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Word Games Glossary 2 at gamerisms includes Other Words Games, a glossary and a list of the 5 most popular games according to current trends. However, there are new games on the horizon, classic versions that will always remain so and everyone has their personal favorites, so use both the puzzle and word game lists as a guide only.
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Word Games Glossary 2

Anagrams involve the act of taking one word and creating a new word out of the letters in the original word.
For example, a popular anagram can be created out of the word Listen. By rearranging the letters in the word, Listen, you can create the word Silent.
The key to creating good anagrams is identified by creating words that are somehow related to each other in terms of meaning. The more intensified the meaning, the more powerful the creation.

This game is one that uses the well-known square tiles identified in another popular game, Scrabble. These tiles are placed face down on a floor or table. Whenever a player chooses to do so, they can call out a word that contains a minimum of four letters. This word can then be created from a collection of letters or from adding a single letter to a word that already exists.
If all players agree that the word is legitimate, the person that chooses the word takes up the letters and puts them down in front. One rule in this game is that when creating a word, the root of the word must be altered. Therefore, an unacceptable word choice would be something like Die to Died. However, Die to Diet would be an acceptable word change.
This game challenges players to come up with new words quickly and in innovative ways.

Acrostics:  Word Games Glossary 2
The word games, Acrostics has every letter in the beginning of a word as the first letter of a word. For example, a famous mnemonic for music explains the Treble Clef notes rather aptly. The lines are represented as E, G, B, D, F, and this can be remembered with the saying Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips or Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.
Each letter representing line notes in the Treble Clef are remembered by a single word for each note. These words are then strung together in a sentence for easy recall.
Acrostic puzzles allow the gamer to create acrostics, unveils acrostic phrases, or identifies jumbled acrostic phrases.

Bananagrams: Word Games Glossary 2
Bananagrams is based on the use of anagram creations. Players are challenged by having to arrange a variety of tiles as quickly as possible and to be the first to use up a collection of letters before other players. This game has proved tremendously popular since its creation and many people like to play the game on the go or while traveling.

Boggle: Word Games Glossary 2
Parker Brother’s has trademarked the game of Boggle that challenges players to create words after analyzing a series of lettered blocks. The letters must be adjacent to one another and the players have an hourglass that notes the end of a round.
The player that creates the most legitimate words wins the round and the game begins again.

Alpha Blitz:
A game that challenges players to create words by utilizing a series of letter cards which are laid out on a table. Alpha Blitz is much like Boggle, where the player must be able to arrange a set series of letters into a word.
For example, the player might receive the letters Sadden that can later be arranged into Sadness or Sanded. This particular game comes complete with a set of 98 cards with letters on them as well as 10 cards that have lightening on them known as blitzes. Blitzes wipe out letters and change how arrangements are made.

Chicktionary: Word Games Glossary 2
Chicktionary is a game made available from Microsoft and involves the use of anagrams. Players are presented with a rack of eggs containing three, four, five, six, and seven letter egg sequences. Chickens are at the bottom of the rack with seven letters. Players then use the mouse to choose a chicken and to click on it.
The chosen chicken drops into a box. Clicking on several chickens allows the player to create words. The words must be valid in order for egg racks to be filled up correctly. The aim of the player is to fill up the egg racks with words by creating words within a specific amount of numbers and points are earned for doing so.

Word Link:
Word Games Glossary 2
This game consists of a word puzzle where the player is challenged to create as many word creations as possible by combining letters.  New letters are presented to make the game even more challenging and longer words earns the player unique tiles.

Word Battle: Word Games Glossary 2
Word Battle is a popular word game where as many as four players attempt to spell out 3 words. The game involves four rounds in all, and all rounds contain new letters to work with.  Gold colored tiles offer secrets to players that can lead to winning a game.

Word Games Glossary 2: A - E
Acrostics:  Puzzles where the solver finds that each letter in the beginning of a selected word is part of the solution.  An example of an acrostic is “IRS” = “Internal Revenue Service.”
Anagrams: These word games involve taking the letters of one or more words and rearranging them to create new words from the same letters. The new word that is formed must illuminate the word from which the letters are derived.  Example: “Debit Card” is an anagram for “Bad Credit.”
Bar: Describes the thin black line that appears between the squares within a crossword grid.
Blanks: This puzzles word games term describes black cells within a crossword puzzle grid.
Blocks: Describes the black cells within a crossword puzzle grid.
Checked: Used to describe the white/empty cells within a crossword grid that assists in forming more than a single entry.
Compiler: This puzzles word games term refers to the creator of a crossword puzzle.
Constructor: Describes the creator of a word search or crossword puzzle.
Cruciverbalist: Describes a crossword designer.
Darks: Used to describe any filled in/black cells within a crossword puzzle.
Definition Puzzle: This puzzles word games term is considered a puzzle that is in direct opposition of a cryptic puzzle; clues provided for this are clear definitions of what the answers should be.
Entries: Vertical/horizontal, empty/white fill-in cells where a puzzle solver places his or her answers to clues in.
Word Games Glossary 2: G - Z
Grid: Used to describe the crossword puzzle pattern where entries are placed.  This term can also be used to describe a Sudoku board.
Keyed: The white/empty cells within a crossword grid that assists in forming more than a single entry.
Lights: Any empty/white cells within a crossword puzzle.
Rotational Symmetry: Describes a specific kind of grid that looks the same at 90° and 180° angles.
Setter: The creator of a crossword puzzle or word search.
Solver: Anyone who is trying to solve a puzzle.
Straight: A straight is a type of definition puzzle.
Unch: This term describes an unchecked letter or crossword puzzle or it is a letter that is only part of one entry in the puzzle.
Uncrossed: The term uncrossed is used to describe the white/empty cells within a crossword grid that assists in forming more than a single entry.

word games glossary 2
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