Poker Strategy Games Terms + Holdem Position

Poker Strategy Games Terms says it all for poker is indeed one of the several casinopoker strategy games terms, holdem position strategy games, so classified at gamerisms.
Part 3 of this glossary concludes with a useful Holdem Position Strategy.
This poker games glossary was created for enthusiastic players who want a general overview of these poker strategy games.
Additionally, the terms and phrases will reflect the amusing and colorful language of the game.

You can also view terms for the games of Holdem, Omaha or Stud as there is a separate link for these specific poker gamerisms below.
This glossary is divided into two parts, poker strategy games terms, part 3 and slang/lingo, part 4.

Poker Strategy Games Terms: A

  • Aces Wired or Bullets: poker lingo for pair of aces in the hole--a beautiful sight.
  • Act: refers to making a raise, open bet, check, call or fold during play.
  • Action: player is making a bet/raise or refers to plenty of bets/raises=lots of action.
  • Add-on: if permitted, refers to purchasing additional tournament chips.
  • Aggressive: actions of a player who raises and re-raises often.
  • All In: betting your available bankroll at one time.
  • Alligator Blood: lingo for resilient player who handles play under pressure well.
  • Ante: required bet by each player into the pot before a new round of play begins.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: B
  • Back-to-back: first two cards dealt are a pair—very nice start.
  • Bad Beat: you take a bad beat when an opponent draws out on you. See drawn out.
  • Bank/Banker: the casino or player who has the cash for the game.
  • Base Deal: if you are dealing from the bottom of the deck, you are cheating.
  • Behind: poker lingo for a player who does not have the best hand near the end of the game.
  • Belly Buster: poker term for an inside straight draw. Example 5679 requires an 8.
  • Berry Patch: poker strategy games terms for a smooth and easy game.
  • Bicycle Wheel: refers to the card hand of  A2345.
  • Big Bet: this is the max bet if playing limit games.
  • Blank: card that has no advantage to any player.
  • Blind: the mandatory bet that one or all players must make before the start of a particular game and before any cards are dealt.
  • Bluff: poker games strategy to bet heavy for a meager hand with the intention of having other players fold.
  • Boat: poker jargon for a full house.
  • Bottom Pair: poker term for pairing the lowest card on the flop.
  • Bracelet: the goal of poker pros is the gold bracelet awarded to the world series of poker=WSOP winners.
  • Brass Brazilians: jargon for the best poker hand. Also see ‘Nuts’.
  • Bug: term that refers to the Joker card.
  • Bullets: a fine-looking pair of Aces in the hole. Also known as Aces Wired. Both bring on an inner smile.     
  • Bump: refers to raising a bet.
  • Burn: poker term for cards taken out of play usually after a shuffle or cut.
  • Bust: you are outta money or out of final tournament play.
  • Busted Hand: hand that is of less value than a pair.
  • Button: term for the round, flat disc that designates the dealer button. The player who has the button is the last to receive cards for that round.
  • Buy the Pot: poker strategy term for a strong wager that likely puts other players out of the game.
  • Buy-in: purchase chips to play.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: C
  • Call: your wager matches the current bet.
  • Calling Station: player who calls many bets, however rarely bets/raises his own hand.
  • Cap:  poker jargon for number of raises allowed in a round of card play.
  • Cardroom: designated area of the casino online or off where card games are played.
  • Card Sharp: skillful card player.
  • Cards Speak: simply put, the cards alone tell the tale of the hand thus determining the payout value.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: or Casino Stud Poker, a 5-card stud poker game is offered at land-based and online casinos often with a progressive jackpot. Game rules and detailed info is at Poker Intro.
  • Case Money: refers to 'in case of an emergency.'
  • Catch/Catching Cards: game is in your favor—keep 'em coming.
  • Check: poker term for passing your turn to bet on to the next player.
  • Check-raise: using this strategy to receive extra bets, the player checks at his/her turn then raises after another player’s bet.
  • Checks: refers to poker chips.
  • Chop: occurs when players receive their blinds back and go to the next hand.
  • Coffeehousing: oh how, you do talk about your hand, but are you telling the truth or bluffing?
  • Cold Call: poker term for calling more than one bet.
  • Color Up: trading chips for higher denominations.
  • Come Hand: poker lingo for a hand that needs an improvement in order to win the round.
  • Connectors: poker term for cards of adjoining rank. If the connecting cards are of the same suit, they are referred to as suited connectors while different suits are called unsuited connectors. Example: 6 and 5 of clubs are suited connectors while 6 of clubs and 5 of hearts are unsuited connectors.
  • Cover: player’s available bankroll can cover another player’s all-in bet.
  • Cowboys: refers to the king cards.
  • Crack: a strong hand that does not win. And you thought a pair of aces was the hand to beat.
  • Crying Call: poker jargon for a player who is probably not the winner of the hand--more likely a call for help.
  • Cut: action of splitting the deck before dealing.
  • Cut Card: blank card that cuts the rest of the cards in the deck.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: D - E
  • Dead: hand that is out of play and out of possible winnings.
  • Dead Money: refers to amateur card player who is definitely not the tournament winner.
  • Deal: distribute the cards during playing action.
  • Deuce: refers to the twos in the card deck.
  • Designated Dealer: term for resident dealer in a poker room. Once the dealer is established, the poker player to the left of the dealer bets first.
  • Discard Tray: equipment placed next to the dealer for all cards taken out of action by completing a hand or discarding.
  • Dominate: an almost certain winning hand from the get-go. 
  • Draw: poker term for either receiving extra cards or exchanging cards in hand for others.
  • Drop or Fold: toss the hand without betting.
  • Eight Ball: poker term for 800 dollars.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: F
  • Face Cards: refers to all kings, queens and jacks.
  • Family Pot: everyone at the table is in the pot.
  • Fast: refers to a strong player.
  • Fast Company: refers to a tough crowd of players—not necessarily a good thing.
  • Favorite: we have an expected winner here.
  • Felt or Down to the Felt: besides the covering for the playing area of tables, this poker term refers to a player who is down to a few chips.
  • Fill Up: you want to complete a full house with your pair or three of a kind.
  • Fish: a weak player
  • Fishhooks:term for the 4 jacks in the deck.
  • Flat Call: poker term refers to a player who does not raise.
  • Flush: a group of five cards that are all of the same suit.
  • Foul: a losing hand in paigow poker that is not set properly. Example: low hand is set higher than the 5-card high hand. 
  • Four of a Kind/Quads: four cards of the same rank, example 4 queens.
  • Free Card: occurs when all players check, the next card is therefore, a free card.
  • Free-roll: refers to a hand that will likely share the pot win and possibly win it all. With online poker, this term means play against others for no fee or free-rolling.
  • Freeze-out: poker jargon for a no re-buy tournament option.
  • Full House: includes 2 cards of the same rank along with 3 cards of another same rank. Example: JJJQQ.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: G
  • Glimmer: that's the cash, money or moolah.
  • Going all-in or All in: poker strategy games term to bet all the chips you have on one hand and watch for takers.
  • Goulash Joint: lingo for an eatery that serves up poker in the secluded back room.
  • Grinder: player who's goal is to win enough money to 'grind another day'.
  • Gutshot: a one-card draw to complete an inside straight. Example is 67910, requires an 8.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: H - K
  • Hand: several references as in 'play a hand' by betting or 'hold a hand' or a 'hand is dealt, bet and a winner announced'.
  • Heads Up: two players trying for one pot.
  • Help: refers to the required assistance before the hand becomes a winner.
  • High Hand: poker lingo for the best hand.
  • High Poker: refers to standard poker where highest hands win as opposed to low poker or lowball where lowest hands win.
  • High Society: highest pile of chips in the game.
  • Hit: you have improved your hand with a pair=a good thing, or miss=not a good thing.
  • Hole: refers to the first two cards dealt face down.
  • Hit with the Deck: excellent cards coming your way for quite a while.
  • Inside Straight/Gutshot/One-Grapper: refers to a missing card in the group of held cards, (example 9765 needs an 8) while an outside straight refers to a missing card from either side of the cards held, (example 9876, needs a 10 or 5).
  • Isolate: strategy move to focus on one player by attempting to eliminate all other players.
  • Joker or Wild Card: extra card in a 52-card deck that is considered a wild card and can sub for any other card to improve your hand. 
  • Kicker: poker lingo for the best card held that does not help with the rest of your hand except for its value as a high card.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: L
  • Ladies: poker term for the 4 queens.
  • Limit Poker: rules of this game determine that betting and raising has a fixed dollar limit.
  • Limp: jargon for flat calling an opening forced bet thereby limping into a hand.
  • Live Card: refers to card not viewed in the game so far.
  • Live Game: there's plenty of betting action here.
  • Lock: poker lingo for a certain winning hand.
  • Loose: name for player who holds and plays plenty of hands.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: M
  • Make a Hand: this hand is a possible winner.
  • Maniac: lingo for poker player with a carefree and assertive playing method, generally resulting in raising often.
  • Match Play: when a player reaches the qualifying number of points, he/she is named the winner of match play.
  • Monster: you have an almost certain winning hand here.
  • Muck: the name of the discard pile for poker.
Poker Strategy Games Terms: Holdem Position Strategy
Position: poker term for a player's position at the table in reference to betting. Early position refers to the player who bets first while middle and late position bet later.
Below are position strategy tips listed by holdem starting hands.

A) At Early position in Holdem, you should bet on:
Pair of Aces
Pair of Kings
Ace-King suited
Ace-Queen suited
King-Queen suited
Pair of Queens
Pair of Jacks
Pair of Tens
Otherwise, be sharp and fold all other hands.

B) Poker Strategy Games Terms Tip: Middle betting position, the strategy is to call on:
Pair of Nines
Pair of Eights
Ace-Jack suited
Ace-Ten suited
Queen-Jack suited
Ace-Queen suited

C) Poker Strategy Games Terms Tip: At Late betting position, you should call on:
Ace Suited with any other card
King-Ten suited
Queen-Ten suited
Jack-Ten suited
Small Pairs

It takes a stronger hand to call a raise than it does to make one. If there is a raise before your turn, you should fold. It is unwise to bet again on a marginal hand.
It is equally important to know how to play and recognize a good hand.
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