Sport Betting Terms & Types Part 3

Sport Betting Terms & Types, part 3 completes this betting terms & types
This area defines bets on specific sports such as first break and first to win 3 games in tennis.
Some of the other unique sport betting terms included here are Square, Steam, Teaser and Trixie.

This comprehensive sportsbetting guide combines basic terms plus lingo and jargon with specific types of betting online and off.

Sport Betting Terms & Types: S

  • Scalper: bettor who wagers both sides for the same event at different books and prices for profit.
  • Series Score: betting on the exact score of two teams playing a series of games, in that every win awards the winning team with 1 point.
  • Shorten: sport betting terms for odds moving shorter, thus reducing or eliminating the bettor advantage.
  • Shut out: jargon for a bettor who is too late to bet—that window has closed.
  • Single Bet: down to basics with this type of sport betting. 1 bet=1 event.
  • Single stakes about or SSA: includes 2  bets on 2 selections.
  • Sport Games: sport betting terms for events that players can bet either online or off. A sport game can be a team event ranging from soccer, football, basketball or hockey to horseracing, dog racing or individual events like tennis or boxing.
  • Types of sport betting terms for specific games follow.
  • Sport=American Football:
  • First to 3 Touchdowns: sport game bet on the team that will be the first to score 3 touchdowns in an American Football game.
  • Kick Off: wager on which team will kick off the game.
  • Sport=Basketball:
  • First to 12 Points: betting on the team that is the first to score 12 points in a basketball game.
  • % to 2 Points: wagering on the percentage of points in a game that will be scored with the 2-point throw by a specific player or team.
  • First Scoring: betting on how the first points in a game will be scored with choices of
  • 2-pointer, 3-pointer or free throw.
  • Highest Quarter: wagering on the quarter in a game that will have the highest score.
  • Largest Lead: sport bet as to which team will have the largest point lead during a game excluding overtime.
  • Sport=Hockey:
  • First Period: sport betting based on the score of the first period in the hockey game.
  • First to 3 Goals: wagering on which team will be the first to score 3 goals.
  • Total Assists: betting on the number of assists made by a player or team
  • Sport=Soccer/Football:
  • Last Player to Score: betting on the player who will be the last to score in a soccer match during regulation 90 minutes of play.
  • Last to Score: wagering on the team who will be the last to score during a regulation game.
  • Penalty: sports bet on whether or not a game will be decided by penalties.
  • Player to Score at Any Time: betting that a specific player will score during the match.
  • Second Half: wagering on the goals of the second half of a game, not including extra time and shootouts.
  • Up to 70th Minute: game bet on the score at the end of the 70th minute of a match.
  • Sport=Tennis:
  • Aces: betting on the player who serves the most aces during a match.
  • Fastest Serve: sport betting on the speed of the fastest serve during a tennis match in km/h.
  • Double Faults: wagering on the total number of double faults by a specific player until the completion of the match.
  • First Break: sport game bet for the first player to break their challenger's serve to win the match.
  • First to Win 3 games: wagering on a specific player to win 3 games in a match.
  • Sets Handicap: betting on the total number of sets that will be added or reduced from the final score of the sets in a match.
  • Total Tie-Breaks: betting on the number of tie-breaks in a match. Defined as a set that ends 7:6 or 6:7.
  • Total Winners: sports bet on the number of unreturned hits made by a specific player during a match.
  • To Win First Game: tennis bet on the player who will win the first game of the match.
  • To Win First Point: wager for the player who will win the first point of a match.
  • First Set: refers to a bet in tennis or volleyball placed on either the player or team that will win the first set in tennis or volleyball respectively.
  • Sportsbook: term for betting shop, bookie or online site that accepts bets.
  • Spread Betting: refers to the final result of an event where the pay-off is based on the accuracy of the wager, rather than a basic win or lose outcome.
  • Square: lingo for a newbie sports bettor.
  • Stanley Cup: Championship of Hockey.   
  • Steam: big money flowing in on one side means the line is moving fast.
  • Store: lingo for a US sportsbook or a bookie.
  • Straight or Single Bet: one wager, not a parlay.
  • Sucker Bet: methods used by bookies to lure rookies to bet more. 
  • Super Bowl: refers to the big game for the NFL Championship.
  • Super Yankee: jargon for a multiple bet with 5 selections rather than 4.
    Also known as Canadian or Super Yankee.                   
  • System: strategic betting that when correctly applied can gain an advantage.
Sport Betting Terms & Types: T 
  • Teaser: combination bet where you can adjust the point spread up or down your way with one wager. This bet results in improving the payout odds for selections made. The number of changeable points depends on the number of the selections: 2 selections of 4 or 5 points. 3 selections of 6.5 or 7 points. 4 selections of 9 or 10 points. The teaser bet loses if the final result is a draw or loss.
  • The Big Sports Board: explains the wagering and quotes sport betting info.
  • Thick 'un: jargon for a very large bet.
  • Three Team Combo & Upwards: your choices for this bet cover 3+ combinations of games/events. All results must be in your favor to win.
  • Three Way: Make your selection--win, lose or draw for this wager.
  • Tie: sport betting terms that refers to a draw, stand-off or push.
  • Time of First Goal: wager predicting the time of the first goal of the game/match.
  • Tips or Picks: expert handicapper's predictions for a specific event.
  • Total Bet: is available to wager on the total number of points scored by both teams during the game, based on an over/under quoted number. These bets are layed based on the quoted total number of points scored, OV=betting over what the board offers, or UN=under-betting that the teams won’t score that many points together.
  • Total Goals Minutes: bet for accumulated time of all the goals scored during a game, excluding overtime and penalty shootouts.
  • Total Minutes: sport betting on how many minutes a specific player will play in a game.
  • Total Rounds: wagering on the number of rounds that will take place in a boxing match.
  • Tote: abbreviation for Totalisator that is a system created in Britain to provide pool betting on racecourses.   
  • Trebles: jargon for a triple bet on 3 events.
  • Trixie: consists of 4 bets involving 3 selections in different events. Example=3 doubles and 1 treble.
  • True odds: real odds versus the bookmarker's odds.
  • Two and Three Balls Betting: term used for a golfing bet to calculate which player from a group will golf the lowest score in 18 holes.
  • Two Team Combo: your choices for this bet cover 2 combinations for specific games/events. All results must be in your favor to win.
Sport Betting Terms & Types: U - Z 
  • Underdog: sport betting terms for a team point start in a handicap.
  • UN:under-betting that the teams won’t score that many points together.
  • Union Jack: lingo for a wager covering 8 trebles on 9 selections A to I:  ABC, DEF, GHI, ADG, BEH, CFI, AEI, and CEG.
  • Value: ah, yes, a handicapper’s dream: receiving the best odds on a wager.
  • Vigorish: the fee/commission paid during specific wagers at the sportsbook.
  • VS: abbreviation for versus referring to the opposing team. It’s Us vs. Them.
  • WBA: World Boxing Association.
  • WBC: World Boxing Council.
  • Welsh or Welch: lingo for a bettor or bookie that does not pay up.
  • Win Only: jargon for wager on an opponent to win an event. Also known as    Straight Out or Money Line betting. 
  • Winning Margin: wagering on the goal or point difference between two teams at the end of competition.
  • Wise Guy: jargon for a skillful handicapper or bettor.
  • WNBA: Womens National Basketball Association.
  • World Series: the big game for Championship of Major League Baseball. Up to 7 games are played between the 2 league champions where 4 games won establish the world champion.
  • Yankee: jargon for a wager comprised of 4 selections, merging into six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold, therefore 11 bets.
This glossary concludes with these tips & strategies at sport betting terms:
SportsBetting Strategies:
The biggest mistake sport bettors make is following their heart rather than their head--betting on their hometown or favorite team knowing the odds are stacked against them.

Quality bets require research, starting with the newspaper sports section, sports magazines, online forums, searching the internet or the many TV sports programs.

Think carefully about betting more than 2 games that are played at the same time.
Are they all quality bets?  Can I stand to lose (get waxed) on all these bets, and still stay within my budget? Remember you have to win at least 53% of point spread bets to keep ahead of the house vig. 

It is suggested that novice sport bettors get down, placing simply a line bet-which team will win--after doing your homework, of course. This will let you wade in slowly as opposed to jumping in cannon ball style.
Upon graduation, you can move forward to Parlays and Teaser bets where multiple correct selections will bring in bigger profits.
This should include Futures betting--betting on a team to go the distance with odds based on that team’s projected finish order.

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