Tennis Players Terms Part 2

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Tennis, part 2 continues for tennis players and fans who dream of Aces.

Tennis Players Terms: D

  • Daisy Cutter: jargon for a low shot with backspin resulting in a low bounce.
  • Dead Net:  the accidental shot that hits the net and falls into the opponent's side of the court. Betcha, can't do that again!
  • Default:  the loss of a match by disqualification after four code violations tennis players terms at gamerismshave been awarded.
  • Defensive Lob: term for a high shot at or close to the net.
  • Defensive Volley: return tennis shot generally from below the top of the net.
  • Deuce: occurs when both players have accumulated a count of 40 or three points each. Either player must attain 2 points in a row to win the match after Deuce.
  • Deuce Court: location to the receiver's right service court where a serve is received following a deuce score.
  • Dink:  lingo for a shot hit with very little velocity.
  • Dirtballer: slang for someone who is a clay court player.
  • Double Fault: player action that has failed to produce a valid serve twice.
  • Double Hit: occurs when the ball is struck twice during a single hit resulting in the loss of a point. 
  • Doubles:  a game played with two players on each side and using the full court.
  • Doubles Court: term for the playing area for a doubles match.
  • Down the Line: jargon for tennis shot from near the sideline.
  • Drag Volley: tennis shot with backspin.
  • Draw: term for system of player selection and schedule of a tournament.
  • Drop Shot:  a shot hit easily and placed close to the net, typically when an opponent is caught far from the net near the baseline.
  • Drop Volley: jargon for a ball hit before it has bounced.
Tennis Players Terms: E - F
  • Error: a failed shot that results in a lost point. 
  • Fault:  a serve that falls out of bounds.
  • Fifteen: count for the first point of a game going to a player or side.
  • First Flight: movement of tennis ball from the racket hit until just before it bounces.
  • First Service:  the first of two attempts by a player to serve the ball in bounds.
  • Flat: lingo for a rapid, straight shot without spin. It's a whizzer!
  • Follow Through: movement of arm with racket after the ball has been hit.
  • Foot Fault:  occurs when a player steps on the end line before making contact with the ball during a serve.
  • Foot Fault Judge: game official who monitors and calls foot faults.
  • Forced Error:  a shot that is placed in such a way that it is missed by the opposition.
  • Forehand:  the act of hitting the ball with the front hand of the racket.
  • Forcing Shot:  tactic where a player's shot places the opponent on the defensive.
  • Forecourt: specific location between the net and service line.
  • Forty: count for the third point of a game going to a player or side.
  • Frame: term for oval part of the racket that houses the strings.
Tennis Players Terms: G
  • Gallery: jargon for game watchers located at the ends and sides of a court.
  • Game: tennis match where the winning player or side must accumulate 4 points and lead their opponent by 2 points.
  • Game Point:  a serve that can decide the outcome of the match with the scoring of one point.
  • Game-set-match: statement that a winner has been decided and the match has ended.
  • Golden Set:  the win of a set without losing a single point. Congrats are in order!
  • Grand Slam: four tournaments: Australian, French, U.S. Open and Wimbledon make up the premium championship known as the Grand Slam of tennis.
  • Grinding:  taking your opponents best shots and running down every one, typically in a frenzied manner while refusing to give up.
  • Groundstroke:  the act of hitting the ball after it has bounced once in your court.
Tennis Players Terms: H
  • Hacker:  lingo for a series of swings or shots by a player that appear to be luck more than skill.
  • Half Court: term for court area near the service line.
  • Half Volley: action occurs when the tennis ball is struck as it hits the court.
  • Head: the top portion of the racquet where the strings are found.
  • Heavy Ball: jargon for tennis shot hit with topspin.
  • Hit on the Rise: term for ball played before reaching the bounce high point.
  • Hopper: tennis balls holder.
Tennis Players Terms: I - K
  • In: valid tennis shot landing in the opponent's court.
  • Jam: ball hit near the opposing player's body resulting in a weak return.
  • Jump Smash: jargon for a player's vigorous hit while jumping into the air. A smooth move!
  • Kick Serve: term for robust spinning hit resulting in a change of direction when it lands.
  • Kill: lingo for a heavy hit that leaves the opponent unable to reach and play it.
Tennis Players Terms: L
  • Lawn Tennis: name for the original tennis game location, played on grass. 
  • Let:  a ball touching the net on the serve but landing in bounds.
  • Line Judge:  a person with the responsibility of ruling the ball in or out of bounds.
  • Lob:  a ball hit high in the air into the opponent's court.
  • Long: hit that is called out of bounds as it lands beyond the opposing baseline.
  • Love: tennis game where the losing player scores no points. It's lost love!
  • Love set: a game set where the losing player won no games.
Tennis Players Terms: M
  • Match: tennis game that includes games and sets where the winner is declared based on greater number of sets won.
  • Match Point:  the point in a game where a player can win the entire match by winning the final set with the next point.
  • Mini-break: term for a loss of a point on service during a tiebreaker.
  • Mixed Doubles:  typical doubles tennis played with a male and female on each team.
Tennis Players Terms: N
  • Net: suspended from a steel cable, equipment divides a tennis court into halves. Also, the verb, 'to net', refers to hitting the ball into the net.
  • Net Cord: cable support for the net.
  • Net Judge: game official who monitors and calls lets on service.
  • Net Point:  a point won by charging and playing close to the net. Usually followed by a definite Yes! with hands into fists motion.
  • No-man's land: lingo for the area located between the baseline and service line where it is a challenge to hit groundstrokes or slams.
  • Not Up: term for tennis ball hit at a second bound resulting in a point loss.
Tennis Players Terms: O
  • Offensive Lob: tennis ball hit deep into opponent's court while this player is atgaming gecko, tennis players terms, lingo, jargon the net.
  • Open Stance:  facing the opponent and hitting parallel to the baseline.
  • Offensive Volley: shot taken from above the net. 
  • Open Tournament: both amateurs and professional tennis players are welcome.
  • Open Grip: occurs when racket faces upward and away from the court.
  • Open Racket: occurs when racket is held with an open grip.
  • Out: term for tennis shot that ends up outside the designated playing area.
  • Overhead Smash:  the act of hitting down on the ball, typically on a lob with great velocity.
  • Overspin: lingo for topspin.
  • Over Wrap:  a spongy material wrapped around a racquets grip to improve comfort and grip on the racquet.
Tennis Players Terms: P
  • Pace: refers to the speed that the ball is hit. Do I hear a "pick up the pace to very high?"
  • Pair: doubles tennis team.
  • Partner: refers to one of the two players on a doubles team.
  • Pass: tennis shot that is hit past the opposing player.
  • Pickup Shot: see half volley.
  • Placement: strategic tennis hit that the opponent cannot play or reach.
  • Poach: jargon for play by one double player that was intended for the partner of the team.
  • Point: term for tennis scoring referred to as fifteen, thirty, forty, and game.
  • Point Penalty: results in a point loss as determined by the umpire.
  • Puddler: lingo for inexperienced player who hits plenty of chip and drop shots.
  • Punch Volley: quick hit stroke.
  • Pusher:  a competitor who plays defensively as opposed to trying to score.
  • Putaway:  a perfectly placed unreturnable shot.
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