UK Bingo Lingo Part 3

UK Bingo Lingo or British Bingo offers unique phrases for the UK version played with 90 bingo balls. Players must get five numbers in a row, column or diagonal for Bingo!
You are then required to yell ‘House’ or ‘Here’ to stop the game.

UK Bingo Lingo Origins
In the U.K, bingo is played in large halls with cash prizes while the larger commercial venues are linked with other halls during one specific, progressive game where the jackpot cash prizes are increased.

Online Bingo Games in the UK
Online Bingo is a smashing success and one of the top leisure activities in the UK. As the popularity has grown, the big brand names have entered the market at new or established websites. Familiar brands like Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Mecca and Gala have arrived with charity bingo now joining the established brands.

Bingo Cards: UK Bingo Lingo
The most popular online bingo games are the 90-Ball versions played on a 9X3 card equal to 9 columns and 3 horizontal.
Cards are sold as strips=one book resulting in 6 rows of bingo cards per strip for 1 game of a session. Thus, the book is comprised of 6-10 pages equal to 6-10 games.
Each strip is in a different colour to determine the specific game played and the jackpot amount allotted: Gold, Lime, Violet, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Orange, Blue, Red and White.
Additionally, single sheets of bingo cards with the 6 sections are available and are known as Flyers. While, flyers are higher priced expensive than books, so too are the prizes.
Bingo Players begin the game for 1 line across=5 numbers as called, then for 2 lines across=10 numbers as called and then for a full house which is all 15 numbers on the bingo cards and results in the largest payout.
If players are playing online, the process described above is automatic or auto-daub format, so sit back and relax or go to chat while the system does the work.

UK Bingo Lingo for 90 numbers.

1      Kelly’s Eye or at the beginning  UK bingo lingo, british bingo     
2      Me and You or Little Boy Blue      
3      Cup of Tea, Dearie Me or I’m Free      
4      Knock at the Door or On the Floor      
5      Man Alive or Jack’s Alive      
6      Tom’s Tricks or Chopsticks
7      Lucky or God’s in Heaven       
8      Garden Gate or One Fat Lady       
9      Doctor’s Orders       
10    Tony’s Den or Uncle Ben       
11    Legs Eleven       
12    One Dozen or Monkey’s Cousin       
13    Unlucky for Some or Devil’s Cousin       
14    Valentine’s Day       
15    Young and Keen or Rugby Team       
16    Sweet 16 or Never Been Kissed       
17    Dancing Queen or Old Ireland       
18    Coming of Age or Key of the Door       
19    Goodbye Teens       
20    One Score or Getting Plenty       
21    Key of the Door or Royal Salute       
22    Two Little Ducks or Dinky Doo       
23    Thee and Me or A Duck & A Flea       
24    Two Dozen       
25    Duck and Dive       
26    Pick and Mix or Half a Crown       
27    Gateway to Heaven        
28    Overweight or In a State       
29    Rise and Shine or You’re Doing Fine       
30    Dirty Gerty or Blind 30

UK Bingo Lingo: 31 - 59     
31    Get Up and Run       
32    Buckle my Shoe       
33    Dirty Knee or All the Threes      
34    Ask for More  
35    Jump and Jive       
36    Three Dozen       
37    More than 11 or A Flea in Heaven       
38    Christmas Cake       
39    Steps or All the Steps     
40    Naughty 40 or Two Score       
41    Time for Fun or Life’s Begun       
42    Whinny the Poo or Famous Street in NY       
43    Down on your Knees       
44    Droopy Drawers or All the Fours       
45    Halfway There or Halfway House       
46    Up to Tricks       
47    Four and Seven                                                          
48    Four Dozen       
49    P.C. or Copper       
50    Half a Century or Bulls Eye       
51    Tweak of the Thumb or I Love My Mum       
52    Danny LaRue or Weeks in a Year       
53    Stuck in the Tree       
54    Clean the Floor       
55    Snakes Alive or All the Fives       
56    Was She Worth It?       
57    Heinz Varieties       
58    Make them Wait or Choo Choo Thomas       
59    Brighton Line

UK Bingo Lingo: 60 - 79     
60    Five Dozen or Three Score       
61    Baker’s Bun       
62    Turn on the Screw. Tickety Boo  
63    Tickle Me      
64    Red Raw or Beatles Number       
65    Old Age Pension      
66    Clickety Click or All the Sixes      
67    Made in Heaven       
68    Saving Grace       
69    Either Way Up or Meal for Two       
70    Three Score & Ten       
71    Bang on the Drum       
72    Six Dozen       
73    Queen B, Crutch with a Flea or Under the Tree       
74    Candy Store       
75    Strive and Strive       
76    Trombones       
77    Sunset Strip       
78    Heaven’s Gate       
79    One More Time  

UK Bingo Lingo: 80-90   
80    Eight & Blank       
81    Stop & Run       
82    Straight on Through       
83    Time for Tea                                                                  
84    Seven Dozen       
85    Staying Alive       
86    Between the Sticks       
87    Torquay in Devon       
88    Two Fat Ladies       
89    Nearly There       
90    Top of the Shop 

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There are 1,474,200 bingo card possibilities.
Research has proven that this game keeps you in peak mental form.
30% of bingo players are 35 years old or younger.