Short-handed: occurs during a power play when one team has an extra player on the ice.
  • Short-handed Goal: the extra player paid off resulting in a goal scored.
  • Short Side: the goalie is closing the gap on the side of the goal cage creating a smaller area to make a shot.
  • Shot on Goal:   the act of propelling the puck toward the goal. It is deemed a shot on goal if it would go into the net without being stopped by the goaltender.
  • Shoulder Deke: faked ya with that move using the shoulder.
  • Shutdown Player: a player that is a defensive specialist.
  • Shutout: match where one team scores nada, zilch, nothing.
  • Sideboards: boards along the side of the rink between the goal lines.
  • Sin Bin:  hockey terms defined for the penalty box.
  • Slap Shot: a whizzer where the player raises the stick full back and uses full strength on the shot.
  • Slashing: penalty worthy up to a major if injury occurs and even when the target is missed. Term refers to swinging the stick at a challenger when it is below the shoulders.
  • Sleeper: player who sneaks into the center or neutral zone behind the defensemen. Also known as a floater or a hanger.
  • Slot: ideal area to score a goal as it is in front of the goal and a favored position of a center.
  • Slow Whistle: not yet--official decides to wait on the whistle blow because of a delayed offside or penalty call.
  • Smother the Puck: ok for the goalie, but penalty worthy for a player who hogs the puck with his body or hands.
  • Snap Pass: shot movement using a snap of the wrists.
  • Spearing: that jab at another's players body with a stick blade is penalty worthy from a minor to a game penalty if injury occurs.   
  • Solo: player rush without assistance.
  • Split the Defense: skillful move between two defenders.
  • Stay at Home Defenseman:   a defenseman who plays very little offense and is on the ice specifically as a defenseman. 
  • Stick: required equipment and partner to the puck in this game. A hockey stick is no more than 63 inches long total and blade is between 2-3 inches while a goalie stick blade is usually 3-4 inches wide and can be as long as 15.5 inches.
  • Stick Check: the act of hitting an opponent's stick with your terms defined, define your game
  • Stick Deke: faking a shot, but actually getting past the defender.
  • Stickhandling: doing 2 things at once skillfully—moving down the ice with the puck.
  • Stick Save: goalie has stopped a potential score with his/her stick.
  • Stick Side: goalie's stick-holding side that is the opposite of glove side.
  • Stops: hockey terms defined for the equivalent of saves.
  • Substitution: incoming-outgoing exchange of teammates while play continues.
  • Sudden-death Overtime: game over when one team scores.
  • Sweep Check: act of getting the puck from a challenger by placing the shaft and blade flat on the ice.
Hockey Terms Defined: T
  • Take the Body: jargon for body checking an opponent.
  • Third Man In: player who jumps in  between two other players with the consequences of a game misconduct penalty.
  • Three-on-one: scenario where 3 attackers rush one defenseman.
  • Three-on-two: this time, it is 3 attackers rushing two defenseman.
  • Time Out: each team gets 30 seconds and 1 time out/game to develop strategy.
  • Too Many Players on the Ice: count those players because 1 or 2 should not be there, followed shortly by the official's whistle.
  • Trailer: right behind you waiting for that drop or backward pass.
  • Trap: strategy to curtail the opposing defense by trapping, then re-taking the puck.
  • Triangle: jargon for strategy of using a triangle formation when the team is without 2 players serving penalties.
  • Tripping: penalty worthy because the stick was used to trip an opponent.
  • Two-line Pass: shot moving across at least 2 lines without play, resulting in a face off.
  • Two-man Advantage: ultimate opportunity for a team that has 2 more players than the other team.
  • Two-on-one: hockey terms defined for 2 attackers versus 1 defenseman.
  • Two-on-two: term for 2 attackers versus 2 defenders.
Hockey Terms Defined: U - Z
  • Under-led Pass: this is a tough pass to receive when the puck is behind or at one side.
  • Up Ice: moving on up to the attacking zone.
  • Waffle Pad: required goalie equipment worn on the stick hand.
  • Washout: refers to either the goal not being allowed or an offside/icing foul is not called.
  • Wing, Winger or Wingman: players on either side of the center that form the forward line.
  • Wrist Shot: a shot with a short windup relying on arm strength to propel it.
  • Zamboni: one of those truly memorable hockey terms defined=an ice-cleaning machine.
  • Zone: three zones on an ice rink, the offensive, defensive and neutral zones separated by the blue lines.
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